Happy Birthday To Me…

No, no. It’s not my birthday yet. However… The worst possible news has just been announced for my birthday.

Reina Tanaka

On May 21st, 2013,–Kio’s 17th birthday–Kio’s favorite Morning Musume member of all time, Reina Tanaka, will graduate from Hello! Project.


Ain’t that fuckin’ great.

Y’know, I was going to wait until my big H!P update post to include this bit of information. But no, Morning Musume’s Spring Concert just had to end on May 21st. It just had to.

Of course, of course, I’m just a little person all the way in New Jersey, USA, and UFP aren’t obligated to work around my birthdate–that’d be silly of me to even fathom. But I am very upset at this horrendous coincidence. Here I’ll be, livin’ it up(not really, it’ll be a Tuesday), meanwhile my favorite MM member ever just left Hello! Project as a whole. How the hell am I supposed to feel!?

What an awfully big difference from last year. In 2012, May 21st brought about the schedule of Berryz Koubou’s upcoming New Jersey visit–plus, I was finally able to buy my tickets. And now this year, a big part of the reason I kept diving further into Hello! Project will be setting sail for the big sea of… real life?

I guess it isn’t all that bad. Reina won’t be disappearing forever and will start her activities with her newly formed band. Hopefully she’ll be in a spot that looks more comfortable for her and her style. And so… The countdown begins…

Reina Tanaka 2003

Reina in 2003~

Oh my god… Just imagine how crushed I’ll be when Risako leaves…


One thought on “Happy Birthday To Me…

  1. Awww, don’t worry :/ Like I say to most Reina fans, she’s not disappearing from the spotlight forever since she’ll have her band for you to look forward to! :)

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