If You Lie on Your Bed, You’re Clearly Copying AKB48

I just HAD to comment on this ridiculous article at aramatheydidn’t.

You’ve… You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re seriously telling me that because Nine Muses lied(laid? idek) on a multicolored bed for 5 seconds, they’re plagiarizing AKB48?

Come. On.

At first, I was really ready to be pissed. Nine Muses caught my eye way back in March¬†and I’ve been anticipating everything by them. Now, they aren’t the most original or impressive group around, but I loved their music. I started to feel a little connection to them. I mean, if you’re a K-pop group and you can make me like your mini-album that much, you’ve worked some magic. But then if they got criticized for plagiarism? That proves unoriginality even more!

Guys. Be serious here. Do you honestly think that video looks THAT similar to this?

Now, you may argue that the full video isn’t out yet and I can’t completely rule out plagiarism…but that also means you can’t immediately shout out, “Copy cats!” I was expecting way more similarities other than the bed scene and hopefully there aren’t any more than that. But really… Just because they’re being filmed from above on a multicolored bed with some balloons, we’re automatically assuming plagiarism? Oh, give me a break. You MUST have clearer evidence than that. PLEASE.

On the plus side, I love how this song sounds. I can’t wait to hear the full thing. Don’t worry, I’ll review it in the January edition of The K-pop Round Up! Poor series hasn’t been touched in two months…


5 thoughts on “If You Lie on Your Bed, You’re Clearly Copying AKB48

  1. A NINE MUSES’ FAN! OMG! ME TOO! CONNECTION!!!~~~~ I haven’t really met many other bloggers that are fans – let alone actually know them. I’m happy now~~~ And of course this “plagiarism” is ludicrous.

    • <3 <3 <3 I really like them. Their music is great and all the girls are super gorgeous. I just haven't gotten around to learning all their names LOL.

      Plagiarism my buttcheeks. People need to chill. Not everything that looks similar is automatically plagiarism–sheesh!

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  3. oh yes, because AKB48’s pedo directors INVENTED a panning shot. if anything is irrelevant, it’s that blog.
    in fact that’s what I wanted to comment myself but ‘unfortunately’ I’m not allowed to comment since I’m not a member of their ‘quality’ blog :P
    I agree with you tho ;]

    • I like AKB48, but it’s true. They didn’t invent the damn shot–to hell with “plagiarism.”

      That blog drives me up the wall. One second they’re tearing AKB48 down and the next, they act as if they’re goddesses and no one can touch them. Seriously, minds must be made.

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