OUCH! The boring hurts!

Did you guys really think I was playing when I said they were hookers? Just look at this video. C’mon.

I really tried to like this video. Honestly, I tried really hard. But I just couldn’t. This PV is just…not good. People might talk shit about UFP’s nonexistent ability to pick out flattering settings, but quite frankly, I think a whole green-screen’d video turns me off completely. Fact of the matter is, Morning Musume’s “group quality” has been lacking. All of their videos since Risa left have not showed that united and strong factor that Morning Musume has always had. Lately, all there’s been is dance shots and close-ups. Enough of the individuality, can we get some shots that prove Morning Musume is a group? I’m tired of seeing a bunch of soloists; and by soloists, I mean Reina, Riho, Ayumi, and Mizuki. Those are the only 4 girls we get a shitload of.

Now let’s apply that “whole green-screen’d PV” idea to something else. Remember Berryz Koubou’s Otakebi Boy WAO! PV? That whole thing was shot in front of a green-screen. But you know what? It didn’t make me bored to tears! There were lightning strikes and bursts of light in the background. There were quick flashes of the girls and many screen jumps. Not to mention, the song was powerful. It was seriously fun to watch despite being a completely fake setting. And not only that, the setting didn’t look fake. I didn’t feel like I was watching a bunch of photoshopped pictures flashing in front of me. It wasn’t boring.

But Help me!!‘s video is. It isn’t interesting in the least(except that the lighting and colors of the backgrounds are nice), the costumes are a damned to hell, and everyone looks bored with life. Even Wktk was more fun to watch than this and that PV was all fucked up.

The title screen is quite cute, I must admit. But alas, I am left unimpressed yet again.

I like the song, to be quite honest, and I’m not much of a fan of C-ute ballads. But this one is a-okay. However, this PV. Oh gosh, this PV. I don’t even think Aitai Aitai Aitai na was as bland as this shit.

What is that terribly Instagram’d background? It looks so odd and out of place. I might’ve liked it a bit more if it was an actual screen. Yeah, if it was literally a big screen behind them, like in Ai no Dangan, I would’ve liked it way more. Let me also point out that Nakky’s background is not even Instagram’d. Whoops. And why couldn’t they come up with something a little more interactive? Why not walk around an actual setting rather than on a treadmill in front of a green screen? They could have walked around the white setting and it would have worked well.

Now about these costumes… What is wrong with C-ute’s stylists? First, Kimi wa Jitensha‘s hooker outfits and now these weird…updated band member costumes. I’m lost. How do these match up in any way to a damn ballad? And Jesus, could it kill the stylists to do something different with Airi and Maimi’s hair? They look the same every fucking single.

The prettiest shots of this video are the extreme close-ups. The very subtle effects are easy on the eyes and make it much more likable. Aaand… that’s it. This video is blah and everyone looks blah. Except for Mai, that girl looks the best in her costume.

C-ute - Kono Machi (Regular)
Pretty safe cover; nothing bad but nothing good here. But what is up with Nakky? She looks all scrunched up.

01. Kono Machi

02 Kono Machi (Dance Groove Ver.)

03. Kono Machi (Instrumental)

C-ute - Kono Machi (Limited A) C-ute - Kono Machi (Limited B)
The first one gives off too much of an Aitai Aitai Aitai na feeling. The second is…a little odd.

01. Kono Machi

02. Ame [Maimi Yajima]

03. Kono Machi (Instrumental)

C-ute - Kono Machi (Limited C) C-ute - Kono Machi (Limited D)
I’m kind of liking the weird watersplash colors. But jeez, Limited D, no. Please, UFP, stop abusing “drop shadow.” It isn’t working.

01. Kono Machi

02. Haeotoko

03. Kono Machi (Instrumental)

Thank you for saving the day, Berryz! I’m loving their upcoming single already! It sounds so fun! I can’t wait to see how they visualize this. For some reason, I keep thinking of pineapples and Chiquita ladies


2 thoughts on “OUCH! The boring hurts!

  1. I think Berryz and C-ute’s clothes are amazing! C-ute’s especially!! But Berryz song, not feeling it. Risako’s voice sounded better in WANT!

    For me, I liked the PV but not loved it. I wasn’t expecting much and I thought all the members had quite a lot of shots individually except of course a few. I especially like the parts for Haruna, Haruka, Erina and Kanon as well.

    With Kono Machi, it would have been nice if it wasn’t a set but they were actually outside regardless of weather to be honest.Still, all the girls look extremely beautiful. I’m starting to like C-ute ballad more. I want to try and get an outfit similar!


    I am so happy that someone else wasn’t impressed with the Help me!! PV either! I too find the green-screen to be dull and effects lackluster (which is weird because they’ve done good green screen PVs like 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out and Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai and even Kono Chikyuu yo). And you made a good point in which we don’t really *see* the girls of Momusu as a group, but just certain members and various dance shots and close-ups. The group lacks chemistry and I think it’ll take awhile to recapture said chemistry, especially with the format their PVs are now.

    At first, I didn’t think Kono Machi was that bad until I heard how the original song sounded and now C-ute’s cover just pales in comparison to Moritaka Chisato’s version. And the PV is so very dull and it could have been much better. I think the Instagram-style PV should have been played with more instead of just slapping some backgrounds on the green screens and putting the girls in front of them. Like they could have done something along the lines of Perfume’s Macaroni but nope. We got this PV.

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