Might Not Be “Happily Ever After” For Fans…


It has recently been announced that Sun Ye will be halting promotions with Wonder Girls this month. After her wedding on January 26th, 2013, she will run off to Canada for her honeymoon and get freaky with James Park, her fiance. Thankfully, allkrap mistranslated the article at first and announced that she will leave, but this is not the case.

Sun Ye
Despite that, I’m still a little afraid. I mean, this is marriage we’re talking about, guys. This is a huge step in any woman or man’s life. You’ve now committed yourself to the person you love 100% for the rest of your life. To some, that’s scary and to others, it’s romantic. I think it’s beautiful that Sun Ye actually enough of a personal life to find someone that she can call her boyfriend, and now they’re tying the knot.

What scares me is the fact that she might leave. Wonder Girls are always moving around, promoting in some damned country almost every month. That takes a toll on a relationship. I’ve been in a long distance relationship myself for 2 years and y’know, it hurts. Not being able to be with that person you care for more than you care for yourself for long periods at a time stresses you out and gnaws at your mind. What if she doesn’t want to come back to Wonder Girls?

Sun Ye
For now, she’s taking a small hiatus to spend time with her soon-to-be husband and, most likely, his family. I’d love to see her come back and manage her love life along with her work. But I’m going to try to not be surprised if we see a resignation announced later this year…


One thought on “Might Not Be “Happily Ever After” For Fans…

  1. Really sad but happy for Sun. She deserves all the happiness she gets especially with the past life she’s had. But she’s just halting her promotions till she gets married but I don’t want to believe she’s going…yet. I’m just not ready for the only girl group I love in K-Pop to see something like this happen to them. It’s a hiatus anyways and the members will do their solo projects, only when I hear from all of 5 (or 6, I miss Sunmi) will I accept they have actually stopped being the Wonder Girls.

    Man, I sound like a deluded fan :( Kioku, I almost cried when I heard that AKcrap mistranslated it >__< I'm too confused to make a post right now…

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