Happy Graphics!「ReiRei & Rika Ishikawa」

Sorry you had to wait three days for your birthday graphics, ReiRei! D:

On January 16th, 2013, another Ice Creamusume gal celebrated her birthday! ReiRei turned 19 on her special day. Enjoy this cute little set!

011613_reirei_avvie 011613_reirei_sig
And today, January 19th, 2013, former Morning Musume 4th gen Rika Ishikawa celebrates her 28th birthday! Holy crap, remember when she joined Morning Musume when she was only 15? Of course you don’t, you probably weren’t a fan at that time. Anyway, Rika keeps herself busy by appearing on multiple variety shows as well as being attached to Hitomi Yoshizawa’s hip in the two units HANGRY&ANGRY and ABCHO. She also appeared in Dream Morning Musume(who ever knows what this group is up to).

011913_rikaishikawa_wp 011913_rikaishikawa_wp2
Hope you enjoyed!

~ Dyamond


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