Poll Results #1

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly after 2 weeks but I was busy. Anyway! Time for the results of my first poll!

Which Hello! Project group are you most excited for in 2013?

Morning Musume

Morning Musume with 11 votes!

I can’t blame you guys. With all the recent lineup changes and Reina set to leave in a few months, Morning Musume will be something totally different. Sayumi will be the last “OG” member remaining… Not to mention all the stylistic changes that have happened. With the  transition into the “Robo Era,” can MoMusu stack up the dough?

There were a total of 21 votes in this poll.

The next poll is…

How well do you think Linlin’s Chinese album will do?


One thought on “Poll Results #1

  1. I am especially intrigued what will happen if Sayu leaves soon as well because it will be a Morning Musume where no members from 1997-2007 will be in the group and it will be pretty weird for a majority of fans O__O I wonder if Morning Musume will change a lot!

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