What We’ve All Been Waiting For

It’s so exciting to see that graduated members don’t just fall off the face of the Earth. It’s been a while since anyone has heard from members like Saki Ogawa, Yuuka Maeda, and Eri Kamei. But, thankfully, we have been blessed with the very active graduated members like Koharu Kusumi, Risa Niigaki, and the wonderful Linlin. Despite loving and caring for the gorgeous Kusumi and the legend Niigaki, I am much more excited that an underdog like Linlin is kicking more than she did while she was in Morning Musume.

Some while ago, Linlin created this video(be prepared, it directs to the worst video streamer known to man), giving fans a lick of her wota-ness. Surprisingly, she speaks in Japanese as it subtitles in Chinese.

Linlin03 Linlin04
Most of us would think that’s all we’d see of her, that she’d probably only show up on pictures and maybe a video. But, alas, friends. We get to hear her beautiful voice yet again.

Linlin Linlin02
And now, ladies and gents, the world just got a little better. In an interview with Sakurai Takamasa, Linlin will be releasing an original Chinese album.

As LinLin prepares to debut as a solo artist in China, she brings herself that much further to making her dreams a reality. At the earliest her album will go on sale this coming spring. There are also plans in the works for a concert in China. 

“I love singing. I can’t wait to just get out there and sing in front of everyone.”

HOW AWESOME IS THIS? Finally, Linlin is getting the attention she deserves! Not only is this girl absolutely beautiful with the most charming personality, but she has lungs! She can sing. She always has been able to. Maybe being booted from Hello! Project helped in the long run; let’s face it, her talents would always go unnoticed under UFA.

Allow me to end this post with some Linlin vocal goodies:


And the most recent:


4 thoughts on “What We’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. XD She still sounds great!!! I love Linlin and her voice. It’s so nice to see her still singing. I read that interview (at least I think that was the one) and she mentioned how she wanted to bridge the gap between China and Japan or something with her music. Very ambitious of her and very Linlin-like, I thought. I hope if nothing else she gets the attention that voice deserves!!

  2. I am also glad to hear some news about Linlin and to see her put out her own debut album sounds good. Now I wonder what Junjun is doing to be honest.

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