Happy Graphics!「Aika Mitsui」

January 12th, 2013 brings on the 20th birthday of the former Morning Musume 8th generation member, Aika Mitsui! After hurting her ankle and  recovering for nearly a year, she decided to graduate from MoMusu alongside Niigaki on May 18th, 2012. Since then, she’s stayed a member of Hello! Project and was recently a part of the Hello SATOYAMA unit Green Fields.

011213_aika_avvie 011213_aika_avvie2 011213_aika_avvie3 011213_aika_avvie4 011213_aika_avvie5 011213_aika_avvie6

Here are 6 Aika avatars for your own use! Spread the mouse love!

~ Dyamond


2 thoughts on “Happy Graphics!「Aika Mitsui」

  1. What lovely graphics you make? OMG, can I ask that if I request something else (say a banner for example) would it be possible for you to give it a try?

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