Happy Graphics!「ShenShen」

In the second edition of Happy Graphics! we have the leader of the Taiwanese girl group that suddenly disappeared off the face of the Internet a few years ago: ShenShen! Ice Creamusume was supposed to be Hello! Project’s way of diving into the Chinese market, but was suddenly removed from the official website after just a year of activity. Continue after the break for the set!

ShenShen celebrates her 25th birthday today, January 10th, 2013. She seemed to be an aspiring showbiz gal, participating in many other auditions and appearing in several modeling gigs. Here’s a very minimalistic signature set for your own use!

011013_shenshen_avvie 011013_shenshen_sig


It saddens me to not hear of the Ice Creamers anymore. I’d love to know what they are up to now. But I guess if they want privacy, I can respect that. What I’d love even more is to know why they disappeared in the first place.

Remember to click to enlarge! I hope you like!

~ Dyamond


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