Happy Graphics!「Ayumi Ishida & Ayano Satou」

Hello there on this Monday evening! It’s time I bring you the first edition of my newest series of 2013–Happy Graphics! Each birthday girl of Hello! Project will be getting her own sprinkle of Dyamond–all past, present, and Kenshuusei! I plan to major in Graphic Design in my near future, so this series will keep me busy and polished as I make my way to college. Plus, it’s extremely therapeutic(at least, to me it is). Today’s date is January 7th, 2013(even though it’s the 8th in Japan), signaling two birthdays!

The Morning Musume 10th generation member Ayumi Ishida turned 16 on this lovely day~ Give it up to Miss Daishi with these two wallpapers for your pleasure!

Ayumi Ishida Wallpaper 01 Ayumi Ishida Wallpaper 02

Secondly, we have member of the Up Up Girls, Ayano Satou! This cutie turned 18–a huge accomplish everywhere but Japan. Enjoy the signature/avatar set!

Ayano Satou Avatar Ayano Satou Signature

Remember to click to make ’em bigger!

I hope you love them! I enjoyed making them, haha. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you like them~ If you plan on using them, I don’t need any credit but I’d love to hear if you do!

~ Dyamond


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