Berryz Mansion is filled with…PROSTITUTES!?

Well… Maybe we saw it coming, guys. Either way, I’m gonna take a small break from my 2012 posts to comment on Berryz’ upcoming album and single!

Berryz Mansion 9kai (Low Quality)

Above are the covers to Berryz Koubou’s upcoming 9th album, Berryz Mansion 9kai. The Limited Edition is overpowered by Risako’s orangey-red-looking(even though it isn’t that color). I guess her hair isn’t turn-up-the-contrast friendly. The Regular Edition is much better. For one, her hair doesn’t look like a tomato, and secondly, the lighting is much more interesting to look at. However these outfits…

Saki - Berryz Mansion 9kai Saki - Berryz Mansion 9kai

I’m loving Saki’s hair here; I’d really love to see the back. However, what’s going on with her Homecoming dress?? And black pumps along with it? No go.

Momoko - Berryz Mansion 9kai Momoko - Berryz Mansion 9kai

Momochii‘s hair is down yet again! But seriously, is she allergic to make-up or something? Can we put some eyeliner on this girl!? Anyway, what’s with the white? Come on, guys, she isn’t a kid anymore; please stop with the whole purity/innocence act.

Chinami - Berryz Mansion 9kai Chinami - Berryz Mansion 9kai

Chinami‘s gams are out! I’m loving her dress, holy moly. It’s so pretty and sweet. But… why? Isn’t it January? All these outfits are so off-putting!

Maasa - Berryz Mansion 9kaiMaasa - Berryz Mansion 9kai

Hm… It doesn’t look bad or anything.. But.. I feel like a 28 year old teacher would wear this to work. It’s kind of blah. Maasa‘s too sexy to be working blah shit like this. And since when does purple go with blue?

Miyabi - Berryz Mansion 9kai Miyabi - Berryz Mansion 9kai

To be fair, Miyabi doesn’t look like a prostitute. She looks like the damn mistress. The “diamonds,” the glove, the animal print, and even a tiara! Look at that–she’s running the show, bitches. But really, why did they style her hair like that again?

Yurina - Berryz Mansion 9kai Yurina - Berryz Mansion 9kai

Yurina‘s too innocent to be a prostitute. Even though I’m not crazy about this dress, I think it looks amazing on her. Curse tall girls and their ability to wear shapeless clothing.
Risako - Berryz Mansion 9kai Risako - Berryz Mansion 9kai


What the hell is going on here. Halloween was many a-months ago, Socko. The dress itself isn’t bad, but the over-sized headpiece and glove makes it more dramatic, thus not fitting in very well. If they simply got rid of that damn Final Fantasy-sized flower, it’d be fine.

I’m just glad these aren’t single costumes, or else I would’ve been furious. To start, they’re all over the place. You’ve got Saki, Chinami, and Momoko is super girly and sweet dresses, while Risako and Miyabi are in sexier, edgier dresses. What are we trying to portray here?

Wait a second…

Maybe there is a theme. Maybe the dresses stay true to the girls’ personalities? Saki has the “homecoming dress”–she’s the alpha female, the one on top. Momoko has the plain white dress; her persona is innocent, cute, and naive. Chinami’s dress is sweet and pretty but also sassy and spunky. Maasa’s costume is classy and sophisticated. Miyabi has animal print and jewels, showing off her sexy yet mature nature. Yurina’s dress is plain but pretty, showcasing her kind and safe personality. Risako’s is very loud and powerful, but the black sort of symbolizes her reserved characteristics. Could that be it?? On top of that, the album is called “Berryz Mansion.” A mansion is big and spacious and has a plethora of rooms–enough for each girl and more. Am I getting somewhere!?

Or maybe I’m just over-analyzing…

Berryz Mansion 9kai is set to release January 30th.

Just missing their 9-year anniversary comes Asian Celebration on March 13th. The concert rip is above, but we all know concert rips aren’t the best way to judge a song. However, the song does sound fun and a bit Shining Power-esque. You might also notice the integration of electronica. Some people are bothered by the quick high notes during the verses, but I kinda like them. It sounds really different and unique. It kind of reminds me of a turntable. But that’s as far as I’ll get into “reviewing” this.

Sayumi Michishige


I don’t normally post about photobooks, but the Bunny queen has a new one releasing! It’s titled Mille-Fueille but does not have a release date just yet. The only reason I found this of importance is ’cause I know what Mille-Fueille is:

Strawberry Mille-feuille


because of this:



I’m such a nerd. And I enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Berryz Mansion is filled with…PROSTITUTES!?

  1. The girls look more like mistresses if you ask me. And do not like the flower on Risako’s hair! It’s as if for the most popular member, they like to do the most craziest things to her >_< whether or not it suits Risako.

    Chinami, Saki and Yurina look the best!

    I'm as happy as you are that Momoko has her hair down! That's the hairstyle I want her to have forever!!!! Also I don't think I'm looking forward to Asian Celebration.

    • P.S Your article “Idols vs. Artists: What the Fandoms NEED to Understand” popped out on my notifications but then it says “Page not found”? Are you editing it or…? It appeared on Idolminded too!

  2. I got the Regular Edition CD. Chinami is not my favourite member but she looks like such a cutie. I thought Miyabi was dressed so fancy for the “mansion” theme. And I agree about Maasa. But I disagree about Momoko, I think she looks the best, and I didn’t think of her as very attractive before. Risako has the ridiculous bright red hair, giant black flower and one glove – I got her photo with the CD and wish I got one of the other members’. I like how on the front cover they put the tallest member between the two shortest members :D

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