Top 25 Most Played Songs on my iPod: 2012

Unfortunately, my end-of-the-year posts have to bleed into 2013(something I really didn’t want to do). But, due to my extremely busy winter break, it just happened this way. Thank you, Rican family. Anyway, this is a new piece of my end-of-the-year collection. It takes a very special song to break into my Top 25, so this is why I’ve decided to make it a yearly thing. Don’t expect grave detail about each song(25 is a lot. guys), but I thought it would be cool to compare to your own and see how different our tastes might be! Without further ado, my Top 25 Most Played Songs of 2012!

Wonder Girls - Wonder World

25. Be My Baby – Wonder Girls (64 listens)

Oh come on, if you don’t enjoy this song at least a little, you aren’t human.

U-KISS - Forbidden Love

24. Forbidden Love – U-KISS (64 listens)

I’ve explained how awesome this song is already.

Wonder Girls

23. Nothing on You – Wonder Girls (67 listens)

Nothing’s better than the awesome Wonder Girls singing an awesome song by the awesome B.o.B and the awesome Bruno Mars. Do you see all this awesome?

Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream

22. Cleansing Cream – Brown Eyed Girls (69 listens)

How could anyone resist such a powerful “ballad” by the ultimate girl group?

Big Bang - Tonight

21. Love Song – Big Bang (70 listens)

It’s friggin’ Big Bang. I don’t give a damn if it’s repetitive.

20. HumanFuture – Aira Mitsuki (72 listens)

Damned Aira and her catchy tunes. It’s funky, it’s quirky, it’s cute–lovin’ it.

SunnyHill - Baegmaneun Ogo Inneunga

19. Baegmaneun Ogo Inneunga – SunnyHill (73 listens)

Holy hell, I’ve listened to this song that much? Well, this explains it.

Dal Shabet - Pink Rocket

18. Shakalaka – Dal Shabet (73 listens)

Pairing me up with Dal Shabet just spells trouble. Remember this?

17. rainy tone – Aira Mitsuki (73 listens)

This is really supposed to be glued to HumanFuture but some fucker messed it up(*points to self*).

Perfume - Spice

16. Glitter – Perfume (81 listens)

ASDFGHJKL. This song is so perfect. I’ll never get tired of it.

15. Neo Ddaemunnae – After School (81 listens)

Still one of the best K-pop songs ever created.

Rainbow - SO 女 (Repackage)

14. Sweet Dream – Rainbow (82 listens)

Rainbow hasn’t impressed me in a while but songs like Sweet Dream remind me why I fell in love with them in the first place.

Big Bang - Tonight

13. Tonight – Big Bang (82 listens)

Repetitive. But do I give a donkey’s ass? Nope.


12. Wish You Hadn’t – MBLAQ (83 listens)

I’m still completely unsure how to describe this song other than “amazing.”

Wonder Girls - Wonder World

11. G.N.O. – Wonder Girls (84 listens)

You guys do realize the whole Wonder World album is basically flawless, right?


10. NEVERLAND – U-KISS (84 listens)

Never do I ever want to be in a land without U-KISS. <3

09. Eternity – capsule (84 listens)

Terrible cover but a seriously fantastic song.

Aira Mitsuki x Saori@destiny- PARK OF THE SAFARI

08. WOWTOWN – Aira Mitsuki x Saori@destiny (89 listens)

Ooh, Aira. You pain me with your amazing songs. Seriously, this song hurts my soul it’s so good.

07. LONELY – 2NE1 (97 listens)

I forgot this group even existed, whoops. Either way, this song is still really great, even now.

06. Gift – Epik High (98 listens)

This song is beautiful. I swear, Epik High never cease to amaze me.

05. Wonder touch – Aira Mitsuki (100 listens)

I wonder what you’re touching, Aira… I’m stupid, I know. This song is super addictive, though.

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

04. Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls (112 listens)

Fierce ass song from a fierce ass group. Fuck yeah.

Rainbow - SO 女

03. A – Rainbow (123 listens)

>__> Guilty pleasure.

After School - Virgin

02. Shampoo – After School (134 listens)

Again, one of the best songs in K-pop ever.

Rainbow - SO 女

01. MACH – Rainbow (152 listens)

This might stay this way forever. There’s really nothing that compares to this song. Yes, there’s a lot of other really flawless and beautiful songs out there, but MACH is really timeless. I love it.

I’m kind of ashamed with how much K-pop is on this list.


8 thoughts on “Top 25 Most Played Songs on my iPod: 2012

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  2. “I’m kind of ashamed with how much K-pop is on this list.” – Same. I want my list to look like it has a variety of music from different countries but the majority is K-Pop >__<

    Glad to see lots of Wonder Girls on there ;)

    • I know, right!? It makes me look like I only care about K-pop songs, lmao. But in all honesty, I just replay a lot of K-pop songs XD

      Wonder Girls ftw!

  3. Hrm, K-pop, K-pop, song I don’t know, more K-pop, the one K-pop song I do know, OH HAI PERFUME, K-pop, and more K-pop… Nice list! I think it’s okay if there’s a lot of K-pop! There are only like 2 Perfume songs in my top 25 and the rest is hipster alternative music… I need to work on changing that!

  4. “Fierce ass song from a fierce ass group. Fuck yeah.” there’s really no better definition! hahaha

    Loved the post! ♡ (But you definitely need to get some more J-Pop up in there, gurl! hahaha)

  5. I got scared by how much I listened to some kpop… Apparently I’ve listened to Super Junior KRY’s ‘Fly’ 500+ times! What?! I don’t even really like it that much lol.

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