Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2012

Back so soon? Yesterday, I brought to you my favorite J-pop songs of 2012. Today, I’ll be bringing you the K-pop counterpart. Last year, my list was definite and I had no doubts doing it. However, this year I gathered a total of 30 songs altogether that I enjoyed! I was sure I was going to explode making this list. But here it is, my Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2012.

SunnyHill - Baegmaneun Ogo Inneunga

10. Baegmaneun Ogo Inneunga – SunnyHill (Baegmaneun Ogo Inneunga)

This is a damn good song, guys. That catchy A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A, that awesome autotune, and bad ass trumpet. Lol. What am I even saying. Regardless, this song is super catchy and addictive. The brass influence is what really got me; I love me some saxes and trombones. It’s a fun and upbeat song that sounds extremely fresh coming from SunnyHill.

SISTAR - Alone

09. Nahonja (Alone) – SISTAR (ALONE)

I really have no idea how someone could dislike this song. This is the song that made me like SISTAR in the first place, and I’m definitely grateful for that. It’s very sexy and sensual without overdoing it. On top of that, all four of them sound so beautiful in this. I swear, I’ll never forget that chorus as long as I live. Na honja gireul geodgo Na honja tv reul bogo Na honja chwihae bogo Ireohke maeil ulgo bulgo~

Nine Muses - Sweet Rendezvous

08. News – Nine Muses (Sweet Rendezvous)

Even though Ticket was an extremely dumb and repetitive song, Nine Muses’s brass-influenced style made me download the album. I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have discovered News without it. I’m not even sure how to describe News–jazzy? disco-ish? I don’t know. All I know is that it’s a mixture of all the musical things I love in one.

Block B - Welcome to the Block

07. Action – Block B (Welcome to the Block)

Oh, Block B. You boys do no wrong. There’s a certain genre for this type of song, but I can’t put my finger on it. Either way, there’s a bit of R&B(that might be the genre lolol) sprinkled in it and oh lord, I can’t take the perfection. It’s fun, upbeat, and super addictive. I love united & happy songs like this. Block B works the rap in there effortlessly and makes me adore this song more. It’s just an amazing song, dudes.

SHINee - Sherlock

06. Sherlock – SHINee (Sherlock)

Unlike Berikyuu’s Chou HAPPY SONG, this hybrid mix was sort of failed. I mean, if you’re trying to be cool and mixing two songs, why not release the pieces of the mixed song before the actual mixed song? Berryz had their part of the song in their 8th album, while C-ute had their’s in their 7th album. Der! Whatever. Regardless, this is a really addictive song that I did not expect nor want to enjoy. But I couldn’t help it! It has an extremely great sound and sets itself apart from all the electro/dance in K-pop today.

Ga In - Talk About S.

05. Pieona – Ga-In (Talk About S.)

The controversy and meaning aside, this is a very spunky and upbeat song. It’s not only a great dance number, but ooh, if someone with a Christina Aguilera-esque voice were to sing this, I’d die of happiness. And with the controversy and meaning, this song is even better. You know, a lot of artists try to push some sort of message in their songs and it never really hits the listener(partly because most are idols), but Ga-In pulled it off so perfectly and received great publicity for it. Don’t worry, Ga-In, you’re beautiful, sexy, and classy–I applaud you.


04. DIRTY – Miryo (MIRYO aka JOHONEY)

It seems that Miryo has been a goddess for a full 31 years. Just smidge above Ga-In, comes her fellow bandmate, Miryo. The main reason I put this above Ga-In is because it was so unexpected. We all expected Miryo to come out with a rough, dirty South(lol) song with some fast rapping and raspy vocals. But she didn’t. She almost did the exact opposite of what everyone expected of her. She came out with a fairly light-hearted love song about some dumb bastard! I freakin’ love it.

Wonder Girls - Wonder Party

03. Sorry – Wonder Girls (Wonder Party)

While I think most of the Wonder Party album is a fail, it seems that Wonder Girls always get me with those damn ballads. The R&B influence of this song is just plain fantastic. Oh, and a piano? You little devils, you. On top of that, Wonder Girls have the angels that are Sun Ye and Ye Eun with their vocals. Can’t you just smell the stench of perfection oozing from this song? It’s a really, really beautiful song that I can’t help but listen to when my boyfriend and I are arguing.

Dal Shabet -  Bang Bang

02. Mr. Bang Bang – Dal Shabet (Bang Bang)

You knew it was coming. You saw it didn’t you. My love for Dal Shabet grew stronger this year with their great album. Sure, it was a little underdone at some points, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. And WOW, how this song not only brings back memories of my trip to Spain this past summer, but it makes me instantly feel happy. It’s very mellow and sweet while still being upbeat and happy. This song is just plain amazing. It almost brings me to tears explaining how much this song means to me.


01. Rock Ur Body – VIXX (Rock Ur Body)

Dal Shabet were so close to winning number 1 song of the year if it wasn’t for this. It’s so generic, it’s so K-pop standard, it’s just dance. But. I freaking love the shit outta this song. That chorus is one of the best things I’ve ever heard in my life. These guys don’t even have that good of voices but I can’t help it. The song itself. The SONG. It’s…so catchy. It’s so addictive. IT MAKES ME HAVE HAPPY THOUGHTS. I JUST. UGHHH. I’m sorry. This song is just so happy and lovable, it makes number 1 K-pop song of 2012.

Big Bang - Still Alive

FEELING – Big Bang (Still Alive)

They were real close to being in the top 10, but just missed it. Either way, this song is the greatest club song of 2012. It has that same happy feeling as Block B’s Action, just a little grungier. Not to mention Daesung’s gorgeous vocals. God, I hate him for making me love him.

Block B - Blockbuster

Mental Breaker – Block B (Blockbuster)

I LOVE THIS. Holy crap! It’s so fun and cute! That feudal sounding influence is just great! This was also very close to entering the top 10, but it was released a little too late in the year for me to fully appreciate it. Is that Jaehyo singing those “Mental breaker~” lines? He sounds so great, man!




I didn’t expect to like this song as much as I did. But like quite a few songs on my list, this sets itself apart from the norm. It doesn’t have a hardcore electro sound or an underdone dubstep break. It’s very jazzy, swing, and dancey. FIESTAR really did something great as a debut.

Aaaand, scene! I hope you enjoyed! The year-end posts aren’t over yet! Keep checking back everyday until January 1st for a new post! I’ll be introducing some new series I’m sure you’ll enjoy. So long~!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite K-pop Songs of 2012

  1. Great choices. Alone was great. Sorry is such a great song but I still prefer R.E.A.L out of that whole mini album. Ga-In’s Bloom/피어나 is definitely one of the best tracks I have heard in K-Pop in the past two years because the lyrics and song just work so well. Sherlock was alright…

  2. Fabulous picks! ♡ I’m not an avid K-Pop listener so there are definitely plenty of things here I haven’t listened to as of yet, but I know some of my favorites made it to your list, which makes me very happy!

    Happy New Year, kiokuchan ♡ You’re a fabulous blog-writer and such an amazing girl, I hope to see a lot from you in 2013! :D

    • Kyaa~ Thank you so much, Alvy! ; o; You are an amazing writer yourself and such an awesome guy <3 Have a great New Year! <3 <3 <3

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