Top 10 Favorite J-pop Songs of 2012

Happy Holidays to anyone who reads this blog! Teehee. I hope you all spent plenty of time with your family, partied hard with your friends, and spent all of your Christmas bonus! It’s what the holidays are all about, amirite? Well, it’s time to get all those enjoyable end-of-the-year posts out of the way(you know you love ’em!)!

Today, I’ll be bringing you my Top 10 Favorite J-pop Songs of 2012. Remember last year? It was pretty tough; mostly because J-pop was just plain boring last year. But this year, it was even tougher, all because J-pop was freaking amazing this year! So, shall we?


10. Step on the Floor – capsule (STEREO WORXXX)

Electropop is a guilty pleasure of mine. However, the dance/electro of American music is overused and not my cup of tea. capsule is produced by the one and only Yasutaka Nakata, the same guy who produces a couple of my other favorite acts: Perfume and Aira Mitsuki. He’s a total genius. I love capsule’s perfect blend of electro & dance without sounding like complete Western artists–and Step on the Floor is the greatest example of that.

Berryz Koubou - cha cha SING

09. Loving you Too much – Berryz Koubou (cha cha SING)

Berryz really surprised me this summer with the great single that was cha cha SING. Although I thought they couldn’t get any better than the title track, they threw in Loving you Too much, an energetic, unique dance track that really captured my heart. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this. Berryz are the queens of covers because they find a way to make every single cover song the greatest song you ever heard.

Morning Musume - One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Show (regular)

08. One.Two.Three – Morning Musume (One.Two.Three / The Matenrou Show)

This song is the best Morning Musume released this year. It’s fun, fresh, energetic, exciting, and it’s done right! Finally an “electro” song by Momusu that is actually electro! This song shocked everyone partly because we never thought Momusu were capable of this. I can’t help but still enjoy this song even now, months later.

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Limited addiction

07. Tsuioku – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE (Limited addiction)

I can’t even explain in words how powerful this song makes me feel. As you guys might already know, I love ballads and this song is part of the reason why I always will. It’s slower than your average ballad, which sounds strange, but it is. There are a lot of pauses in the song and the progression is rather slow. It could almost be described as just a piano period. But that chorus is beautiful and I adore how thoughtful this song sounds. A ballad-hater will despise this song, but I find it breath-taking.

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Tsuioku -Single Version- / Taisetsu na Kotoba TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Rock You! / Onnaji Kimochi -YMCK Remix-

06. Taisetsu na Kotoba – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE (Tsuioku -Single Version- / Taisetsu na Kotoba) / Rock you! – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE (Rock you! / Onnaji Kimochi -YMCK Remix-)

I can’t decide. I really can’t. It’s impossible. IF YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE, I WILL EXPLODE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? These songs are equally amazing, equally addicting, and equally perfect. They stole my heart the same damn way. Taisetsu na Kotoba is a sweet and upbeat number that would have be dancing up and down the streets if it came on. Rock you! is extremely sassy and punky with a sweet charm; it’ll stick to you like glue. I can’t choose between these two.

U-KISS - Forbidden Love

05. Forbidden Love – U-KISS (Forbidden Love)

This song is awesome. I think I replayed the shit outta this thing. It’s very hard and direct with it’s deep electro sound. U-KISS really impressed me with their Japanese releases. They not only were able to mesh into the Japanese market but keep their Korean spice and flavor. I hate them, they’re too perfect for my life.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - CANDY CANDY

04. CANDY CANDY – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (CANDY CANDY)

This bitch. I promised myself I wouldn’t bother with her since everyone on the internet decided they were her biggest fan before she even debuted. But here I am, obsessing over CANDY CANDY. This song is super adorable and cute without being overly adorable and cute. It’s fun and happy without being overly fun and happy. This song just hits a perfect median for me. I can’t take the madness of this girl, dammit.

Perfume - Spending all my time

03. Hurly Burly – Perfume (Spending all my time)

I explained my thoughts about the single, and it looks like Perfume made some magic with Hurly Burly. Like capsule’s song, this one incorporates electro and dance seamlessly. I really cannot get enough of it. There’s really nothing I’d change about this song. It’s just plain amazing.

Berikyuu - Chou HAPPY SONG (Normal)

02. Chou HAPPY SONG – Berikyuu (Chou HAPPY SONG)

Kyaaa! This song is so hard to resist! Chou happy indeed~ The idea behind this song was interesting enough, but actually creating a song that’s pure win? Cha ching~ I love it! A blend of two very different songs is something extremely odd but it worked perfectly. I’m chou happy this song was created! <3

Erina Mano - Song for the DATE

01. Song for the DATE – Erina Mano (Song for the DATE)

I never thought I’d see the day that Erina Mano wins my favorite song of the year. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, I despised this girl and now, I kinda like her. She’s growing up and leaving Hello! Project in a couple of months. This single and song is something she gravely needed before she said goodbye, even if it’s not her departing single/song. How do you even describe this song? Electro? Grunge? Pop? I have no idea. However, this song is beautiful and powerful.

AKB48 - Manatsu no Sounds good!

Manatsu no Sounds good! – AKB48 (Manatsu no Sounds good!)

I’m surprised I liked this song this much. But seriously, I can’t help it. It might sound really basic and standard to most, and I’ll agree, it is, still I really really enjoy it. And does anyone see that thickness in Atsuko’s thigh? Loving it.

S/mileage - Dot Bikini (Regular)

Dot Bikini – S/mileage (Dot Bikini)

Hey look! More bikinis! Again, I’m shocked I really liked this song since everyone and their mother hated it. But whatever! It’s always stuck in my head and I always hum to it! It’s so cute and upbeat! And it’s probably the only song I truly liked by S/mileage this year.

Buono! - Hatsukoi Cider / DEEP MIND (Normal)

Hatsukoi CIDER – Buono! (Hatsukoi CIDER / DEEP MIND)

At first, I thought DEEP MIND was going to keep me obsessed, but then Hatsukoi CIDER was announced and I was just like, “ASDFGHJKL.” This song is super sweet with Buono!’s edgy charm–it just works. I sing to it constantly!

And there you go! My Top 10 J-pops of 2012! Phew, it was a long and hard battle. If I could add 10 more songs, I would. But alas, I must be tortured. Stay tuned tomorrow for my Top 10 K-pops!


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite J-pop Songs of 2012

  1. Nice list indeed! I totally love Candy Candy and Dot Bikini! They were so addictive to listen to this summer. myself need to listen to more TGS songs so could you give me some recommendations? All I’ve heard is Kodou no Himitsu and Tsuioku! Do you also have a link to Hurly Burly? Why have I still not heard that song? >__<

    Chou Happy Song and One Two Three were pretty awesome as well!

    By the way, when are you doing your end of year review? I've done mine already: Hope you read it!

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  3. Awesome list.
    I’m personally more of a “Tsuioku” more than a “Rock You”, but that’s a quibble, really. I’m just glad TGS gets some love here.
    I’m also more of a “Spring of Life” fan than a “Spending All My Time” fan, though this is probably due to familiarity.
    And, am I crazy or is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu getting lost in the rear-view mirror this year?

    • I’m so happy there’s another Tsuioku fan ; o; I enjoyed Spring of Life but not as much as SAMT.

      Rear-view mirror? What do you mean? XD

      • I meant that even with her world tour, KPP’s presence in 2012 is diminished in hindsight. If you had asked me in the beginning of the year, I would have told you that 2012 was going to be the year of Kyary; it didn’t quite end up that way

      • True, she’s not everywhere you look this year. However, she has done some great things like getting on Kohaku Uta Gassen and announcing her trip to London.

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