Do you see what I mean!?

Well, would you look at that. As soon as I post my criticisms of the covers, the dance shot releases! It’s nice to know UFP monitors my blog and does things I don’t like.

Holy crap, guys.

This is really, really good.

I’m dead serious.

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve seriously enjoyed watching a Morning Musume dance. One.Two.Three was pretty good, Wakuteka Take a chance wasn’t too shabby, but this… This is really, really, really good.

Look, kids. I dislike dance-covers A LOT. To me, they’re very unoriginal and boring unless the poster has some good camera work. But honestly, I would not mind grabbing some friends and learning this dance. Not only does it look fun as hell, but I won’t feel like a cheerleader doing parapara(like most idol artists do). There’s so much movement and quickness and it looks so well done. It’s not 1-2-step, 1-2-step. The swiftness and transitioning of the moves are so seamless, I am very, very impressed. Plus! I didn’t see one over-used move. Whoever was the choreographer for this song seriously needs to stick around.

I’m also surprised with how well everyone did. It wasn’t just Riho and Ayumi who danced their asses off–everyone did. Guys, even Reina was shakin’ dat ass. Me = shocked. Haruna still looks a bit awkward, but she’s very passable. I also found myself staring at Erina a lot–partly because I kept thinking she was Sakura and partly because she was jammin’.

Despite all the pros of this song, there’s gotta be cons, right? For one, this costume. I called it from the get-go: This costumes are too busy. All the animal print is way too loud and altogether, it looks like one huge mess. Along with the busy background that is used, it looks even messier. I can’t deal. They probably could’ve kept the animal print if it was only black or something. Secondly, did anyone notice how many cuts there were? I saw at least 4 jumps. That kind of bothered me; a dance shot is supposed to be one whole shot. Make it work. Last and definitely least, that “head butterfly” effect didn’t really work the first time behind Riho, but the second time when they were crouched down, it looked so much better.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by the dance. I’m surprised MoMusu could even be capable of this. Very, very well done.

Help me!! is set to release on January 23rd, 2013.


3 thoughts on “Do you see what I mean!?

  1. The video was uploaded yesterday before you posted your last two blogs entries… I love the dance shot! I really like how synchronised they are at dancing to this choreography. Although it’s not my favourite dance (I favour OTT more but this is definitely better than WTaC), I did like it overall. I did find it hard to tell Sakura and Erina apart dancing at some points so Sakura’s solo spotlight was a bit confusing for me. Loved Mizuki’s parts, girl is flawless and gorgeous.

    Still don’t like the skirts but I guess the pink is not that bad. The background effects doesn’t even bother me at all, I like it.

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