Wait… Kasai?

My long, most dreadful last school-week before the holidays is finally over. I can finally go back to normalcy(or something close to it). Unfortunately for me, this week has also been filled with some valuable information all over the idoldom. Starting with which is the graduation of Tomomi Kasai. Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one scratching my head.

Tomomi Kasai & Yuka Masuda

I, Kasai Tomomi, will graduate from AKB48

Since 14 years old, over the past 6.5 years,
I experienced a lot,
Met very important friends,
And, the fans,
The love from everyone,
I’ve come so far.

AKB has a very important place in my heart.

Therefore in the future too,
It will not change! 

The Kasai Tomomi who’s still immature.
Slowly in the future,
I’ll grow. 
I think like this. 

Still, the graduation day
Is undecided!! 

When it’s decided,
I’ll tell everyone. 

Because it’s a sudden announcement
Every of the fans
that’s shocked,

In the little time left,
As AKB48’s Kasai Tomomi,
Please look after me. 

And the path ahead of me after that,
Please look after Kasai Tomomi.

(courtesy of aramatheydidn’t!)

Tomomi Kasai Graduation Announcement

2012 was a bit bumpy for Kasai. She ranked fairly well in the elections, and then was called out for unprofessionalism by walking out of a competitive TV show. She was shockingly and suspiciously named AKB48’s next soloist, and then one month later, announces her graduation from the group as a whole. What’s going on here?

A lot of speculation casts that the decision was forced upon her, to prevent further “taint” to AKB48’s name. But then why would she get  solo single if management didn’t want her to cause more disruption? Was it just a publicity stunt?

And then you have to assume this was Kasai’s personal decision. Why now? Why not next year, after her solo single is released? If she plans on doing more solo activity, how does she know she even has it down-packed when she left before her debut was even out?

It’s safe to say the timing is what has everyone riled up. Publicity, force, or personal decision, she’s under very strange circumstances.

Tomomi Kasai Graduation Announcement

Despite participating in every single release by the group and being a member of Senbatsu throughout her whole AKB48 career, I can’t say I think this is a huge loss. Kasai has a reputation of being a “princess” so I don’t think fans will necessarily be crushed(unless you’re a Kasai fan yourself). On top of that, she doesn’t have any true, stand-out qualities. Oshima has a bubbly and energetic personality, Shinoda is drop-dead gorgeous with a terrific charisma, TakaMina is the understanding, determined leader, and Mayuyu is the weirdo with charm. What is there to say about Kasai?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Tomo~mi. She’s pretty, sweet, and has a nice voice. I kind of liked her just for that reason that she isn’t over-the-top, created of sugar and spice, or needs a specific quality. She’s just what she puts off to be, take it or leave it.

Tomomi Kasai Graduation Announcement

I hope that all of this piling up this year hasn’t snowballed and pushed her to leave. I hope it was only because of her decision and her desire. And I truly, truly hope that her decision wasn’t in vain and she succeeds in whatever path she decides to take.

Tomomi Kasai Graduation Announcement


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