Help Me Help You. Please.

To distract myself from the shitty chaos in my life at the moment, I shall talk about some other shitty chaos in Hello! Project. You know you love it.

Haven’t heard monologue by Morning Musume in a while. Oh, and I’m still hearing electronic Seishun Collection.

Now I can kind of hear the electronica in the song, but I’m still not thoroughly impressed. I can’t figure out which song is more all over the place, this or Wakuteka Take a chance. I’m not sure what’s going on here. There are Transformers, dubstep, and violins. I just can’t put my finger on what this song is trying to be.

I really tried hard to like it, but I don’t think I can. Maybe it’ll grow on me eventually. But for right now, this song is just messy.

Sayumi Michishige - Help me!!


Sayumi’s looking cute. Again, not like the leader, but it’s cute. Actually, I don’t think anyone except Takahashi can really pull off an I-am-the-leader-bow-to-me look. I would’ve loved to see her strike a more fierce or sexy pose–she can pull it off well.

Reina Tanaka - Help me!!


Reina doesn’t stand out much here, which kind of stinks considering this is her farewell single. I would’ve liked to see her hair down. I guess this costume kind of looks plain since this is Reina’s “style”(aka, she always looks like a hooker).

Mizuki Fukumura - Help me!!


Well hello, hot stuff. Mizuki is working this outfit very well. I think her dark brown hair color and the hairstyle really make her pop. Despite Mizuki’s sweet, airy personality, I can’t help but dislike her a little bit due to the whole I’m-not-comfortable-with-being-sexy-even-though-I-look-like-a-child-prostitute-every-single act. It kind of gets on my nerves. Own it, goddamn it.

Erina Ikuta - Help me!!

Hey look! Erina’s hairstyle doesn’t look ugly as fuck! I mean, she’s still not cute, but at least she’s not cute with a nice hairstyle.

Riho Sayashi - Help me!!

Not really liking Riho’s ponytail; they could’ve jazzed it up a bit more. The costume looks a bit weird on her–unless it’s just the pose she went with.

Kanon Suzuki - Help me!!

Holy shit! Kanon’s hair finally looks like it was done by a sober individual! And look at her face! She looks so damn fierce! Plus the costume works really well on her. Notice she’s one of the few without their belly buttons hanging out.

Haruna Iikubo - Help me!!

Eep. Put those ears away, Haruna. I mean, you’re still gorgeous, but they make you look a little awkward. This costume looks flawless on her, however.

Ayumi Ishida - Help me!!

You still look a little scary, Ayumi, but at least you look pretty.  I gotta say, that chestnut brown is working for her–for this outfit and in general. It complements her a lot.

Masaki Satou - Help me!!

I mistook you for a S/mileage member. My bad, Masaki. Welp. Again, Masaki looks just plain weird. I dunno what must be done to make this girl look better, but…it must be done.

Haruka Kudou - Help me!!

Yeah, not digging that hat. Although, Haruka seems to be feeling it, lol. I like the costume on her.

Sakura Oda - Help me!!

I still like Sakura’s hair long. I have a feeling she was forced to cut it. Anyway, she looks a little uncomfortable and I feel like she makes that pose almost every official shot. She’ll get better with practice~

I’m surprised that there are no full-body shots for this single. Was it purposely done that way or did the website manager just forget to add in the photos? In addition, I’m shocked by how well these costumes look separately. Does anyone feel the same way? Somehow, in the altogether promo shot, the costumes look cheap and overdone. But in the separate shots, they actually look cute. There are still some members that look like the animal print is overpowering them(Reina, Riho, and Masaki), but others look literally perfect in their pieces(Mizuki, Kanon, and Ayumi). For the song, I’m still not convinced the costumes work very well and I anticipate everything will look sloppy in the dance shot of the PV. I’m really curious to see how this’ll turn out…

Help me!! is set to release on January 23rd, 2013.

In other news, Sakura Oda‘s image color has been announced as lavender! Anyone know the last time that color has been used? Or if it ever has? I can’t remember off the top of my head for whatever reason.

Asahi Tasaki Asahi Tasaki

Apparently, Up-Front hosted some sort of audition/competition thing. Asahi Tasaki(is it bad that I mistook this name as Akari Saho?) won the competition and will be releasing a debut single entitled Tegami / Rolling Days. The young seventeen year-old will join all the Hello! Project SATOYAMA units as part of the movement herself. Congrats to the cutie! The single will officially release on January 16th, 2013, but will also be available for sale at an event on January 2nd, 2013.



2 thoughts on “Help Me Help You. Please.

  1. YES!! WE NEEDED A KIND OF PURPLISH COLOUR XD I was afraid it was going to be a light red when she kept wearing that same costume everywhere! Honestly, I feel like she looks uncomfortable in most photos because of all this posing being new to her.

    Kanon looks MUCH more mature and a lot more sophisticated and less sad in this picture. Still believe Ayumi and Mizuki look good. I love people with their ears sticking out so I think Haruna looks great too!

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