I Really WANT! to Marry This Single…

I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid getting even a slight glimpse at the new Berryz PV(I didn’t even check Idolminded yesterday, guise!). I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so anxious to see any PV. I am so surprised by the song that how well the PV comes out is something I can only imagine. So here it is! My very first impression of Berryz Koubou‘s WANT! PV!

OMGOMGOMG… Look at that cute spinny thing… Is it getting good already?


Yes, it is.

The first shot we see is of the girls dancing in LOOK! FUCKING BLACK! ARE THE PRODUCERS READING MY BLOG? Because if they are, let me say that I am one happy camper. In addition to the crisp, glossy, black setting is the weird huge round light behind them. It’s a strange size and shape to use, but the LED lights surrounding it create a cool rainbow effect(and they incorporate all the girls’ colors!). I’m also happy with how this dance looks so far. Sure, they’re not professional hip-hop dancers, but it’s nice to see how dynamic they can be. Berryz’ strong suit doesn’t happen to be dancing(that’s more for C-ute), but wow, they really look full of energy.

Look! The spinny thing is actually incorporated in the PV! Each girl is featured laying, sitting, or standing in each of the spinning settings. Again, it’s refreshing to see the pop of color in contrast to the dark overall vibe of the PV. On top of spinning, the girls actually get their close-ups in each of the rooms. It’s cool to see those settings being used in a different way. The one thing I don’t really like about the close-ups is the lighting that is used. I really dislike how bright it is; it ends up washing the girls’ faces out and blurring their facial features.

I almost didn’t notice Miyabi’s hair is styled differently than in the promotional photos! It looks much better.

Oh my lord, did you see those chest-thrusts? LOVED ‘EM. I can’t ignore the amount of sex appeal in this video. It’s such a relief(and very exciting) to finally see the grown-up side of Berryz Koubou. For so many years, C-ute has been anything but cute and has used their electro-styled songs & strong dances to their advantage. As good as they are, I’ve become tired of it! Berryz Koubou is the veteran group and still, they’re treated as rookies. I’ve been waiting patiently and quietly until the day Berryz finally gets a piece of the action. It’s time, folks.

So back to that sex appeal. Despite Risako’s cherry red hair, I could not keep my eyes off of Miyabi. Holy crap, this girl has cast a spell on me. Really, everyone in this video has their own type of sex appeal(‘cept Momo), but Miyabi’s is undeniable. There are moments where she lays all seductive-like on the bed or sits on her knees on the chair with her back to the camera. Not just that, but her smiling in this is extremely sensual as well. It’s not dirty or overly sexual in the least–it’s just so seductive! I don’t even think she notices that she does this, either. Miyabi is really a goddess. I love that she’s one of those girls that can turn that switch on and off without even trying. Bitch is an angel.

Oh, let’s not forget the close-up shots of the girls legs and arms near the end of the video. Of course, they aren’t meant to be dirty or anything, but they really add to the sensuality and ominous feeling of the video.

Yet again, UFP has won me over with this cinematography. The blurs, screen jumps, and camera jerking just makes me so giddy with excitement! You might have the cheapest set, the cheapest outfits, and the crappiest choreography, but if you have some good cinematography going on, you’ve got yourself a near-masterpiece. I’m sorry to say, but that’s how it works. I love it, love it, love it.

And you, Mr. Song, you think you’ve escaped my wrath? You have not! Luckily for you, I love you. Some readers might recall that I love electronica/dance inspired songs. And when it comes from my favorite group of all time? Oooooh, baby. The song sounds updated, fresh, and much more modern compared to the other recent electro-influenced song, Heroine ni Narou ka! It contains a great serious beat along with an upbeat, sexy melody. Those repetitive “I want it” lines are totally addictive. Vocally, I like Berryz much better than the current Morning Musume and C-ute. Half of Berryz’ members aren’t very strong when it comes to the lungs, but it doesn’t take away from the song for me. I’m sure people will point out the auto-tune and talk about how annoying it is, but I really don’t give a fuck. It’s 2012, almost everything has auto-tune, shut the hell up. Regardless, I am so impressed by how well this PV has come out. The anxiety that I felt has lifted completely. Thank you, UFP, for giving Berryz the chance they’ve been craving to finally shine.


3 thoughts on “I Really WANT! to Marry This Single…

  1. I’m sure I commented on this before…

    Anyways, I quite like the song (except the autotune) and the dance as well, the sets were a little too bright but I guess that’s to make their outfits stand out when you compare the dance set. Surprised that the length of their heels, that really shocked me but I love the dances on Risako, Saki, Yurina and Massa the most.

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