3 Blogs I Read like the Bible

Okay, so that title is sort of a lie. I’m agnostic so I don’t…even read the Bible… But then that would make this post negative right? But it’s not! UGH, WHAT HAVE I DONE.

All jokes aside, today I’m going to show you lovely readers 3 blogs that I love to read and suggest to all of you! Let’s get started~

I’ve just recently discovered the beauty that is Plastic Candy. Author Alvy just has a way with words that makes you melt. Seriously, he is a fantastic writer and I truly look up to him. Plastic Candy is filled with editorials from a large range of topics–Maki Goto’s AV rumors, Ga-In’s run-in with MOGEF, and the world of double standards, just to name a few–to in-depth reviews of a broad spectrum of artists like Hikaru Utada, BENI, and even Christina Aguilera. It’s refreshing to know that some J-pop & K-pop geeks still know what goes on in their own hemispheres.

Alvy likes to include cute little series(way cuter than mine, guise) like 6 active minutes and Harajuku Poupees. 6 active minutes is a collection of songs with a set theme mushed into 6 minutes. In this edition, Alvy and a couple friends fanboy/girl over the sensual Maki Goto on her 27th birthday(holy crap, 27 already?). I love how dedicated he his to Goto–so cute! Squee~ <3 Harajuku Poupees is a segment in which Alvy provides us with a Japanese fashion style, explains its history and all the different types there are today. Being a fashion nerd myself, I enjoy this to no end. I forgot how many gyaru styles there were!

Despite all my loves of this blog, I do think there is just a slight downside. Sometimes, the reader might feel as though they’re reading a news blog. Because of Alvy’s very formal and advanced writing style, I think some might feel like they aren’t reading a personal blog. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Alvy writes this way, but I believe some readers might have a tough time understanding where his opinion lies sometimes.

Besides that very pequeno observation, I think Alvy should just change his blog name to Plastic Pinata, because there are so many goodies in this blog, I might end up with cavities…

Originally meant to be a strictly Perfume blog, Nia decided to throw herself into the world of Hello! Project and other J-pop acts. 16 year-old sweetie pie Nia plans to major in journalism when she grows up, and to me, it looks like she’s doing a pretty good job so far!

Nia’s Wonderland was formally opened over a year ago on November 13, 2011. I was really surprised to realize her opening date since Nia’s writing sounds so much more advanced than someone who has only been idol blogging for a year(I’ve been around for over 3 years and I don’t even sound that good!). Nia enjoys writing a nice hearty review, especially her 50 PV reviews! Other than the abundant amount of detailed reviews, she’s similar to my styling in which she comments on the latest Hello! Project or Perfume or Other news. In this article, she explains how Reina’s graduation will be something positive for Morning Musume and that she looks forward to it–in a good way, of course! And in one of my favorite posts by her, she gets down to business and has a serious talk about the “YouTube Idols” that have made all us genuine Japan lovers look like weeaboos.

What I love about Nia’s Wonderland is that she makes everything look sooo easy. She releases PV reviews almost every few days and then bam!, a hearty post about something out of the blue! Her posts are so detailed and well thought out that I almost want to steal her brain(okay, Dyamond, that’s just creepy…). Nia’s articles are easy to read so you are completely able to understand what she wants to say, what she means, and how it should affect you. Besides the large paragraphs sometimes scaring me, I really enjoy reading every new post by Nia.

I’d love to see more countdowns and editorials in Nia’s Wonderland. She’s got the brain and the fingers for it. Work, girl! Don’t forget to pay Nia’s Wonderland a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to being named by one of my favorite Morning Musume songs of all time, I’ve been stuck on Shanimuni Paradise since the beginning of time. Hell, I even remember Tsukiki posting something about Perfume and I was like, “Who the hell is that??”

I discovered Tsukiki’s blog many a-years ago when I was a part of a singing group called Sekai no Melody. On the forum, each of the girls had their own signatures in which they had their own personal links. One day, I decided to be a creep and check out some of the girls’ links. I came across Tsukiki’s, and after one view, I kept coming back. Despite her hating probably all of my favorite members, I really enjoyed reading her posts. She cursed, she yelled, she threw chairs, she was entertaining as hell!

Like me, she’s involved in both the J-pop and K-pop fandoms and loves doing reviews of the latest songs. On top of that, she loves almost every group I love, how could you ever go wrong? Her one series(that she hasn’t updated in years) is TOP! And yes, I did rip it off with my own Top! Series. Yeah… Sorry about that. XD

Tsukiki has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them, and I really love that. She isn’t the most poetic writer around but she gets the job done. You’ll either be jumping for joy in agreement or hot and bothered by anger at the end of each post. Here, Tsukiki voices her opinions and angers over the AKB48 and friends team shuffles, which shows how relate-able she is to her readers and doesn’t sound like a robot just relaying the information. In this hilarious, short post, Tsukiki is finally relieved over Momoko’s change in hairstyle(“. . . those fugly pigtails surgically attached to her head . . .” had my friend dying of laughter), which shows her strong opinion.

Shanimuni Paradise is paradise indeed! Relieve yourself from the robots of the J-pop and K-pop fandom. Book a room and stay for the hilarity and straight-forward bluntness!


13 thoughts on “3 Blogs I Read like the Bible

  1. I laughed so hard at ‘Plastic Pinata’! :’D Thank you so much for taking your time to write a little bit about Plastic Candy over here! It makes me so happy to know you enjoy reading it! (I’m definitely going to take a look at the other blogs you mention judging by your descriptions, they sound fabulous!)

    I also really appreciate the inclusion of a little bit of constructive criticism! :D I think you really nailed it when you said some people may think they’re reading a news blog, because I remember getting this one comment way back in Plastic Candy’s toddler days complaining that I only wrote about Maki Goto, Koda Kumi and a couple of other artists. I guess some readers get confused about the premise of the blog because of my writing style and just assume I’m writing up general news when really it’s a personal blog about the things that interest me! Thank you for picking up on that and I’ll keep this balance between entertainment and formality in mind! :D

    I really love your blog too and your writing style! You’re always very articulate and confident when writing your pieces, and yet, it’s clear how vivid and full of personality your writing is! Keep up the great work!

    Once again, I’m honored to be included in a post of yours! ♡ Hopefully we can collaborate in the future for a special post either for ‘6 active minutes’ or ‘Harajuku Poupées’! :D

    • I’m glad I didn’t stab you in the heart with that bit XD I crossed my fingers hoping I wasn’t harsh. You’re very welcome :D

      Gahh, thank you! That’s so kind~ * – * Coming from an amazing writer like you, it makes me blush like a schoolgirl XD Thanks so much~ :D

      Oh gosh, I’d love to collaborate with you. I think a little piece of me has died inside. Teehee! :’3 I hope you don’t mind all the pingback I send you because it’ll probably continue forever ;3 Keep up your fantastic writing, Alvy~! <3

      • I won’t mind at all! :’D I love it!

        You really didn’t stab me in the heart! :’) I think a good opinion piece is always candid about everything they’re talking about, and you did just that! Which is fabulous! And I could tell you were also being very thoughtful about my feelings, which really made me a lot happier!

        As soon as a new project comes to mind I’ll let you know so we can get this collaboration on! :D hehehe

        Thank you for such kind words :’) ♡

  2. I love you. <3 YOU WERE IN SNM?! WHAT?! REALLY?! Are you doing the Christmas revival?? I HAD NO IDEA. I love you more now.
    I'm glad you were able to see past me hating your oshimen, because I usually hate the crowd favourites. :D But at least I give people a fair warning? XD (FTW, I totally did do a TOP this year: http://tsukiki.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/top-part-8-hello-project-singles/) I don't mind that you started your own TOP series, because at least you gave me credit. I've seen a couple that just totally ripped my idea without even mentioning it was my idea, so when I get credit in at least the first one I don't care. A lot of people do them now. I guess I'm just hipster or something. B)

    You're my favourite. I always look forward to your comments! Thanks for the review and recommendation love! <3

    • :DDD YES! I’m Kioku at the forum now >:D

      Oh shat! That was posted this year ASDFGHJKL. Dammit, my bad! XD

      The Top series is such a perfect idea, I loved it at first sight :D I’m glad you aren’t like, “DF. DIS MAH SHIT.” XD

      Teheheehehe, I’m your favorite?? You make me blush! >:D You’re so very welcome! Thank you for having such an entertaining blog! I love you! <3

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  4. Oh my god, you really like my blog that much!? I don’t know what to say other than thank you! Thank you so much! I’m serious, I was blushing the whole time I was reading this!

    Even now I’m really not sure how I write so much… when I first started my posts weren’t anywhere near as long as they are now! I look bad at my old reviews now and try to figure out how I wrote so little… I feel like maybe the more I wrote over time, the more I had to say about what I was reviewing. I’m glad it looks easy to do because it’s actually kind of difficult because I feel like I have to write X number of paragraphs that are X number of lines to get my point across!

    I would actually love to write more editorials but I have a hard time coming up with stuff that I feel passionate enough to delve into and write about. I’ve been considering writing a follow-up about Youtube idols but I get the feeling it would be a little too rant-y… I don’t know, I’ve always felt like my editorials are really spontaneous!

    It just really makes me happy that you enjoy my blog so much because I enjoy reading your blog a lot too! Even before I started blogging I loved reading your blog so to have one of my favorite bloggers feel the same way about my own little blog just feels… really weird but also really great!

    • ;~~~~; You’re sweeter than cake, girl.

      Writing can be harder than it seems, huh? I think the hardest part is trying to get your point across in a clear way, but trust me, you do it well!

      It’s great knowing you take time into your editorials! That’s always the way to go. I’d love to hear more, whenever you’re able to hatch up a juicy one :D

      Thanks so much~! I’m surprised you read my blog even before you started your own and that you enjoy it so much ; A; Thank youu!

      Keep up your great work, Nia~ <3

  5. Nia’s Wonderland and Plastic Candy are some of the best blogs that I have ever followed in the past 3 years along with Sora to Kujira! Yours too, kiokuchan, I love your blog :D

    • I’m glad you agree! :D I like Sora to Kujira as well, but Jin isn’t very active so it makes me scratch my head.

      Thanks sooo much! I really appreciate it!! ; A;

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