So Long, My Perfect Musume…

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. No, this isn’t a joke. And yes, you’re probably jumping up and down before I even tell you what it is.

Reina Tanaka is graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project


I’m not happy. I’m not upset. It was time for it to happen, right? Despite Reina being my favorite Morning Musume of all time, I won’t cry. She’s a woman now. She’s got her own attitude, flair, and style that just isn’t suited for the idol life at this time. Back then, it was suitable to be cool, laid-back, reserved, and bad-ass when there were nearly 15 members and she was only 13. But now, she’s been here for a decade, has grown into a woman, and is lead where everyone can bash and shame her for being who she is. Reina has been known for her lone wolf personality and possibly try-hard idol persona. As a woman, this just isn’t suited for her anymore.

Tsunku’s statement: (courtesy of Up-Front Link)

First of all, thank you for your continued support for Morning Musume。.

Here is an announcement about Reina Tanaka.

Reina Tanaka has been a Morning Musume。 member for 9 years and 10 months since January 2003 and she will graduate from Morning Musume。 as well as from Hello! Project after the final live of the “Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2013 Spring Michishige☆Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Special Commemoration Graduation”.

We can easily say that she is one of the top three voices in the history of Morning Musume。and she will now be part of a band.

I thought it was a good timing for her to graduate since she will now continue her activities in this band.

Now that Reina became an adult, knowing better what she wants to do, her style, I think she can use her experience from Hello! Project for the band and her solo works.

Some years ago I have discussed with her about how the things will become after her graduation, and I am sure her competitive spirit will help her become an even more cool “Reina”.

Everybody, please support “Reina Tanaka” as solo and also “Reina Tanaka” as the member of the band.


Hello! Project’s Producer


Reina’s statement: (courtesy of Up-Front Link)

First thank you for your continued support.

It has been decided that, I, Reina Tanaka, will graduate from Morning Musume。、as well as from Hello! Project at the end of next spring’s tour!

I have announced my graduation today on the stage in front of the fans and I introduced as well the 3 members of the band, I will now take off to a new stage!

I have been a 6th generation member of Morning Musume。 for almost 10 years and this year the group is celebrating its 15th anniversary. I think this is a turning point, a challenge for me to try another music activity, with the start of this band.

There is around 6 months left until I will be a Morning Musume。 member, with the January Hello! Project lives in January and the next tour.

So please support the Reina Tanaka’s member of Morning Musume。 which will sing in front of you and for my following activities as well!


Morning Musume。

Reina Tanaka

What’s going to be more painful than Reina leaving is going to be all the reactions. Somehow, Westerners have always held a grudge against her for “performing half-ass” and “winking so much.” To me, Reina has always tried her best, even if it wasn’t her strong suit. People constantly bag on her voice, which shows great control despite a higher pitch than say, Ai Takahashi or Risa Niigaki. Of course, those in the front will always be criticized and never given the proper credit for the good things that they do or can do. You can say that I’m much more concerned about the “Yay!’s” and “Finally!’s” that I’m going to hear. Now you can all stop complaining about the amount of lines she gets, her hairstyles and big bows, her “screechy and squirrel-like” voice, and everything that makes her Reina.

It’s time and I’m not going to deny that. Reina joined Morning Musume as a much older looking 13 year-old girl with a Yankee attitude and bad-ass style. Over the years, she’s outgrown the rebellious stage and moved onto something more feminine but still serious. Constantly winking her way into my heart and singing her voice into my soul, I grew to love her more than any other member in Morning Musume.

Thank you, Reina for such a long and tedious run in Morning Musume. Thank you for never changing who you are despite the whispers around you. Thank you for being such a memorable member for me and the one who cemented my love for Morning Musume 5 years ago. Thank you for trying your best even though it wasn’t what you’re best at. Thank you for being you, Reina. I wish I could’ve seen you in person before you go. I’ll never forget you. <3 ~Dyamond.

Reina will now be focusing on her new band, which is currently unnamed. Three members have been revealed: vocalist Marina Okada, guitarist Yuki Uozumi, and guitarist Marin Miyazawa. You might notice the absence of a drummer, so they will continue  auditions and additions of members. I think they should just steal Rina from SCANDAL every now and again since she’s so bad-ass.

If you have any suggestions of a band name, you can send them in to: NyNy came up with the very awesome name Everess. I don’t know if I could top that.


6 thoughts on “So Long, My Perfect Musume…

  1. Haha I’m glad you like the name. It was just something I thought about on the spot XD

    I didn’t know you were a Reina fan!! I wish her the best of luck but isn’t it 9 years at the moment? When did the rokkies debut?

    • Really? That’s a really good name, man x’D

      I was typing by memory. They debuted with Shabondama in 2003, so it’d be about ten years since she debuted when she graduates. I usually like to go by when they audition and pass.

  2. “You can say that I’m much more concerned about the “Yay!’s” and “Finally!’s” that I’m going to hear.”


    But seriously, I share the same feelings about her graduation.

    When the concert comes out on teh internets (or if they stream it), we should have a skype party to watch it!

    • I really don’t like when people are so dismissive about it. Just because they don’t like Reina, anyone else who is sad about her graduation is automatically “whining” or “sobbing,” when they know damn well they were doing the same thing over Risa and Ai. That just irks the hell outta me.

      I’m totally down for that Skype party~ XD

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