The K-pop Round Up: October 2012

After a glorious presidential win of Obama, I’m a frickin’ happy camper. But it’s time to get back to business on this 5-day weekend. October was a month filled with those we haven’t heard from for a little while. It’s time to cook us up some kimchi and hope it doesn’t burn. Let’s start The K-pop Round Up October 2012 edition!

Maeilbam is EXID‘s first digital single, released on October 2nd. You should already know that I’m not much of a fan of these girls–over-ratingly unoriginal. But I’ll continue to see if these girls can finally put a label on themselves.

In one room, the girls dance with gas masks, while in another, they lay on the LED beds they stole from Morning Musume. By the way, is it just me or are Koreans bringing turtlenecks back? I swear, I’ve been seeing them around way more than usual–and I’m honestly loving it. I don’t understand why people bring turtlenecks down so much. EXID pulls them off effortlessly here. I am absolutely loving the styling in that dance shot. Even the black bra showing is extremely chic.

So, I’m assuming that EXID are vampires. I mean, they’ve got almost all of the symptoms. Red lipstick, pale skin, dark eyes, and look! That’s blood! A little too bright to be realistic-looking blood, but it’s blood! All you need is a shiny man now…

They put their tubes of blood in a suitcase and head off to the headquarters. They arrive with…the wine! Drink up, bitches! But what is this? EXID throws the tubes of blood around and everyone…sneezes? What the hell? All of the attendees spit out their wine in slow motion and it’s possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I swear that they only put it in slow motion to waste time in the video. Oh, and look! There’s the shiny man!

And this is where the gas masks come in, because they gas those damn bitches out. But with what? They’re allergic to blood?? Nope. The red juice was actually red hot chili peppers. Yep. EXID clearly have no shame in showing execution tactics.

At first, you probably won’t understand what the hell the video has to do with the song. Is this what they do every night!? Maeilbam that! But no, the song is actually really meaningful and the video greatly translates it. The lyrics portray a girl who has ended a relationship but the guy won’t leave her alone. It’s not an physically abusive won’t-leave-her-alone, but emotionally abusive. Constantly, he calls her, saying that he misses her and wants to be together, but it isn’t true. He just wants some ass! She doesn’t know which way to go. Should she believe him or should she move on? Her remaining feelings for him keep her going back to him, while her head is telling her to stop. Which one should she believe?

As for the video, you’ll have to think a bit more. My interpretation is that the girl is finally ending the “relationship.” Think of the man as the “booty caller.” He keeps asking for more and more, but EXID has had enough. They bring the wine(read: goodies) as a ploy. When they throw the chili bombs, everyone has a terrible reaction to it and ends up dying. The girls in the man’s room represent his “side jawns,” while them dying is representative of the relationship. Finally, EXID has put a stop to this man’s debauchery.

I like it. I really do. I cannot deny that this song and video are extremely enjoyable, despite the artist. The song has a deep, realistic meaning and the video actually takes some thought. I still really don’t like LE’s rapping, but the other girls have some nice lungs. I’m glad that EXID has finally done something that is more than just fun and games. Now, it’s time to figure out who they really are; this identity crisis needs to come to a conclusion.

This cover is awful. MR.MR is a new rookie group(SHOCKER!) who has debuted with a remake of Who’s the girl. Just kidding, it’s not a remake, but we all know who “debuted” with it! The single/album/digital(I can’t find any info) released on October 4th. Time to find out who that girl is… We’ve asked this question about 3 times in K-pop already.

Why does their dancing remind me of U-KISS already? And there’s Eli and AJ look-alikes. This isn’t going to be good…

The dance is really weird. They have some really awkward dance moves. Case in point, they open each jacket side separately and then nod their heads, as if to say, “I know you like mah goodies, girl.” You don’t have goodies like EXID, give up. On top of that, they keep playing with their jacket collars and covering their mouths. Are you thieves? We can’t see your faces? “Yeah, bitch! I steal yo innocence!”

Don’t even get me started with these settings. For one, they dance in some alley/foyer hybrid with terrible lighting. Oh, and they dance in ONE CORNER of a room with hanging light bulbs. And what about the solo shots? OH MY LORD. Not only are they all over the place, but they are constantly switching their outfits! One shot is the white suits with a black background, and then he teleports to a random street corner. WTF? What the fuck is that split screen shot? It’s so unbelievably awkward. Oh, is that corner too big for all five of you? And then they’re shirtless in one shot. Oh, nevermind, not shirtless. They still have their blazers on.

Last but least, this song. It’s just plain bad. It sounds like a 9 year old produced it. THAT FUCKING SIREN NOISE IS ANNOYING AS FUCK. There’s no interesting point of this song. Not even the terrible build-up leads to anything better. I can’t wait to listen to the next song so I can unhear this shit.

Well hello there, Gavy NJ, it’s been a while~ Gavish is the title of their newest mini-album that released on October 9th. Gavy NJ are best known for their inviting R&B-flavored ballads coupled with powerful vocals. Lady Killer is the lead track off the album. Who’s the girl killing the ladies~!?

The look of Gavy NJ this time around is…different. It’s very… Korean. I’m not exactly sure what I even mean myself, but this music video has a much more mainstream K-pop feel than the Gavy NJ that I was introduced to. Let’s just say that aegyo wasn’t something I was introduced to…

All three girls seem to be mesmerized by one guy. As the video progresses, all three of them seem to be dating him. Or… maybe have dated the same guy? He ignores pigtail girl while she presses him to talk to her. Clingy, much? Short-haired girl seems to be a lot less annoying, but when he gets up for a bathroom break, she sneaks into his phone. I’m no Hangul expert, so don’t ask what it says. When it comes to the bun-bun girl, he “proposes.” Actually, he doesn’t even propose, she just takes the ring away from him and puts it on her finger. Df?

I’m confused. A lady killer is described as a handsome guy who has an eye for good-looking girls. The first girl was annoying, so I’m assuming he wasn’t liking it. The second girl didn’t seem to have anything wrong. He didn’t even catch her looking at his phone. So what was wrong with her? The third, he “proposed” to, so was she the best? This shit…

The song itself is not something I’ll have on repeat, honestly. I thought the last song I reviewed was way better. Quite frankly, I hate hearing “lucky boy” or “lucky girl” in any song, period. By the way, the short-haired girl needs to stay off Park Bom’s botox… Also! I fucking love bun-bun girl’s outfit at her home scene!

AOA, or Ace of Angels, is a rookie group that is “different” than the others. The 8 member group can be split up into a dance unit(comprised of 7 members) and a band unit(comprised of 5 members). The use of the units depends on the performance. I’m a bit skeptical about whether or not the members actually play instruments, or if they just fuck around with them. Wannabe is their second single, released on October 10th. Get Out is used as the lead track. Immediately, I’m in love with Yuna and Hye Jung for posing as Lara Croft and Beatrix Kiddo <3

Rap and rock setting? Contradicting much? Immediately, we see the separation from dance unit and band unit.

Annnnd, the first movie reference! Legally Blonde! Next… Droooooool. Lara Croft. I love Tomb Raider. No one understands how much I want to fangirl at this moment…

Okay, butt dance much? I don’t want to see your cheeks, thanks…

The Fifth Element! That movie is weird as hell and Milla Jovovich pulled that role off effortlessly.

Okay, now the whole rock n’ roll breaks through. Eh. It’s not very convincing. They’re no SCANDAL, quite frankly.

Romeo & Juliet and Harry Potter

HEHEHE. KILL BILL. However, not as good as Yuna’s protrayal of Lara Croft.

Next is supposedly Audrey Hepburn’s Breaktfast at Tiffany’s. I have no idea what the hell that movie is about or that it even existed.

Mathilda is the extremely frog-eyed girl. She looks like a hideous version of Katie Holmes..

Alright, enough. I feel like this group is trying to be really innovative, but it just fails. They try and then it’s taken back. Don’t try to be a rock-esque group and then have idol-like ideas. It makes no sense. You might as well have two different groups, because that what’s trying so hard to be formed. It’s dumb.

As for the song, I can hear it try to sound different and cool, but it’s still mainstream. It doesn’t sound like what it wants to be: rock. This group is confusing, a waste of talent, and has some serious identity crisis to work out. Reminds me of APink, except APink is just plain aegyo, aka wannabe SNSD.

Independent Women Pt.III is the title of miss A‘s 2nd mini-album, released on October 15th. You should know that I’m not very fond of miss A; their music, to me, is just not sincere enough. On top of that, I just don’t see a companionship between the girls. Namja Eobsi Jal Sara is used as its lead track.

JYP seems to be obsessed with hip-hop music, lately. First, Wonder Girls’ Like This and now miss A’s Namja Eobsi Jal Sara. It’s not bad, catchy really, but the vocals along with the beat are a bit underdone. I would’ve rather had heard them sing a bit more gutsy than so lightly.

The song goes on about how they can pay their own bills and car and rent and blah blah blah. You’re probably thinking, well, why are you so annoyed by it? Because a man isn’t there just to pay your shit.

When someone says, “I don’t need a man,” you might think about the money factor, but you’ll also think about the emotional factors. Whenever that saying is said, it can refer to something along the lines of, “I don’t need a man to be happy,” or “I don’t need a man to be successful.” But seriously, a man =/= money. A boyfriend, fiance, or husband isn’t just there to pay your bills and buy you diamond rings. If that’s what you think, then you’ve seriously been taught wrong. Unless the guy literally says to your face, “You can’t make it without me,” then money shouldn’t be the only reason that makes you say, “I don’t need a man.” If this song was portrayed a different way, I probably wouldn’t be as offended by it.

Also, the lyrics of this song are corrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I don’t know if it’s just because of the English translation, but they do not flow at all. It sounds like a badly written poem.

Of course, JYP is to blame for all this. I honestly think that this is a male’s perspective of a woman not needing a man. Only a man would think that women are only with men for their money. In some cases, it’s true, but for most cases, it’s not. A female would talk about the emotional aspect of a relationship, because that’s just how we are. Money is rarely a factor for most women when it comes to relationship. I think most of us usually think more about willingness to strive and succeed rather than money period.

I kind of want to talk about this in a whole different post. Look out for it…

The Korean-American powerhouse Ailee that is taking K-pop by storm released her first mini-album on October 16th. Entitled Invitation, the first track, Boyeojulge, is used as its lead. Ailee will show you, dammit!

A beautiful ballad ensues as Ailee enters, looking a little more than dorky, into what looks like a school hallway. She meets eyes with G.O. from MBLAQ, who turns away from her quickly. She reminisces about the olden days, when…what? What is this? The ballad breaks into pop!

Whoa. I never expected Ailee to be a…dancer. I don’t really know if I’m surprised for the better or the worse…

Anyway, a “new and improved” Ailee busts through the hallways. Equipped with high heels and a short skirt, she gladly accepts the smiles and stares she receives. But poor G.O. is left in the dust. Didn’t want me then, can’t have me now! LOL, and I love how she smacked him in the mouth XD

At the end, a devilish smile creeps onto Ailee’s mouth and it makes me think that she has a plan up her non-sleeve. I feel like she’ll do to him exactly what he did to her. TAKE ‘EM DOWN.

The song is really fun in a serious sort of way. It’s emotional but still upbeat. I like it. I’m a little torn about the message though. I feel like she’s talking about changing herself only to win the envy of her ex-boyfriend. Is that really the way to go? A nice dress and a killer pair of heels could make anyone feel more confident, so I guess it’s not exactly a bad thing. I understand what she means but I feel like the lyrics itself twists the meaning up.

So how about Ailee in this? It’s obvious that this is a complete 180 from Heaven nearly 9 months ago. It is a bit more mainstream K-pop–the video, I mean. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just don’t want it to turn into a bad thing. I don’t want her company molding her into just another K-pop solo idol. Anyone ever hear of JASMINE? She’s a J-pop soloist with some awesome lungs and intriguing style. JASMINE doesn’t need to have an extravagant video or cool dance moves to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. She uses her over-the-top imagery and inviting instrumentals to make herself known. I want Ailee to be like that. You don’t need expensive sets or sexy back-up dancers to show that you’re talented. A singer sings, and that’s all she needs to do.

There my boys are! Blockbuster is Block B’s first full-length album, released on October 17th. The track Nillili Mambo has been used as the lead track. I’ve already been up on this album, so I’m excited for this video.

WHAT THE HELL IS HIS HAIR? It looks like a fucking orange tarantula!

Zico runs around an abandoned building before finally getting the hell out of there. Apparently, Block B is a part of some illegal diamond trade. Being tracked down, they run around, handing the suitcase of gems off to different members like some hot potato.

I bet nobody noticed that curly top was trying to eat that chicken. At first, I didn’t really catch it, but when I re-watched it, LOL! I could not stop laughing.

What I don’t understand is why did those guys beat him up when they had guns? Plothole!

Oh gosh, Block B are so entertaining. They are so beyond talented, it’s amazing. The styling in this video is great. They all look grungy and dirty and messy, it’s a perfect look for what they’re portraying. And look! TOP sound-alike actually looks like TOP! XD The song is awesome, too. What are those, cellos? I dunno, but the dark orchestral sound is great.

The ending! That ending is great.

Oh. My. God. Am I seeing things? Is Epik High finally making a comeback!? Mithra is back from mandatory military service and ready to get shit done. With 99, released on October 19th, this is Epik High’s first release under YG Entertainment. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Sure, YG is home to plenty of swagger rappers, but YG is a bit mainstream music as well. I don’t want Epik to lose their originality because of this label switch. UP, featuring Park Bom, is the lead track of this album.

Skate park! Woo!

Immediately, we see a change in style. It’s very B-boy with a dab of pretty boy. Whatever, still the same Epik High to me.

Regardless of their change of style, the reason I fell in love with Epik High was for their amazing lyricism and great, catchy sound. Nothing has changed. Just because they’re wearing something they didn’t 4 years ago, doesn’t mean they’re completely different people. Style doesn’t change your personality. The message of this song–you might lose today, but you’ll win tomorrow–is brilliant. Epik High is back and I’m ecstatic.

Released on October 23rd was B.A.P‘s 3rd single/mini-album Hajima. B.A.P won me over with POWER nearly 7 months ago. What is B.A.P telling us to stop for?

With a cheeseburger and soda in hand, blondie almost gets himself killed after drooling over some teacher. Oh, by the way, the laws of physics say that when you get in from the front, you fly forward, not backward.

Oh shit, they’re all blonde…

The driver races out of the car, checking to see if blondie #1 is okay. “Yay! You’re okay! No lawsuit right??” “THE TEACHEERRRR!! *runs off*” “…No lawsuit!”

Somehow, the teacher can’t see blondie #1. He’s heartbroken, but will continue to try!

Oh my god. She actually is a teacher… I was totally guessing before. o_______________o;;

Anyway, ghost blondie uses his ghost powers for good! Two other blondies seem to be up to no good so ghost blondie bangs their heads together! Take that!

While unnoticeably walking home with the teacher, ghost blondie gets knocked out by some other blondie who hands her flowers stating, “THIS IS YOU.” He ain’t havin’ it. Distracting them by breaking a window, he kills the damn flowers. When blondie #3 and the teacher look back, the ugly flowers are ugly. “DF IS DIS?” She grabs the flowers out of his hands, beats him with them, and runs away. “MWAHAHA, BEEEEEEEETCH!!”

Blondie #4 tries to make a move on the teacher but instead, ghost blondie makes him smack her. She ain’t havin’ it. “Gedda fawk off my lawn.” “MWAHAHA, BEEEEEEEETCH!”

Wait a second. What the hell is that beef jerky coming out of his ass? She seems to notice cause…she squeezes it. He wakes up alone, remembers everything and look! The teacher actually knew he was there the whole time! What was he? What was she? The world may never know… Fun song, by the way!

Just recently, Girl’s Day lost a member, Ji Hae. Now down to 4 members, their 9th digital single entitled Girl’s Day Party #5 released on October 26th. Nareul Itjimayo is the lead track. The cover shows quite a different side to the usual upbeat, happy group. What’s the change?

Definitely a change. Instead of very cute and super upbeat, it has a sweet, feminine feel. The girls dance in pink and purple costumes, perfect colors for the style of music.

Throughout the video, the girl fights between hiding her love and finally letting it free. Finally, she can’t hide it anymore and decides to make a move after making him feel like dirt. Did it work? The world may never know…

It’s cute and I like it. I love that the song maintains a sweet and ballad-like melody. It works really well for Girl’s Day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this extremely long edition! I swear, I don’t know how people could post 100 posts a month, it’d never work for me. Till the next post! ~Dyamond

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