Hello! Project Ready for Fall and Winter Success

Finally, the SATOYAMA movement groups are releasing their music videos! On top of that, Berryz goodness and the new S/mileage video. Let’s just take a look-see, shall we?

Peaberry, a SATOYAMA movement unit comprised of Ayaka Wada and Riho Sayashi, is set to release their single Cabbage Hakusho tomorrow, November 7th. I haven’t heard any of the SATOYAMA movement songs, so this’ll be my first impression.

The video features a lot of grassy, nature-centered shots. The girls are very simply dressed in white dresses and and cute wedges. Their hair is straightened and pulled behind their ears–a look that I don’t really like on Ayaka. The shots on the…er, what do I call that? The stoop? Anyway, those shots are very awkward to watch; it doesn’t really look like the two have much chemistry, and I don’t really blame them.

When it comes to their singing, I’m actually pretty impressed. Riho doesn’t sound as screechy and shrieky as she usually does when it comes to Morning Musume songs. Ayaka, although not as good as Riho, sounds calm and sweet; I still think Riho pulled this song off much better. Surprisingly, the girls blend pretty well, too.

Overall, I honestly liked this! Despite the unit consisting of one very unloved member and one over-hyped member, I like it. The video itself is extremely refreshing and pretty. Some have complained about how bland or boring it was, but come on, it’s a ballad, what do you expect them to do? Dance to Pyoko Pyoko Ultra? I thought the video was a great breath of fresh air from the usual studio-filmed PVs we see from H!P. The cinematography works its magic here and I enjoy it. The only thing I really have a problem with is its season. It’s fall now and we’re reaching temperatures toward the 40’s(even in Japan), why is this video so summer-orientated?

Regardless of that, the song is equally as enjoyable. I really love ballads and this is a great mid-tempo one. It’s sweet and simple without being truly boring. It reminds me of something that Berryz would sing, so I love it even more. This release makes me excited for the ones to come.

The muchachas of S/mileage have been complaining about the fall coldness(the same coldness that Peaberry has seemed to escape) with Samui ne., set to release on November 28th. Above is the much anticipated release of this single–well, very anticipated by me, at least.

I like the deformed chessboard at the beginning of the video, introducing the title of the song. Not really liking the font of the text, though.

WOW. I am impressed. The imagery in this video is phenomenal. In addition to the awkward looking standing scenes, the girls emerge in different costumes near what appears to be a snowy window. Some scenes include them admiring a necklace with very dark lighting. The mood of the video perfectly depicts the mood of the song. The special effects aren’t overly done and are kept at a perfect minimum. I’m surprised with how great this video came out. On top of that, the song is easy on the ears and might be a winner for me.

Preceded by Yurina and Momoko chatter comes Berryz Koubou’s absolutely amazingly sounding 30th single, WANT!, set to release on December 19th. Can I say that I WANT! this single to release right now!? Cheesy? Oh well…

Seriously, this song sounds amazing. Remember when everyone flipped out about Heroine ni Narou ka! being awesome? Well, WANT! is 100x more awesome. This refreshingly new dance/club beat is so different from the usual genki, upbeat Berryz Koubou. I’m tired of C-ute getting all the dance-esque songs, it’s time for Berryz to get some of that! I hope that this song gets a mature, sexy, and serious video. Berryz all day!

By the way, look at Mano’s cute new profile picture!

Happy Election Day, USA! OBAMA ALL DAY~!



3 thoughts on “Hello! Project Ready for Fall and Winter Success

  1. Yeah I think the outfits are very cute but I don’t think it quite fits the image of the song especially with the tails…not into the song (I think Junjou Hankouki was the best song for them this year!), but I hope they do well. I think the window scenes remind me of Naichau Kamo too.

    OMG I never knew the audio was out for WANT! :O but I anticipate the dance for this because it may make me like the song more. It sounds nice but the autotune >_< I will always dislike autotune…

    Cabbage Hakusho was nice but I'm waiting for DIY more!

    • Yeah, I think the colored costumes are definitely out of place. They just look so weird! I really enjoyed the PV cinematography and I’m surprised that others didn’t or are just comparing it to other PVs.

      I honestly didn’t even hear autotune LOL.

      I’m totally looking forward to DIY, too! That group is promising. But I liked Cabbage Hakusho for what it was and I’m not gonna bring it down just because of the members involved or the simplistic PV(like others are doing).

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