Seoulbeats Hits the Nail on the Head

Today’s post is going to be brief, but I really wanted to get this down.

When it comes to reviews and community-based opinions, I’m not really on Seoulbeats’ side. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty controversial topics, Seoulbeats always seems to express exactly how I feel about the situation–and they always say it better than I ever could. Therefore, I kind of look up to their writers as writing role models. Anyway, just a couple days ago, this article was posted:

MOGEF Double Standards: Why Hyuna Gets a Pass, But Ga-in Doesn’t

The author, Mark, perfectly explains why Hyun Ah’s video is more “acceptable” than Ga-In’s video. It’s a beautifully written article without an ounce of bias(at least, what I can see). It’s about time people become realistic about this situation and stop swearing that these two “portrayals of sexuality” are even remotely the same. They aren’t and they never will be. I’m also impressed by the community members in the comments section as well. Despite the few morons, most are agreeing with the idea that Mark is expressing.

That’s all for tonight! I’ve been hard at work on a long ass history project all day today. Phew. Thankfully, no particularly inviting football games were on. Expect a post on Tuesday! By the way…




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