Dal Shabet – Bang Bang Review

With Hurricane Sandy churning up the east coast, ready to disintegrate my cute South Jersey home, and made school close until Wednesday, I need to make use of the internet while I can. So, it’s time for a review!~ This K-pop album will be Dal Shabet‘s 14-track Bang Bang. It was released on June 6th, 2012 and was their first release with new member Woo Hee. You all know how much I love Dal Shabet, so let’s get this review started! My favorites are bolded.

01. Enter Dal☆Shabet (Intro)

A very jazz and scat-influenced intro. Simple enough, huh? In addition, the girls take you through all of their lead songs–Supa Dupa Diva, Pink Rocket, Bling Bling, etc. It’s cute but I’ve obviously heard better when it comes to intros. However, it’s a great way to start off the album.

02. Dagawabwa (Come Closer) (feat. Nassun)

The intro melts into this song nearly seamlessly. The song has a very dark, jazzy feel to it, however the girls’ aegyo/higher-pitched vocals kind of take away from the dark vibe of the song. My favorite part of the song is definitely the repeated “dagawabwa”s; some find them a little too repetitive, but somehow I really like them. I might’ve liked the song a lot more if the girls didn’t sound so high-pitched. Nassun is also very underused in this song, lol.

03. Mr. Bang Bang

Clearly, I love this song; there’s a very high chance that it’s going to be on my top 10 list of 2012. I’m not a big fan of dialogues, so I thought that was a bit oddly placed, but whatever. The song is such a breath of fresh air, I’m not sure how non-Dal Shabet fans don’t like this song. It’s not a hard dance track, but it’s no ballad. Quite frankly, I find it better than most of their lead songs. On top of that, they sound pretty good vocally. Sure, there’s no Park Boms or Ailees in this group, but they aren’t too shabby as vocalists. I find Mr. Bang Bang to be an extremely well produced song with an extremely refreshing sound.

04. Girl Girl Girls (feat. Makustle)

A bit more of a club song than Mr. Bang Bang, however it still maintains a soft feel. I didn’t really notice the autotune at first, but since I did, it’s true what others have said: it sounds a bit off. Their vocals aren’t very strong(as I’ve mentioned, they’re “cute”), so the autotune is a bit weird. Plus, the song isn’t really that hardcore enough to include autotune in the first place. However, I still make it a favorite because I find it very listenable to my ears~

05. Disco Time

I tried to like this song, I really did, but it’s too much of a filler. I love disco-esque, funky time songs, but this one, not so much. There’s soo much repetition that it becomes very, very annoying after a while. In addition, I really don’t like the girls’ vocals here. Some of them get a bit shrieky and strained–not sure who they are particularly. But if you listen to the song, you’ll know who I mean. The instrumental itself isn’t that bad, but the final product doesn’t do it much justice. Oh, and, “Baby, just eat my heart?” Was that what she said??

06. Love Shake

I LOVE this! Some have criticized it for sounding too much like an “anime song,” but I think I adore it for that reason. It’s so upbeat, fun, and cute~ Especially that chorus, ahh! Shake it, love~ Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, love~ It’s so much fun! Again, their vocals are a bit shrieky. Either way, Dal Shabet is known for their upbeat, sweet songs–don’t bring ’em down!

07. Niga Eobsi, Nan… (Without You, I…)

On a side note, what is this picture? It looks like a Victoria’s Secret ad… Anyway, a lot have said this one would be their favorite song on the album. Being a ballad lover, I also can say it’s a favorite. It does start out a bit slow and the only part that has tempo is the chorus. Yet again, the vocals are mediocre. It isn’t the best ballad I’ve ever heard–par at best–but I really enjoy the chorus and it’s listenable.

08. Hit U (feat. Bigtone)

An absolutely fantastic song. I really don’t know what it is about this song that drew me in so much, but it did. It has the perfect combination of a hard dance song along with a serious nostalgic feel. I was really surprised when I first heard it because it wasn’t the same Dal Shabet as Bling Bling or Pink Rocket; I eventually started to love it. I think Dal Shabet pulled this off flawlessly. On top of that, their vocals are pretty good in this.

09. Supa Dupa Diva

I was seriously trying to avoid this song–the title, anyone? Like, what? But then, the unbelievable happened: I actually liked it. Truly, the song reminds me a lot of Dagawabwa but a bit more upbeat. Supa Dupa Diva has this weird power to keep you jamming to this for extended periods of time. I don’t understand how a song with such an awful title could be so catchy. And what is that Boo-like laugh at the end? The hell is wrong with this song…

10. Pink Rocket

I really hated this song when I first heard it–not quite sure why. But after a few listens, it grew on me–nothing I could do about it, lmfao. I don’t think I can name it a favorite though because it is a bit busy, but maybe that’s why I like it? I don’t even know anymore. It might be a snooze-fest for some, and I understand that. The song seems to be confused about what it should be. “Am I disco? Am I pop? Am I jazz? Am I a ballad? Am I upbeat? The world may never know!” That should be it’s damn slogan.

11. Many Boys

Another instance in which the title makes me wanna run away. The “We are Dal Shabet!”s could be a bit off-putting to some–they’re a bit, well, useless. When I listened to this fully, I was just like, “THIS SONG IS FUCKING DUMB.” But after a little while, it became really catchy. I’m sure you could love it too, as long as you don’t take it seriously. I think it’s cute without being stupidly aegyo. I like it, it’s simple. I could do without the rap, though.

12. Bling Bling

No. Just no. I really despise this song. The instrumental itself is really weird; it has this weird dubstep-like beat with a stupidly aegyo melody. And the lyrics do nothing to help this. I wish I could erase this song from life.

13. Mirror

This girl’s smile <3

A fantastic way to end this album(besides that instrumental). Mirror is a perfect combination of R&B ballad elements along with a soft dance track. Regardless of the horrendous pronunciation(even Americans have problems with this word), I love the arrangement of the vocals–especially those choppy syllables during the chorus. It’s a very sweet and nicely put together song.

Overall: I really, really enjoy this album. Yes, this album has flaws and you’ll see other reviews pointing them out like nobody’s business. But just because there are flaws, does not mean this album is not likeable. Musically, I really loved most of the songs. They were fun, sweet, and upbeat. Along with their use of elements from jazz and disco, it’s even more listenable to my ears. I understand some might not like most of the songs because of their repetition. And I could agree at points: repetition is not enjoyable when every single song uses it. Take Big Bang’s Tonight album for instance; people demolished that album because almost every song used some form of vocal repetition. Another major negative factor about this album is the vocals. I usually don’t pummel groups or artists about their vocals(especially not when you can tell they’re trying and they don’t get enough love in the first place) and I won’t do it to Dal Shabet. The group itself is still pretty young and there is plenty of room for improvement; I really don’t expect them to have a blowout album with blowout vocals. You can obviously tell that some of them have the base of really powerful vocals. All in all, I love this album despite the flaws that I and others have pointed out. Don’t try to take the album too seriously considering this is a young idol group’s first album.

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