BONUS! Top! Series – The Females That Didn’t Make It [Part XII-2]

Remember about a month ago, I gave you guys a rundown of my favorite female K-pop acts? Well, if you read the one from about 2 years ago, you’d know that two particular groups have dropped from the rankings altogether. Today, I’m going to tell you why.


I believe I’ve become tired of 2NE1. They’ve been unpredictable for so long that it’s become, well, predictable. Not in a oh-I-know-what-you’re-going-to-do-next type of way, but in a way that I’ve now become bored. Nothing is really different than the last and it all just seems so lazy. Their music has become a bunch of electronic beats thrown together mixed with “eh-eh-eh”s and “oh-oh-oh”s. It no longer contains those memorable factors that their older music did, like Fire and I Don’t Care. They’ve become quite similar to anything JYP produces nowadays: sub-par music with tacky, repeating refrains to keep it “catchy.”

As for the girls themselves, I probably won’t ever dislike them. I’ve grown to like them each individually, so it’s hard to just give that up completely–it’s not like the girls themselves have become boring either. Maybe their stage personas, but behind the scenes, they still look like the same old girls: hard-working, talented, and fun to watch.


I really didn’t know if I wanted to put After School in the list or not; and if I did, I didn’t know where I would place them. I eventually decided to drop them altogether. Why, you ask? Because it’s just not the same anymore. I don’t want to be redundant and go on about how Kahi & Bekah were the only reasons the group was interesting(because that may or may not be true), but I will go on to say this: the group is now lacking. Look, I’m not saying that Kahi & Bekah were the only 2 talented members of the group–that’d be so disrespectful to the other 90 members–but they were the only girls that interested me. Never once did any of the others really shine to me; it was almost as if none of them had true personality–they seemed to just be voices, and I’d go as far as calling them fillers. And when it came to chemistry? I feel like that’s the main thing the girls lack. It feels as though they’re nothing but co-workers. As soon as the member count passed 6, chemistry flew out the window.

When it comes to AS’s music, I can still find it refreshing. There are songs that will always stick and those that probably never will. But I like that their music isn’t “the norm” when it comes to K-pop. I like that they can be dynamic when it comes to music. However, when it comes to being dynamic as a group? I don’t think that’s possible.


One thought on “BONUS! Top! Series – The Females That Didn’t Make It [Part XII-2]

  1. Wow! We are the same! But I would add T-ara to the list as well.

    To be honest, a lot of people are quite tired of 2NE1 and I am NOT joking. Their songs are not as they were like in their first mini-album, they seem to be known more for style than music, they are starting to fall behind the current girl group idols with YG pushing back their comeback ALL THE TIME and Bom’s voice is getting worse :/ Still love Minzy though…

    After Bekah left, I just lost complete interest in AS. You are right, the girls that really shined for some people have left and a LOT of people felt that way when Kahi left. But their songs are slacking big time too! I only liked Shampoo and VIRGIN from their last album with Bekah in 2011. I hope they do well but to be honest, they are lacking. I want to go back to Ah!/Diva days to be honest. All this generation thing is annoying and it really only works with Morning Musume for me…

    Sorry about the long post >__<

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