The K-pop Round Up: September 2012

The month of September has been filled with copy-cat albums and titles. However, are any of them as good as the originals? Time to belly-flop into the music-verse of K-pop and hope we don’t slap our bellies too hard. Shall we~?

The abrupt departure of T-ara‘s rapper Hwa Young left netizens and fans shocked. And to add onto everyone’s disgust with their management, we get whiplash with the announcement of their comeback barely over a month later. I’ve never been much of a fan of T-ara–actually, I’ve never even heard a song. Sexy Love is the lead track of T-ara’s repackaged Day By Day mini-album Mirage, which released on September 4th. They released literally about 9 videos–I’m not even sure what to review. Let’s try the 15-minute long drama version.

The video starts with a fiery carrot top with a motorcycle gang. Just a few moments later, a man carries a pink-haired jawn lifelessly through some grass. In the meantime, some song plays a bit. I must say, it sounds so…ugly. That’s a weird word to use, however, it fits. What is up with the Renaissance fair-styled flute/clarinet? It sounds really bad.

When the song breaks, we see a flashback of some dudes kidnapping some girl while the pink-haired jawn screams her name. Oh noooo. The pink-haired jawn almost slumps over a railing to her death, but that same guy is there to rescue her. lolwut.

One girl sits in a wrecked car while…people take pictures? What is that flashing? Does she not notice the people in the background? Anyway, she reminisces about the fanfic she read the other day, where her bandmate and some dude find a motorcycle in a desolate plain and ride into the moon which is 10x the size it’s supposed to be. Hey, the author said he was a bit high when he wrote it.

In some dark alley, guys run from the big bad boss: a blonde bitch and her minions. The girl in the wrecked car has finally decided to kill the paparazzi who were trying to get scandalous photos of her DUI crash. Not today, bitches, not today. The pink-haired jawn witnesses the blonde bitch and the drunken girl kill innocent people and decides that she must bring it to an end. She trains while the strange man watches(and by train, I mean waves her sword around).

The drunken girl returns to the site of the crash she caused. While remembering the tragically laughable(y dey laffin’?) memory, the pink-haired jawn has come to settle the beef. But the drunken girl ain’t havin’ it. She waves the sword around and leaves dat bitch. Hanya, just answer her, GAWSH(just kidding, I know that’s probably not her name).

But what is this? Hanya remembers all of the shit the blonde bitch has put her through. “I AIN’T HAVIN’ DIS!” she screams in her mind while drawing her sword. She dramatically enters the underground club where the blonde bitch dances with her minions. What I don’t understand is… How do you not notice the bitch with the sword? Or the fact that she’s killing people, like, in the entrance?

Hanya continues to kill minions and one-on-one the blonde bitch. The blonde bitch gets a paper cut and bounces from that crib. What is that, the fiery carrot top? Wait…the carrot top is actually the pink-haired jawn? Does she change hair colors or something? What… FORGET IT. ANYWAY. The pink-haired jawn attacks the blonde bitch. They moan a bit and Hanya emerges from the club. “FUCK YOU DOING HERE, BITCH? I GOT DIS!” she reviles at the pink-haired jawn. “I’LL KILL HER FOR YOU~!!” the pink-haired jawn responds as she continues to attack the blonde bitch when Hanya is disarmed.

And look at that, she’s blind! That’s why she confused the pink-haired jawn for the blonde bitch, she can’t see! OooOoOoOh, how it has all tied together. The pink-haired jawn throws her sword to Hanya, who is thrown back by the blonde bitch. The blonde bitch strikes, only for the pink-haired jawn to defend Hanya and is killed in the process. SURPRISING TWIST.

“I won’t let you hurt anyone else.” Hanya impales the blonde bitch right through the gut. Job done. Unfortunately, a friend was taken.

The end of the video is the actual song, which was also playing during the club scene. Unfortunately, the song is almost an exact replica of Roly Poly. Thus, very disappointing.

To finally fucking end this long shit, I honestly really enjoyed this. I have no idea what is Sexy Love about this video, but whatever. I guess I loved the video way more than the song. They should make it into a TV show, I’d watch it. Unfortunately, you can see the aftermath of their scandal in the likes. Most of the time, music videos don’t have any more than a few hundred dislikes, however, all of their videos have over a few thousand dislikes. It’s quite sad, honestly. I have no idea what to believe about them. I’ve been wanting to write a whole post about the drama circulating them, but… I just don’t know, myself. Anyway, poor song with quite the version of music video. I am saddened by the immense amount of work they’ve done for this EP, only to probably be shot down because of their scandal. It’s sad how their management company thinks over-saturating the market will make a difference.

Lexy must be a big fan of 2NE1, a group who has an album of the same exact name. But hey, no biggie, right? Oh wait, she was a part of YG Ent. too? Hmmm… Anyway, the 33 year-old is a K-Hip-Hop/R&B star and has rivaled Lee Hyori for 9 years. NOLZA is a digital single of hers released on September 5th. Well then, let’s play.

Cars, studs, and thin girls in shorts. Rap video, indeed.

If you’ve read any of my Top! Series posts or Top 10 songs, you’d know that I’m not discriminatory towards rap. Just because American rap is ridiculous, doesn’t mean I let it ruin any other country’s rap. It’s fun to listen to, quite honestly.

That aside, this song doesn’t do much for me. And honestly, it has nothing to do with her particularly. It’s the actual instrumental of the song. It’s soooo K-pop generic. Usual club song except sprinkled with more rap than usual.

I kind of like her, however. Her voice is definitely different than other rappers. Kahi, Miryo, and CL have a much more nasal sound, indicating that they are obviously female. However, Lexy’s is quite raspy. It’ll make you wonder whether or not it’s a male or female rapping. It’s a nice breath of fresh air. On top of that, she isn’t that super generic type of pretty, either. Actually, she’s not really that cute, to be honest.

I’m gonna have to take a look at other discography because this song definitely does not do it for me.

Oh, hello, Nep. New girl group? Check. Has a song with the same name as a veteran group? Check. Might you be generic? Check. Ugh, here we go with a new girl group. Such a surprise, no? Nep’s first single entitled DoRaDoRa released on September 6th. Let’s watch this shit.

My god, they all look alike, too. u__u But I totally wanna dye my hair that red-head’s color. It would be totally adorable for the fall and winter seasons <3

This video is one long dance shot. That’s it. No theme, no variety, nothing. I don’t even.

This song is also generic. Nothing special about it.

Fuck this noise.

I’ve never really liked Orange Caramel. Not only did their name turn me off(seriously, it sounds like a 2nd grader created it), but their anime aegyo style bothered me. Lipstick is their first full-length album that used the lead track of the same name. It released on September 12th. Ayuredii?

Orange Academy of Ping Pong, you say? I think you’re just a tad bit late for the Olympics…

Lol, nice backward shots, ladies. Of course, cliche short dresses. Ugh, don’t Koreans find them so overused yet?

Whoa. Look at that TOP look alike. I would melt over him, too. I approve.

ER. HOLD ON. What are those costumes? They look like some sort of faux-pas catwoman. Interesting..

The girls are jealous over the brown-haired’s closeness to the dude. Also, I love the girl with the pigtails hairstyle. Sorry for my vagueness, I can never match the names to the faces with these three girls.

Poor TOP look alike gets shot out by the American(he looks American, okay!?). But the girls are pissed and decide to beat his ass…in ping pong! SHOW TIME! And he mad, yo. Proud of themselves, they prance back into locker room, ready to tell the TOP look alike how bad they beat the American. And omfg, Lizzy’s reaction at 2:27-2:30 is so damn hilarious.


Oh my god, another costume change. This one reminds me of a vintage Jeffree Star. Yup. I went there.

HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. IS THAT A GUY? IT’S LIKE 6 FEET TALL AND DOES NOT HAVE THE SHAPE OF A WOMAN. Why the fuck was he/she/it in a dress in the locker room anyway?

And thus, they probably kick its ass and kill the TOP look alike. Just a thought.

So, what is the verdict? It’s aiight. The song sounds a bit like T-ara’s Sexy Love, therefore sounding a bit like T-ara’s Roly Poly. Nothing about it is very special nor memorable. However, I like the get-ups for the MV. Sure, the catwoman suits are kind of out of place and the Jeffree Star dresses are kind of weird, but hey, it’s all pretty cute. I just wish the song was a bit stronger than it is.

How in the hell does Big Bang find time to release anything while on a world tour? Magic. Anyway, G-Dragon‘s first solo mini-album entitled One of a Kind released on September 15th. There has been three total lead tracks, but I will only be going over the latest: Crayon. Let’s color!

Poor G-Dragon, exhausted after all his world tour work. Damn boys are worked to the bone. Even therapist GD is shocked by the number of tour dates they have! This is quite the diagnosis, doc… “He’s just fuckin’ nuts.”

Money and swag? Has America really touched Southeast Asia that much…

If he really shaves his face like that, he’s gonna rip out an artery. Now that I think about it, I’ve always somehow thought that Asians don’t grow facial hair… But then I see older stars who do have facial hair and it never registers. Oh, the mess K-pop makes my head…


At first I was like, “Wtf are they looking at? That bitch has no ass.” But then I see GD’s face behind the wig and I’m like, “Oh.”

And then the next few seconds, all hell breaks loose. LOL. Like. I don’t even know how to explain anything. GD falling over in the mini-jeep? Priceless. Just, everything goes to hell. I don’t even. LMFAO.

At one point, GD says “Cray on” and everyone next to him holds up giant crayons–which is actually the pun of the title.

This. This is so entertaining. I just don’t understand how anyone could not like him. He’s so much fun to watch. He’s a pretty boy and quite effeminate, but not afraid to look like a moron. Just look at all the faces he makes, the dumb shit he does in the video, and the Wonder Woman bathrobe he has on–who else would do that!? I honestly don’t think the song is that strong, I feel like it has potential, but doesn’t use it. It’s just a bit too repetitive and lacking in my opinion. However, the video makes up for everything the song lacks.

SPICA, the powerhouse girl group that debuted back in February, are back with a digital single entitled I’ll Be There, which released on September 19th. I read somewhere that the song was “fresh and girly,” an opposite set of words to describe their debut. Now to see if I’ll be there.

Weird CGI during the beginning. Flashlight light doesn’t look like that O.o

I’ve fucking finally realized who the tan one looks like, FUCKING AIKA!! She looks exactly like Aika Mitsui, guys, I swear it. Speaking of the tan girl, I feel like they picked the wrong girls to wear the midriff bearing shirts. The bubbly pigtail girl doesn’t have hips and the tan one just doesn’t have the stomach for it.

Enough of degrading people. I love Bo Ah’s hair blonde! It suits her so much better than the red color in Russian Roulette.

Most of the video is a dance shot and very few close ups and such. Nothing like a story-line added in here, so my review doesn’t stretch very far.

I like the song, most definitely. It has a great late 90’s sound, like the Spice Girls as many people have pointed out. I’m not too fond of the rapping in it, I just don’t think a song like this one calls for rapping, but meh. However, there is one thing I really don’t like about the video–the lack of SPICA flavor. Yes, it’s an upbeat, happy song and I get that, but it’s not like they’re singing Kissing You by SNSD. It’s an upbeat song with a strong hip-hop influence, it shouldn’t be super idol-like. Everyone except Bo Ah and the tan girl do these dumb aegyo moves that bother me. You aren’t APink, just stop.

7th mini-album? What, this year? I really don’t even know if U-KISS gets sleep, they’ve been releasing shit left and right. Management needs to give them a break! Stop Girl released on September 20th with a total of 7 tracks. Nice hair, Dongho(not really).

Holy shit, is that Kiseop? We never see him. And he can sing? Whoa.

I swear, everything Kevin does looks so awkward. He’s such a cute awkward turtle. But what the fuck is up with that suit? Me no likey.

Girl back-up dancers? And they don’t look like whores? Nice!

“Stop girl, in the name of love”? Oh my… Why the HELL do all U-KISS songs have the WORST English imaginable?

By the way, did I mention how good your hair looks, Dongho? Yeah? Well, I lied.

And more Kiseop?? I swear, this is like the equivalent to seeing a pink bear eat fish made out of gold. The only time we see Kiseop is when he just stares into the camera. I SWEAR IT.

I actually really like the raps in this song–which is as rare as the pink bear thing.

Omg. Kevin at 2:46 is delicious.

Okay, so. This song isn’t anything new. I don’t know what to think of it. It’s not bad, but it’s not as good as their previous releases. I feel like they’re just releasing anything at this point. Tell your company to give you a breather, yo! Nothing is very…memorable about this release.

Written and co-composed by my jawn Tablo, comes RaNia‘s 3rd digital single, STYLE, which released on September 21st. RaNia is known for their overly suggestive style in Dr Feel Good, but hey, sex sells, right? Let’s watch with some style, ladies and gents.

Ooh, I’m liking this beat already.

WHOA. IS THAT AYANE?!?! *crazy Dead or Alive fangirl moment*

Throughout the video, the girls are offered dazzlingly sparkling items, but reject them. It just isn’t their style! They strut a bit, deny some dude some more and dance.

Yeah, that’s it. LOL.

I like the style(no pun intended) of the song. That weird “wahwah” sound keeps it a little funky. Unfortunately, it’s not very different from anything else in the K-pop market. Quiet during verses and loud chorus. Just like G-Dragon’s Crayon, the repetitiveness of the lyrics ends up being quite annoying. The styling is a bit all over the place, I really don’t have a chance to appreciate each outfit. It’s alright, just no cigar.

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