Top! Series – Favorite Male K-pop Groups/Artists [Part XIII]

Welcome back to another edition of Top! Series! Last week, I explained my favorite female K-pop groups and artists. This week, I bring you the male counterpart! This edition might not be as lengthy, but it’s definitely worth your time~ Here you have, my Favorite Male K-pop Groups/Artists!



I really wasn’t familiar with MBLAQ until I heard their song Y. Let me tell you, I fell in love. Not only was the song catchy, but boy, these dudes had some lungs. Of course, Joon was the one that all the girls fawned over–and I can see why–but, I instantly fell in love with Mir. Mm, the way he rapped just made me squeal–so yummy. Anyway, I continued to follow them and was continually impressed by their talent. It’s not like a SHINee situation where all of them have their little roles and can’t spread much farther. No, they can all sing like hell, dance like hell, and rap like hell. Not to mention, they have had their fair share behind the scenes. Yes, Rain does do a lot of the backstage work, but the members get their fingers dipped in it every now and again. Despite being dressed in fur, skirts, and makeup, these guys make it look sexy as hell. They are truly just all-around amazing.

04. Block B

I don’t think anything could make me dislike these boys. Cho PD really worked his goddamn magic putting this group together. Like MBLAQ, this group can do everything–rap, sing, and dance. Emphasis on the rap, because that’s what genre they like to be considered. On top of that, they basically write all of their music and lyrics themselves–that’s a major, major plus, in my eyes. A group that can create it and make it work any way they’d like is absolutely priceless. Yes, I know they’ve been in a bit of a scandal, but it somehow didn’t bother me that much; that kind of sounds heartless. Well, the fact of the matter is: it was an honest mistake and I can forgive honest mistakes. Look, BB, you boys are amazing and nothing should stop you from being who you want to be, however, use precaution ;]


03. Big Bang

Another group who does their job on and off camera. In addition, they are one of the few groups I can say that I love each member equally. Sure, there might be a little bias going on(coughtopcough), but each member brings something different to the table that creates this one big fire of magnificent. Daesung has the voice of an angel that can belt it out any time he feels necessary. Seungri has the charismatic charm that keeps you watching and smiling. Taeyang has the high-energy dancing and voice that melt together effortlessly. TOP‘s voice will make you weak as he silently creeps his way into your heart. And finally, GD has this absolutely phenomenal way to do his thing so nonchalantly that it make you wonder if he actually knows how amazing he is. They have no problem with doing what they want, when they want, and how they want to do it.


02. Epik High

An extremely talented rap group that has been around longer than I have …Okay, maybe not that long, but they have been making music for forever. As I’ve stated before, I fell in love with them with their song Love Love Love and they were the absolutely first Korean group I ever listened to. Because of Mithra’s and DJ Tukutz mandatory military service and Tablo’s debut under YG, the guys haven’t made anything together since 2009. However, this group of big kids will keep me anticipating no matter how long they’re on hiatus.


01. U-KISS

Oh, my boys. I don’t know how they’ve crawled into my heart so easily. Sure, they might not be the best-looking, they might not have the best music, and they might not all be the most talented, but they work so damn hard. This year alone, I think they’ve released more than they ever have before 2012. These boys have been tugged from country to country, releasing so much music that I’ve barely been able to keep up. Of course, this isn’t their fault and can all be blamed on management. I’m surprised no one has completely fled the country because of this(well, AJ, I’ve got my eye on you). They’re working to the best of their ability, even if they’re all under pressure from the company. In addition to this, they’ve grown so much since their debut. Seriously, listen to their songs from 2008 and early 2009, you’ll probably laugh your head off. But now, they’ve grown into a polished, mature boy band that wants nothing more than to be successful in what they do. I await your return, AJ~

I really did NOT expect there to be only 5. I guess I’m a little pickier when it comes to my boy bands? Yeah, probably it. But trust me, these are all worthy bands and groups to give a listen to. Stop listening to what sujulover69 said on allkpop, and open your ears to the unknown. So long, friends, catch ya the next post! ~Kioku.



One thought on “Top! Series – Favorite Male K-pop Groups/Artists [Part XIII]

  1. Your list is very different. I am surprised you are such a big Kiss Me. I am a fan of them but lately I haven’t watched any of their variety shows since 2010. But I know UKISS are doing very well in Japan and AJ is at University so I hope next year they will comeback with a stronger hit.

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