SDN48 – Yuuwaku no Garter Review

The first and last original album to be released by AKB48’s older sister group, SDN48. I, for one, was in love with the group and it’s fairly recent “disbandment” crushed my soul. But here I am, reviewing Yuuwaku no Garter which released on March 28th, 2012. My favorites are bolded! Let’s get this sexy time started~

01. overture

Basically the intro of the album. It’s literally just filled with a bunch sexual moans. That’s all it is, promise.

02. Saturday night party

I really don’t like the upbeat quality of this song. It just sounds really corny coming from SDN. No likey.

03. Never!

Another instance where I really don’t like the upbeat-ness, however it’s a little more tolerable in this song. The deepness of their voices here makes the song sound less AKB48-rejected. Even though I hate the way they say “Never,” the chorus is catchy.

04. Black boy

ASDFGHJKL. I have been waiting and waiting for an official version of this song to release. I love it. It’s upbeat, fun, and dancey without being sounding like it was a rejected song off of an AKB album. I find it so hard to sit still whenever this song plays. The amazing jazz-pop elements that I love so much play a big part in my infatuation with this song. It’s a perfect SDN song.

05. Yuuwaku no Garter

I could really do without those weird noises in the beginning–they don’t really do much for the song. However, when the actual song begins to play, it’s actually not bad. Yeah, the lyrics are pretty fucking suggestive but whatevz, man. The song itself is catchy and nice on the ears. Unfortunately, that damn last line prevents it from being a favorite.

06. I’m sure.

Okay, more suggestive moaning–I see how it is, SDN. “Do you wanna get naked?” I swore I heard that at first and yes, when I looked up the lyrics, LOW AND BEHOLD, there it was. >___> It actually makes me laugh, really. ANYWAY. This is another frustrating song. It’s easy to listen to, and actually nice, but little parts must ruin it for me. But I think it’s cute that the song name was incorporated at the end.


07. All in

Hate it. What the fuck is up with diving back into 1991? I don’t even want to listen to it.

08. Jajauma LADY

Am I the only one that totally loves the word “jajauma?” LOL. It’s not a bad song. The disco-funk is catchy while it maintains a not-so-upbeat feel. It’s nice, but doesn’t really have a strong appeal to it. Potential song.

09. Ganbariina

Really have no idea why I like this song so much. Is it the Latin flavor of it? The conga drums? The piano? No idea. But it’s catchy and addicting. In addition, I’ve fallen in love with “Gan Gan Gan Ganbariina~” It sucks because this song isn’t very strong–similar to Jajauma LADY–but it has a bit more appeal. Again, a song that has potential.


10. Futsuu no Anata

Again with stepping back into 1991–or something similar anyway. I swear, can we get over the MIDI stages of music? I hated those things.

11. Best by…

This song has me on the fence. It isn’t bad, but it’s not really great. It has nice appeal, but it doesn’t have me sold completely. It also uses the guitar break that at least three other songs on this album have used. However, I really like the lyrics–it compares love to an expiration date on a food, which is where the title “Best by…” comes from. It sounds dumb but I think it’s quite clever.

12. Aisareru Tame ni

Again, a song that has me on the fence. It’s sweet, but the style of the song throws me off. I wish it had less of that…er, “blues” feeling. It doesn’t have a very nostalgic feel like most ballads do–if you even want to call it a ballad. I wish I could do something to make this song better.

13. Kodoku na Runner

If they were gonna put a GAGAGA b-side, I would have much rather preferred Eros no Trigger. But, meh, Runner isn’t that bad. It just doesn’t feel as well done as Eros no Trigger. I’m sure this is a great performance song, however.

14. Touhikou

The beginning has a bit of an R&B feel to it, however, it turns. What the hell is up with the MIDI-inspired tracks? They just are not pleasing to my ears at all.

15. Vampire Keikaku

This. Is. Awesome. You all know I love those powerful brass-inspired songs. I love this closer–it’s perfect. I really have no idea what the song itself is trying to say but it’s still addictive. The song is soothing and you can easily sing along to it. Not to mention, every line has such power behind it. It reminds me of super old-school Morning Musume, which I love. The song is a perfect way to end almost anything–a concert, an album–it’s amazing.

Overall: Wow, I really didn’t realize that I disliked about 75% of the album. I’m really puzzled about what went wrong here. A lot of the songs just did not seem to stand out to me at all. The album, to me, didn’t seem like there was much effort in the songs. It almost seemed rushed, when it really shouldn’t have been.

My favorite is definitely Black boy, but Vampire Keikaku comes in a close second. Least favorite had to have been All in–that song is just butt. I really wish there could have been more favorites for me to choose from but, meh.

I love SDN48(or loved, possibly), and seeing that I really didn’t like most of the songs on this album upsets me, considering it was their first and last studio album. I wish it had a bit more thought into the songs produced.


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