Psy Keeps Me Hopeful While MoMusu Makes Me Cry

Psy has no plans to release an English version of Gangnam Style.

Can you say, “FUCKING YES!!”?? I am so happy that Psy has decided not to release an English version of his extremely popular song in the States. Why? Because it’s the fucking right decision.

You see, an artist that is basking in this glory would have taken any chance to release an English version–“Oh yeah, it’s popular in America, so let’s give the people what they want!” NOT FUCKING PSY. He’s not going to ruin a legendary song by releasing it in a different language just because people like it. This is what groups like 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and groups that go from Korea -> Japan or Korea ->The West fail to realize.

Keep it original! Let the people anticipate more–don’t just give out cookies on a silver platter. As an artist, you’re supposed to do what makes YOU proud of your work, not necessarily what people WANT to hear. It’s a vicious, confusing cycle, but trust me, Psy is doing it right. I cannot wait for his English album. Best of luck to mah boii.

In other fucking news, Morning Musume‘s solo promotional photos of Wakuteka Take a chance have been released. And ooh, baby, are you in for it. Sorry, but these outfits are just…terrible. I waited it out–hey, maybe I’ll like them when I see everybody separately–but no, this is not the case. I just find nothing appealing about them. Ugh, let me just give you the rundown.

Oh, Sayu-hime and her minion ponytails. This is another instance in which she just does not look like the leader. Can you let her hair down, UFA stylists? Seriously, make her look a little more mature–she can handle it 100%. However, the outfit flatters her quite well; I don’t mind the neon here.

Yes, I love Reina‘s hair. It’s so cute and the crimped sections are a nice twist. This outfit? Not so much. It’s way too busy. I could have done without those arm flaps. In addition, the skirt is just too overwhelming and those ears need to go. I don’t mind the neon pink, however.

Mizuki looks…okay, I guess. I can’t really say that she stands out or fades out, so she’s kind of that safe middle. Nothing on her makes her pop and nothing necessarily subtracts. The outfit looks nice on her but I really don’t like how the skirt is shaped.

WTF IS THIS? DID ERINA‘S HAIR EXPLODE? Seriously, this is just bad. Erina always has the worst hair-styling(right next to Zukki). UFA needs to take some tips from AKB48’s short-haired ladies; I know I do and I don’t even have short hair. This outfit would look a zillion times better without those arm puffs.

Riho‘s hair looks nice until she turns her head to the left. What the hell is that thing eating her ear? Oh wait, that’s the hairpiece. Fucking way too big. Luckily, the outfit looks nice on her. Again, the neon green doesn’t bother me.

I swear they leave Kanon to the dogs. Clearly, Kanon isn’t the thinnest girl in the bunch so WHY IN THE HELL do they insist on making her outfit with a short torso which makes her look even wider? I don’t fucking understand. On top of that, the polo-esque collar makes her shoulders look broad. The only thing they did good here were the sleeves. Also, can you put some waves in her hair for once?

I don’t even. OKAY, CHUN LI, LET’S SEE WHAT MOVES YOU GOT THIS TIME AROUND. Seriously, UFA, can you let Haruna‘s hair down? Some waves, curls, something? It just doesn’t go well with this outfit. Fortunately, I like it on her and yet again, the neon green doesn’t make me cry.

Not sure what I feel about Ayumi here. It’s not bad but…it’s not necessarily nice. It’s just…there. Whatever. She looks good in the costume.

Mess. Mess. HOT DAMN MESS. First off, don’t put your hair behind your ears if you have wide bangs. Secondly, DON’T PUT A HUGE ASS HEADBAND ON YOUR HEAD. Third, the costume is just as messy as Reina’s. No likey, Masaki. No likey.

Iffy as was Ayumi’s. I don’t really like that long hairpiece dangling from behind her ear–it’s too much. The outfit doesn’t look bad on Haruka, but the hairpiece really subtracts from the whole look.

Wtf, man. I’m sorry, but I really can’t find a middle ground with these outfits. They either look really nice, or terrible. Not to mention, the styling is absolutely horrid. Like I’ve read somewhere: these look way more like concert costumes than they do single costumes. They’re very messy and all over the place. Oh wait, but I haven’t mentioned the shoes. Why couldn’t they have gone with shoes similar to One.Two.Three? WHY?? The shoes are disgusting and look like shaggy black dogs strapped on their feet(similar to the rabbit feet of Onna to Otoko). Of course, the outfits won’t detract my love for the song, but it’s a real shame that these costumes don’t correctly portray the swag of the song.


One thought on “Psy Keeps Me Hopeful While MoMusu Makes Me Cry

  1. Yeah, when he said that he was not releasing an English version, I thought it only makes sense that he doesn’t and he’s smart enough to realise why.

    A lot of people seem to dislike the Wakuteka Take a Chance clothes but I think they are absolutely ADORABLE. Mizuki, Ayumi and Haruna (favourites always look good to me) look gorgeous. I think Masaki looks cute.

    Poor Kanon still looks upset in pics and they gave her a longer skirt :/ Sayumi and her pigtails is kind of like Momochi no?

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