Top! Series – Favorite Female K-pop Groups/Artists [Part XII]

Oh. My. God. It has literally been almost a year since I posted a Top! Series post @__@ That makes me sad. That should make you sad, too. But no worries, my friends! Today, I will be posting the twelfth edition of Top! Series! Here you have my Favorite Female K-pop Groups & Artists…of all time~!


This is one group that I definitely did not expect to be on this list–ever. But, they have honestly been impressing me greatly with their past few releases. Yes, I have found groups and artists through my K-pop Round-Up series that I have definitely liked(Nine Muses, SPICA, etc.), but SISTAR has given me a totally different vibe. I think it’s because I shunned them for so long, that when I finally did give them a shot, they impressed me. So, in turn, SISTAR, I have given you the number 10 spot on my list. Don’t muck it up!

09. Baby V.O.X

I really don’t even know how I came across Baby V.O.X. But, let me tell you, they are talented. Their voices are amazing, their songs are catchy as hell, and they’re all gorgeous. When I found out that they were one of the most popular girl groups of the 90’s, I was proud. It amazes me how K-pop has changed–back then, it was all about the music and how you made that music; now it’s basically just how cool you look. Baby V.O.X. is one of the reasons we have SNSD, 2NE1, and other girl groups nowadays. They deserve their respect.

08. Kan Mi Youn

A seed of Baby V.O.X. Being a fan of V.O.X, I felt obligated to pay attention to her solo work–and I really do love it. Sure, her title tracks are a bit generic, but all of her songs are extremely catchy. She has this amazing ability to change the pitch/tone of her voice with just a flick of a switch. This allows her to sing basically any song at all–it’s awesome. I definitely hope that her solo career works out for her for years to come.

07. Lee Hyori

I first heard Hyori’s music back in 2008 with U-Go-Girl. Let’s just say, I was hooked. I proceeded to download the whole album and listen to it over and over like a mad woman. Her music is fun and upbeat, but sexy and luscious. And then there’s Hyori. I just don’t understand how someone could be so sexy without trying. She is the person that all these chicks in current K-pop need to take a lesson from. It’s okay to smile and still be sexy–stop trying so hard. Lee Hyori pulls this off effortlessly. Honestly, G.NA reminds me a lot of Lee Hyori.

06. Dal Shabet

Seriously, I cannot take Dal Shabet’s perfection sometimes. They are amazing. I didn’t think that I would fall for them so hard, but I have. Their music contains these funky, jazzy, brass characteristics and it makes me happy. On top of this, the girls actually act genuine. You know, not like those groups that are like, “Ugh, I’m just here to make money, get me out of here.” No. They smile like they actually mean it. Now, it’s time for me to learn their names.

05. SunnyHill

Yeah, I know, SunnyHill isn’t a complete female group, but the group is 99% female, so it goes here. SunnyHill makes music that is actually meaningful. They aren’t there to blind you with their flashiness or impress you by their elaborate dance settings. No–it’s about the music with SunnyHill. They make music to move you, to relate to you. Their quirky and fun style is what keeps you watching. SunnyHill is definitely a real music group, and I anticipate Janghyun’s return.

04. Rainbow

I haven’t been exactly impressed by Rainbow’s Japanese work and I’m waiting for the day that they come back to Korea. Regardless, I am still in love with Rainbow’s work. They aren’t the most popular group to ever sweep the nations and their videos aren’t the most visually appealing, but they work their butts off. Like Dal Shabet, I can feel the genuineness radiating off of the seven girls. On top of that, their music feels like actual music. Not just a bunch of beats thrown together in one. It’s more orchestral and dramatic than other groups and I adore it.

03. Park Kahi

Look, I can’t not put the goddess of all goddesses on this list. Kahi is just perfection, as I’ve stated in this post. Her talent is undeniable. She’s an amazing dancer and singer. In addition, she has this fantastic leadership quality about her, as well, that has kept After School together from the beginning to her graduation. Even though I was upset that she has graduated from After School, I’m glad that she can move on to this new part in her life. I cannot wait for her next solo work to come out. Kahi is a goddess.

02. Brown Eyed Girls

The ultimate girl group. BEG are made up of 4 extremely talented girls with a music of their own. Their retro, orchestral music wiggles its way into your heart and becomes a parasite you cannot rid. I am so envious of the amount of talent in this group. Jea, Narsha, and Ga-In provide amazing, powerful vocals that dominate each song, while Miryo is arguably the best female rapper K-pop has to offer. BEG was the second girl-group I ever listened to and I’m glad that I’ve stuck with them through everything. I wasn’t very impressed with their shift with Sound G, but Sixth Sense reminded me why I became a fan in the first place. These girls are just amazing.

01. Wonder Girls

I will forever be faithful to my Wonder Girls. I’ve been listening since nearly the beginning and nothing will ever stop that. These girls work their asses off to do what they have to do. They’ve been trying to break it into the US Market for what, 3 years now? It’s a tough business, especially since groups(boy and girl) are so very rare in America now. Not only America, but so many different Asian countries have gotten a taste of Wonder Girls. And in addition to traveling basically everywhere on the globe, whenever they come back to Korea, they’re still on top, and no one can touch them. Wonder Girls have been doing their own thing since the start–no competition, no drama, no rivalry–and I hope it stays that way for years to come.

Hope you enjoyed this! My previous Korean group post was years ago, here. As you can see, two groups have completely dropped from the ranking. I might explain why in a different post–or I might have already said it. Anyway, stay tuned next week for the Male version!

3 thoughts on “Top! Series – Favorite Female K-pop Groups/Artists [Part XII]

  1. I quite liked your list and it was interesting to see your like for older idols such as BABY V.O.X and Kan Mi Youn with a mixture of new and current (from like 2008-2010?) girl groups.

    And I was super happy to see that we share the same favourite group! Gotta love Wonder Girls ^__^ I’ve been a fan since Dec 2007 and will always be supporting those girls.

    Will you do a male version?

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