Yup, I’m digging this.

If you didn’t read my Top 10 J-pop songs of 2011, you should know that I haven’t been overly impressed by Perfume. Don’t get me wrong, Perfume is one of my favorite J-pop groups ever. But, the past two years or so has been filled with hit-or-miss songs with a stale overall feel. I couldn’t put my finger on what needed a change.

So when I read Nia’s review of their newest single, Spending all my time, I was intrigued. Sure, she wasn’t blown away by the A-side but she was overly impressed by the other tracks. Was the single really that good? Or would I be let down like she nearly was? You guys know I don’t do anything other than album reviews very often(or even album reviews, for that matter), but when I do, there is a clear, absolute reason why I do. Ladies and gentlemen, my review of Perfume’s Spending all my time.

01. Spending all my time

According to Nia, this song has quite a bit of Western music influence. That made me hesitant a bit. America’s mainstream is filled with club music/electro, and it angers me to no end. Sure, Perfume is an electro-pop group, but club music? That’s like Namie Amuro singing country–it just doesn’t work.

After listening to the song myself, I can’t say I agree 100% with Nia. Yeah, I can see where she got her theory, but I actually really like it. I’m really, really into house music, and I can say that this did have some sort of house/dance influence. And I like it. Sure, it’s repetitive and has the 4/4-beat going on, but quite a few Perfume songs are like that. My god, have you ever heard Take me Take me? I think a little piece of me dies every time I hear that song LOL.

Of course, there’s quite a bit of difference between Spending all my time and Take me Take me. SAMT is much dancier when it comes to the song as a whole; while Take me Take me…is just…I don’t even know, techno? lol. It’s laid out flat, while I think SAMT has a bit more depth. In no way, shape, or form am I saying one song is better than the other, but I’m just pointing out that Perfume has dabbled a bit into the repetitive beat and melody tracks.

I do have to admit, however, that this song isn’t their strongest. It sounds a bit more suitable as an album song rather than an A-side. It’s just a tad weaker than many of their previous A-sides(even if I didn’t like them), so I can’t say I’m overly impressed by it. But, I definitely wouldn’t mind if this passed through my shuffle. I like it.

02. Point


I’m a sucker for songs like these.

You hear that fast, hard drum/bass sound? I love it. I absolutely love songs that have a fast beat but maintain a soft, slow melody. You know those extremely ghetto rap songs that have that 10 beats a millisecond sound? Yeah, I shamefully love that. This is a reason why I love a song like Berryz Koubou’s Kimi no Tomodachi.

The song is very powerful without being overly dramatic. Their voices aren’t butchered heavily with auto-tune(not saying that that’s bad) which makes the song even more enjoyable. It has a great overall sound, period. Like I said, it’s full of fun without being over-the-top. I especially like the ending verse. It ties the whole song up perfectly.

I definitely am feeling this one more than Spending all my time–I wouldn’t have minded if it was the A-side, either.

03. Hurly Burly

Last, but definitely not least, is arguably the best song of the single: Hurly Burly.

Nia went full blown fangirl when she reviewed this song. And after I took a listen, I can see why.

The song is Perfume at its best. Yes, it is a bit dance-influenced, but come on, big deal! It’s so fun and addicting, I really cannot get enough of this song. I haven’t heard a Perfume song that made me so energized to hear since Glitter. Seriously, if I could, I would grab someone, create a dance, record it, and post it on YouTube. It’s just so fun.

Another thing to love is that it’s five minutes long. Don’t you hate those songs that are purely amazing and last only about 3 minutes? This is the way I feel for most K-pop songs. Honestly, I was kind of upset that Point was so short, but Hurly Burly makes up for anything and everything on this single. It should really just get a video of its own.


Spending all my time isn’t the strongest A-side and I do think it is interchangeable with either one of the B-sides–and I almost wish it was. No, SAMT is definitely not a bad song, but it’s not as strong as other Perfume A-sides have been. Spring of Life was really addicting and catchy, so I think it was a great A-side. SAMT might be catchy, but I don’t think anyone could say they’d listen to this song on repeat until they pass out from Perfumemania. Both B-sides are amazing–addictingly fun, happy, upbeat, and will work their way into your heart. I really can’t say anything bad about either.

This brings me to the title: I love this single. Yes, I can see that there definitely is a bit of a change in Perfume’s music style in this single–but, fuck it, I enjoy it. Yes, the dance-influenced music might piss most of us long-term Perfume fans off, but just give it a try. Don’t immediately shut it off because of its influence. You might be surprised with what you’ll enjoy.

Oh, by the way, if you read this Nia, I hope you don’t think I was trying to bring down your review or opinion or anything. I was just pointing out your opinion because it’s the only one I read about the single, so I wanted to relate to it :]


3 thoughts on “Yup, I’m digging this.

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  2. Haha, Idolminded thinks you were responding to my post XD But anyways, I think Spending all my time is good and so is Hurly Burly if you ask me :)

  3. WHOA! You read my review!? That makes me happy :D

    And I LOVE different opinions and takes on songs, it what makes the music world interesting! I especially love it when other bloggers review Perfume stuff since I feel like they’re a little overlooked in the wotasphere!

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