Tsunku is just full of surprises, isn’t he?

I was REALLY not expecting to write about this, but Tsunku has decided that he will NOT allow me to talk about anything else but Hello! Project today. What will I be talking about today, folks? Morning Musume’s 11th generation winner!

Hold the damn phone.

I was about to talk about the finalists–that were just announced yesterday–this weekend! What the hell?? UGH. Fine. One less post, I suppose. ]:

These, my friends, are the 11th generation finalists that were just announced yesterday. Let’s introduce each:


Yumeno Kishimoto, an adorably tan 12 year old from Osaka. She’s done a bit of acting.

Sakura Oda, a 14 year old from Kanagawa. She is a Hello! Project Kenshuusei who was added after not making the cut for the 2nd generation S/mileage audition.

Reina Ishioka, a 14 year old model from Tokyo.

Maria Makino, 12 year old from Aichi.

Haruka Ono, a 16 year old trainee for Tsunku’s Nice Girl Project.


Ayano Hamamura, a 12 year old H!P Kenshuusei who was added in 2011.

After seeing some of the footage, I was really rooting for Reina and Yumeno(hate her name, btw). Not only were they absolutely darling to look at, but it look liked they truly had some idol potential–at least, in my eyes. So, after seeing this announcement, I was ready for training camp footage. “Yay! Let’s see who has some talent!” (look at me and my newly found care for Morning Musume after 3 years) But, no. Tsunku won’t have this anticipation this time. After 4 months of announcing the auditions, and just one day of actually announcing the finalists, folks, the winner has been announced.


Sakura Oda!

Yeah, I’ll admit, I was surprised. Nothing about Sakura particularly stood out to me. If it had, I would have remembered her audition bit. However, after watching the video I added above, I was very impressed by her vocal ability. But that’s all we’ve gotten a chance to see! I know nothing else LOL. So what the hell do I write about?? *shot*

Anyway, these results are very fast according to Tsunku’s standards. We usually don’t see announcements of a winner until maybe 3 weeks after the announcement of finalists. Not only that, but only one member was chosen! Somehow this makes me kind of excited. It’s not the “usual” 4 new members like the last two auditions. I like the change in pace. Below is a video of the winner announcement.

It’s kind of 20 minutes long, and I’m kind of too lazy to watch it :]



In other Morning Musume news, their profile picture has been updated with the outfits for Wakuteka Take a chance, set to release on October 10th. In addition, I’ll add the tracklisting below.

Eh, I’m not very impressed by these outfits. Some of them look good(Mizuki and Sayumi), while others look just plain weird in their outfit(Erina and Masaki). I really don’t like the colors/material used. The colored fabric looks a little cheapy, which makes the color look bad. I don’t mind the neon colors, but I really hate the material used.


01. Wakuteka Take a chance

02. Love Innovation

03. Wakuteka Take a chance (Instrumental)

A & B Versions

02. Futsuu no Shoujo A [Reina, Masaki, Haruka]

C & D Versions

02. Daisuki 100man-ten [Mizuki & Ayumi]

E & F Versions

02. Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranu Kitose! [Sayumi, Erina, Riho, Kanon, Haruna]





2 thoughts on “Tsunku is just full of surprises, isn’t he?

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  2. I had heard she was a favourite but I was surprised too she was chosen but I’m still surprised she is the only person chosen, would have liked to see another girl enter and I’m not whining about it.

    The change of pace is similar to when Koharu joined if you ask me but I can’t wait to hear Sakura’s vocals (hopefully) in the 52nd single soon.

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