Psy’s Popularity: How Much Longer Will It Last?

For whatever reason, I had a dream the other night starring Psy. I saw him on the VMA’s and it got me thinking: when will everyone get tired of him? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally digging Psy and his fame around the world–it’s absolutely amazing. But when I saw an article stating that Psy had signed with international management, I was quite surprised. What was the reason behind it? Was there sincerity at all behind the decision? Was it done only because of Gangnam Style‘s popularity?

I’m not exactly sure why this has gotten to me so much, but it has. What does Psy or the management plan on doing with this new deal? Psy has already gotten a massively warm welcome by the States,–appearing on TV, attending the VMA’s, going to a baseball game–so do they plan on debuting him here? Will it be something like Gangnam Style? Will they do it up even more?

I sound crazy, honestly. But I think I’ve been a little worried about it because I don’t want to see him fail–or to see others allow him to fail. With Psy being a face of K-pop around the world, it makes me proud. I’m happy that it’s not some immensely popular girl group or boy band. It’s one single being who has never truly been recognized(or not that I have seen) that has finally been noticed, not just in Korea, but all around the world. With other K-pop groups and artists trying so hard to make it around the globe, here comes Psy, beating them all to the punch. Why does this make me so proud? Because he wasn’t even trying–it just happened.

Psy is talented and has a great sense of individuality and style. Not only that, but the guy must have a great imagination and humor. I don’t want to see any harm done to this guy. When the Gangnam Style trend fades out, will Psy’s talent/humor/music still be there in the end?

It’s pretty safe to say that weird shit attracts attention. Case in point: Lady Gaga.

We’ve all listened to Lady Gaga’s music at some point in time because, just a few years ago, she was about the only thing you heard on the radio. First it was Just Dance, then it was Poker Face, then Paparazzi, and Bad Romance. After Telephone released, Lady Gaga wasn’t touching herself on our screens as much. And once 2010 ended, Lady Gaga’s name was barely even whispered among people. Sure, you’ll hear her on the radio here and there and maybe even on TV, but nobody really cares much anymore for her thick eyebrows, hideous makeup, and weird ass costumes–we’re basically used to it.

Lady Gaga’s 15 minutes of Fame are nearly over. She still has billions of “little Monsters,” but the average person wouldn’t give two shits about whether she was ever a man. It’s old news. No one cares.

Which brings me to my next subject…

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu–or just Kyary for short. She is basically known as the disturbingly kawaii Japanese version of Gaga.

Kyary’s PONPONPON was so anticipated and strangely well-received last summer, that everyone on the planet knew who Kyary was. “Yeah, that cute girl with the eyes all over her shorts.” People went nuts. Not only her “fans,” but people who just happened to come across the song. Popular responses include:

“I feel like I’m tripping out on acid!”

“Dude, Japan is weird.”

and the most common:


Kyary became an overnight hit and soon, everyone was dancing to PONPONPON. But just a year later, she isn’t as fawned over anymore. Yes, her videos still have millions of views, but she isn’t thrown all over the internet like she used to be.

The weird, disturbing style is how she became a viral hit.

I think we can all agree that Psy and/or his management will continue to push the quirky dance style. But what I’m wondering is…will it go too far? Will it just become stale after a while? I guess it’s too early to say what they exactly will be doing, but I bet we all have an idea. I’ll just go along with the ride, for now. I probably shouldn’t jinx his global career, teehee. I just don’t want failure from a genuinely good artist that has come a long way.

Leave a comment and let me know where you stand with Psy’s apparent new direction in his career.

P.S: Management, DON’T FUCK SHIT UP!


2 thoughts on “Psy’s Popularity: How Much Longer Will It Last?

  1. But I don’t believe Ponponpon went on as long as Gangnam Style is. I think it’s just because American artists saw it and tweeted about it that America was really the place that went crazy over it. Hence why also Korea thinks K-Pop has taken over America again. Give it till the end of this month, maybe it will stop then. And I’m sure GS must be about 120m+ views by now.

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