Pregnant Musumes, Robo-Musume, & A New Maki Goto!?

People still continue to complain about MoMusume’s change in style. Quite frankly, I’m still very, very confused why. I can understand not liking the songs or whatever, but disliking Morning Musume just because they are experimenting with a new style is just plain ridiculous. I don’t know if people have noticed, but pop is a broad genre. Add a sweet guitar riff, you’ve got pop-rock. Add an awesome electronic beat, and you have electro-pop. Add a fun brass instrument, you have jazz-pop. Fact of the matter is, Morning Musume/Tsunku tried out this new type of pop and they were extremely successful. So, Tsunku’s decided to roll with that. What’s so bad about that?

Morning Musume’s upcoming single is entitled Wakuteka Take a chance, is set to release on October 10th. Above is the full song and dance rehearsal. People shouldn’t be complaining that much about this song. Truly, it doesn’t sound as electro’d-out as One.Two.Three. Also, the auto-tune doesn’t sound as thick(only really on Sayumi). Either way, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT AUTO-TUNE! It isn’t like it’s a ballad using auto-tune, IT’S A FUCKING ELECTRO SONG. THE HELL!

Has Tsunku hired some new choreographers? One.Two.Three was a step in a fairly good direction when it came to the dance. Wakuteka is definitely a good step. There’s a lot of movement and formations. On top of that, the same moves that we see in every dance shot aren’t used. It looks fresh and new. In addition, we see new faces in the front! Of course, I can barely make out who’s who(Sayumi and Mizuki look exactly alike here), but no one is in one spot for long.

As for line distribution, I really don’t give a shit. And I still wonder why others do. I’ve been with Hello! Project for 6 years, I’ve come to expect shitty line distribution–especially with Morning Musume. Who the hell cares if Riho and Reina get the most lines? You’ll still see your favorites in the PV, in the song, and everything else. It’s time to get over the “front girl, back-up girl” complex with Morning Musume.

So, yes; I like the song and I can’t wait for the release. Of course, I’m not expecting anything special when it comes to the covers, outfits, or PV. But I really don’t care. As long as the fucking song is good, I don’t give a shit about promotion. PV, covers, or outfits don’t change the way I feel about the song itself.

Holy donkey butt, Tsuji is popping out those babies left and right! With her girl, Noa nearly 5 and her boy, Seia going on 3 in December,  Tsuji is getting ready for another! She announced on her blog that she is three months pregnant and will give birth sometime in spring of 2013.

I’m really, really happy for her and her husband. They’ve been together for 5 whole years and we’ve heard no type of trouble from them once. Plus three babies!? That’s amazing. Something about this makes me believe even more that true love is possible and healthy relationships do exist.

Best of luck to you, your husband, and children, Tsuji-san!

In a random piece of news that I thought was interesting, Sayaka Kitahara will be changing labels from FRAME to Avex Entertainment in October. Naturally, I immediately thought of Maki Goto, switching from her Hello! Project label to avex trax. After doing as much research as I could, I am still fucking confused.

Look, I’m no expert when it comes to labels and companies. It’s like understanding Algebra–shit just flies over my head. But, I do have enough sense to know that avex trax isn’t the same as Avex Entertainment. Hell, Avex Entertainment might not even mean music. But, what really confused me was the whole FRAME thing.

Apparently, FRAME is a “section” of Up Front Group, but Piccolo Town was her label. So why the hell would she change “labels” when FRAME isn’t a “label” necessarily? Or is it? Is there an Avex Entertainment section of Up Front Group, too? I don’t fucking understand. Someone enlighten me.


5 thoughts on “Pregnant Musumes, Robo-Musume, & A New Maki Goto!?

  1. I haven’t been on your blog for a while! Tsuji seems to be having a little pattern with her children: 2007, 2010 and then 2013. She’s breeding quicker than any OG MM member. And Robo-Musume is GOOD. I’m so glad you wrote that because I am sick of everyone saying it’s like Kpop or they don’t like the autotune.

    Like they should get used to it. It’s 2012. Autotune is almost bloody everywhere in mainstream.

    • Totally agree with your comment. Like I said, I understand if people say that it isn’t they’re type of music or whatever. But bashing just because it has auto-tune or because it’s electro is pathetic. People need to get over their complexes asap.

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