The K-pop Round Up: August 2012

I’m really sorry for not released the July 2012 edition, guys. But August is probably the most hectic and busiest time of the year for me(school shopping, last minute to-dos, summer work)–I just couldn’t find the time to write a nice K-pop Round Up! However, as a treat, here is a earlier-than-usual August edition of The K-pop Round Up!

Jang Jae In is a 21 year old singer-songwriter who gained her fame by placing third in a Korean reality TV series called Superstar K2. She’s released quite a few singles and one album since her late 2010 debut. Summer Night is her 6th single/EP released on August 1st. Coming from a Indie-type artist, I expect nothing but greatness.

Okay, so I can’t really say I’m a big fan of songs featuring harmonicas. There’s something about them that make me cringe.

Jae In rides a bike, lip-syncs, and smiles all at the same time. Seems a little difficult, huh? Eventually, she passes by some people who seem to be her “band.” Continuing her bike ride, she passes by them again, except this time, they’re separated. But eventually, they’re all together again. A cutely edited bike ride.

Soon enough, the daytime turns into nighttime. Jae In sits in the high grass, picking at her guitar. But just when you think she is tired of riding that bike, she hops back on it in the dark of the night.

Towards the end, some blinding lights on the edges of the street flash on. I don’t know if that’s the norm, but it sure is a cute touch.

In the end, I’m not too blown away by the song. It isn’t necessarily something I’d have on repeat. Something about those casual, beachy, Colbie Cailat-esque songs don’t appeal to me. That harmonica also lowers its charm for me. I’m also not totally impressed by Jang Jae In, but maybe it’s the song not doing her justice. Her voice isn’t very strong, but it isn’t bad in the least. She has a charming and sweet tone. On the flip side, I am loving the simplicity of the video. It’s simply and cutely edited with minor tweaks made. I like it. I get too used to seeing flashing, bright lights behind Kpop stars that something like this is a breath of fresh air.

I did a double take when I looked at the cover. I forgot there were only 6 Teen Top members–I’ve always felt like there were 3 more of them LOL. Anyway, Teen Top’s 3rd single/EP entitled Summer Special Narang Sagwillae? was released on August 3rd. What’s up with these “Summer Special” releases? They’re really nothing special.. Bad pun unavoidable. Narang Sagwillae? translates to Be Ma Girl?. Yeah, let’s just see if I wanna be your girl after this “summer special.”

I absolutely HATE how this song starts out. Too much of a hard beat when you’re asking a girl to “be yo gurl.”

Thankfully the song becomes a bit softer. The guys are playing pool when some average-looking girls come in. “Holy damn! She’z hawt!”

Niel walks up, “Ello, good day. *bows*” The rest laugh. I would, too. No one flirts with a girl by bowing. You might be young but you should be old enough to know!

YEZ. FLUORESCENT BOWLING. So they bowl, break dance, and throw each other in the air. Shit, I do that whenever I go to a bowling alley.

HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. I’M PRETTY SURE I JUST SAW SOME CAT-DADDYING AT 2:54. What the fuck has the world come to? x _ x

So in the end, no, I’m not being your girl. For whatever reason, I feel like any song that has any sort of request for a girlfriend or boyfriend shouldn’t be super tripped out. Listen, I don’t want to be your girl when you’re blasting bass in my ear. Ain’t happenin’. Not only that, but this video is sooo un-relatable. Everything is all over the place–it’s trying too hard to be glamorous and cute. If the video would have stuck to the bowling alley and solo shots, I would’ve been content. However, there were at least 4 other dance shot locations. Just like 4minute’s Volume Up MV, all the different settings made it way too hard to appreciate each one. It’s too messy. So really, this song and video are nothing special. The only thing that I looked forward to was the dancing.

Oh, well look who dug themselves out of the hole they were in. EXID originally started as a 6-member group but has lost 3 members since their February 2012 debut. You can check out my February edition for my review of their debut MV. Hippity Hop is their first mini-album released on August 13th. I Feel Good is its lead track. Let’s just see if they can even remotely redeem themselves.

Looks like the stylists were smart enough to change LE’s hair color. Did something right so far.

There are certain shots in the video that poke fun at cheesy glamour in K-pop. In normal everyday shots, they make it look like it were actually a MV–which is true. A simple shot of a sports commercial turns into a shot in the video. It’s pretty creatively done. However, I’d appreciate it a lot more if there weren’t actual “cheesy glamour” shots. Why the hell are you poking fun when you’re actually doing it? It doesn’t make much sense to me…

Also, can you count how many times they curl their fingers around their faces? I think I saw it at least 80 times 2 minutes into the video.

Finally, they all meet up and enter the club/set/shit that seems like they’ve been wanting to get into. The owner of the place walks in after their little party and kicks them out.

So, what the hell? I guess they weren’t really “poking fun” at glamorous K-pop videos. It was actually part of the plot. Well that’s stupid .-. I thought they were actually trying to be creative–unless I’m completely missing something. The song is flat–nothing particularly special, just a generic electro song. So am I impressed? Not in the least. Also, stop styling that one girl like she’s 12. They tried that with Dara and everyone hated it. Move fucking on.

This group was recommended by a friend. I honestly didn’t know they existed. I was quite surprised to find out they weren’t a girl group. “Vixx” reminds me of “Vixen,” i.e. a female. It’s also nice to know how creative Koreans are when it comes to stage names–the leader’s name is N. Amazing considering that not even his real name has an N in it. [/sarcasm] VIXX is a 6-member boy group that debuted back in May. ROCK UR BODY is their second single released on August 14th. Let’s see what my friend was going bonkers over.

Some girl walks into “VIXX Arcade” and shoots at blank screens. I mean, if you know you’re going to an arcade, why would you look around like you’re in Wonderland?

One machine calls her, “Hey, bitch. Put a fucking quarter in me.” She does and let the 8-bit begin.

I do really like the first dance shot setting. However, it looks a bit similar to f(x)’s Electric Shock. I really love the “break” before the red-haired jawn raps.

I’m quite confused about what she is exactly doing in the video game. Is it like a finger edition of DDR?

I like the solo shots in the arcade area. They feel a lot less staged and generic than the stand-in-front-of-a-camera close-up shots.

Unfortunately, the useless video game randomly shut off on her. Before she gets really pissed and starts kicking the shit, the light suddenly turn on. And then…


She starts to dance with them as if it were totally normal for dudes to pop out of nowhere in a deserted building. Things become more lively as she and the bros play some video games.

Okay, okay. I’m kind of impressed. Not totally impressed, but this wasn’t half bad. The MV formula is a bit generic but it’s nice that it has a cute storyline. I really enjoyed the settings–they were especially cute. I like the song, too. It’s really upbeat throughout the whole song. A truly generic song is soft during the verses and loud during the chorus, but this one isn’t. It’s a great party song. Welcome to my iPod, VIXX! :]

KARA isn’t a group I follow–I’ve never bothered with them, not too sure why. PANDORA is their 5th mini-album released on August 22nd. Not sure what to expect, so let’s begin~

I think I’m loving this song already.

As they do one dance move, I remember seeing in allkpop that they had to change the choreography. Wtf? South Korea is retarded. Sure, that’s a kind of provocative move but I’ve seen worse(*points to SISTAR’s Loving U*). It’s just a fucking back anyway. If you can wear a bikini in SK, then they can do this dance.

I love how sexy they look without overdoing it. There are so many settings and outfits, it’s hard to keep up. Something about it intrigues me. With other videos, it just looks ridiculous. But with this one, it keeps me listening, waiting, and anticipating. I love the glassy, clear setting.

All in all, I love this. This song is just too amazing. It’s not that generic electro shit, it actually has more flavor and more style. It’s fucking different. Of course, the MV is pretty generic. It’s got that “close-up plus multiple shots” thing going on. However, the girls look so fantastic and the settings are so unique that it just works. Seriously, who is that girl with the straight long hair and thin bangs? She’s fucking beautiful.

So we already have SISTAR, why not have FIESTAR? Honestly, I really did think this group was a sister group or something of SISTAR. Come on, the group name is so cheap. Sure, the management might not have copied it directly, but if you know another group, that has already been out for at least 2 years, has a name so very similar to your name idea, why the FUCK would you use it? That’s like another boy group being called “Super Senior.” WTF? Let’s forget about the dumbasses that named the group and turn our attention to the group’s first single–VISTA. It released on August 31st, containing previously released songs by the group. JYJ’s Junsu stars in the video, so of course the comments section of the video is flooded with stupid fangirls. @__@

In the near future, everything will look as if it were taken out of the 1950’s. However! Everyone will be gifted with the power to magically change the channel with just a flick of the hand. With this power, you are able to change to FIESTAR’s VISTA video whenever you feel the need! For the folks that aren’t fond of this beautiful invention, you’re shit out of luck because the makers don’t give a shit.

Oh, and that jet-pack you spent 300 won on? They rigged that shit, too. Don’t expect to go farther than your living room walls.

Walking is a thing of the past, folks. Whenever you need to get somewhere quickly(or even not-so quickly), just teleport! However, FIESTAR’s management fucked shit up again. You must take at least 5 steps for it to activate. Oh, and you can’t go any farther 10 feet.

Running a bit late? Just take a seat on this chair right here and spin! Your outfit will immediately appear on your body! Any vomiting, nausea, or headaches caused by this product are at buyer’s risk.

Finally, the fucking music starts. It’s very brassy, upbeat, latin-ish, and YAY, NO FUCKING ELECTRO.

That one girl flies around some more, Junsu is shown like once, and they dance.

I really like the stage setting. The colors really stand out, even though the outfits are hideous.

I can’t really complain. It wasn’t all that bad. The video had some nice CGI and a cute concept. However, everything was absolutely, 100% pointless. The powers, the settings, everything, it was all just there. Nothing progressed–there was no real story/plot/point into anything they showed. It was basically just there to keep the viewers interested. Maybe the lyrics have something to do with it? Ugh. Just. I don’t even know LOL. Anyway, the song isn’t bad either. I love that it’s not electro’d to death and maintains a great upbeat tempo. Of course, I love the rapper’s part. The dance isn’t anything impressive. But I must admit, it is a lot more energetic than most K-pop girl group dances. However, nothing about it contains any sort of high difficulty, so it’s nice at best. I’d like to like this more than I do, but once I think about it, there really isn’t anything particularly special–except the song.


One thought on “The K-pop Round Up: August 2012

  1. I love mostly whatever Tintap brings out (I mean Teentop XD)

    With Pandora, I was disappointed with the song but it seems like Kamilas are loving it and its winning on music shows.

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