C-ute’s Aitai Aitai Aitai na Promotional Photos Released

Finally, the solo photos of C-ute’s upcoming single, Aitai Aitai Aitai na, have been released. Unfortunately, there’s so much white included, I think I’m blinded.

Maimi looks too blah for me. Her hair looks super limp and dead. I wish the cardigan was tan or a less nearly-white color. Maimi is fairly pale with pink undertones and this subtle, pale clothing just makes her pink skin more obvious. It’s too plain. No me gusta.

I really wish those shorts were a skirt; it’d look a lot cuter. Like Maimi, Saki‘s skin looks very pink due to the clothing colors. I think she looks a little better than Maimi, but those shorts… *shivers* Really not feeling those.

I like Airi‘s outfit for the sole reason that there aren’t a lot of pale colors jammed together. It’s just one white dress with nude colored shoes. Along with her dark, contrasting hair, it looks cute. She kind of looks pink in the legs but it’s not as noticeable as the other girls. Not bad.

I’ve just now realized that Chisato cut and dyed her hair. I’m such a fool. Anyway, I also like Chisato’s outfit for that nice dash of color. It’s not bold or crazily bright, but it gives it a nice edge from otherwise being a plain white dress–similar to Airi’s. Along with her new hairstyle, she stands out a lot more.

I absolutely love Mai‘s change of hair color. Somehow, it makes me notice her a lot more. She’s growing up(even though she’s older than me cough)! I really love her dress despite the color being too light for me to see the details. I’m also digging those shoes–gotta find me a pair of those. I like that these nude-like colors don’t make her look so pink.

As you could probably already tell, I really dislike these outfits as a whole. Of course, there are things I like about them individually, but for this single, just no. I honestly got these photos mixed up with other promo pictures of C-ute’s. The pale ass clothing needs to stop, unless it’s friggin’ necessary. This song is too upbeat, too dancey for these fucking spring outfits. I can see the use for subtle clothing for singles such as Kimi wa Jitensha and Aitai Lonely Christmas, but Sekaiichi and Aitai Aitai Aitai na? It just doesn’t make sense. Move along, goddamn it. On top of that, all of the girls except Mai look so plain. In addition to looking pink, the four girls look like they just rolled out of bed when it comes to hair. Just because you put Airi‘s hair behind one ear, it doesn’t make it a new hairstyle. Ugh, are the stylists really that lazy? Overall, the outfits aren’t hideous or anything, but I’m disappointed by the lack of thought put in them.


2 thoughts on “C-ute’s Aitai Aitai Aitai na Promotional Photos Released

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  2. I really love these outfits to be honest, they are perfect for a summer meetup with friends especially Saki’s, Chisato’s and Airi’s the most.

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