Cat’s Fail Plus Some Tears

Two PVs have recently been released. One is Hello! Pro and the other is of AKB48. Each interest me equally.

Cat’s Eye 7 is a unit created to promote the musical in which several Berikyuu members star in: Cat’s Eye. The unit consists of Berryz Koubou‘s Saki Shimizu, Maasa Sudou, Yurina Kumai, and Risako Sugaya along with C-ute‘s Maimi Yajima, Saki Nakajima, and Mai Hagiwara.

People seem to be extremely impressed by how “sexy” and “different” this song/video is.

I, for one, am not.

I really don’t care that there’s only one set in the PV. The fact that there are constant camera angles and the lighting is very well done makes up for that. What I really don’t like is that the video is so¬†anticlimactic. There is just nothing that particularly stands out. Those water splashing effects? Kind of useless. Why couldn’t they have used actual water? Maybe splashed the girls with water somewhere during the dance. Or used close-up shots(and still could have used the same set) with the girls’ hair wet. Now THAT would be sexy.

But, no. Of course not.

And don’t get me started on the dance. Sexy? Please. This is so far from sexy. It looks so lazy and underdone. Each girl looks bored as hell. In this case, an arm flailing, random movement dance like C-ute’s Aitai Aitai Aitai na would have sufficed. And here, it wouldn’t have looked so awkward. They just look bored, floppy, and…bored. The only person that looks like she’s doing it right is Captain, of course.

The song, hm. What do I say about the song. It certainly isn’t special. Very anticlimactic like the video. Nothing is particularly amazing in the least. And I hate the vocals in this song. This is probably one of the very few times you’ll actually hear me complain about autotune. Every other person on the planet thinks, “ZOMG! IT HAS AUTOTUNE! IT AUTOMATICALLY SUCKS!” No, I like to think of it logically, as I usually do. Obviously, a song that is super techy or electro is going to make use of autotune, because it just makes sense. Imagine someone singing a Perfume song normally. Would it have the same effect? Of course not. But, in this case, I really despise the use of autotune. It makes their voices sound more drab than usual. Everyone’s vocals sound like they’re at the same octave throughout the whole song. No fluctuation, nothing deeper, nothing higher. Just a straight line. I feel like if there wasn’t any autotune, it’d make the song a little more vocally appealing.

I’m not feeling the outfits all that much, either. They look okay, but nothing special. Again, the use of the word “sexy” is overdone here, as well. We see pleather, shorts, and midriff-bearing outfits all the time with Hello! Project. Seishun Bus Guide, anyone? Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW? Massara Blue Jeans? Bye Bye Bye? And not to mention the countless concert costumes… I don’t really see anything out of the ordinary here. Just normal Hello! Project trying to have a more mature, darker look.

The only girls I find visually appealing here are Mai(shockingly) and Yurina. Mai just looks so comfortable here, I have no idea how. She is just in her element and is doing what she needs to do. I love it. Yurina seems out of place but her stomach is flawless.

Despite all this shit I pointed out, I’m not all that disappointed. I knew it was going to be anything spectacular, so I didn’t set my expectations high. In addition, I don’t think it was bad. It wasn’t the best sub-unit work I’ve seen from Hello! Project but it certainly wasn’t bad. Everything had the potential to be a little better, and I’m sad that it didn’t make use of it, but it’s just a musical sub-unit. We probably won’t even hear from them again.

Either way, I’m still impressed with Hello! Project this summer.

Yume no Kawa is Atsuko Maeda’s graduation song. The forever-front-girl’s graduation is only days away.

Surprisingly, I’ve been pretty up-to-date with things going on in AKB48 and I’ve come to notice how maturely Atsuko is handling this. I’m kind of proud of her for making this decision, for doing something she thought was the best for her.

Anyway, let me not get too far into that.

The video is fairly simple, but has such a passionate feel. There is basically only one set the whole time, but they make use of it perfectly(UFA should take a hint). Atsuko is in a boat, on the River of Dreams, with all the Senbatsu members looking upon her, singing along to the song. Along with a live orchestra, a large pair of butterfly wings illuminate around her. At the end, she comes down from the boat by staircase. She looks at her fellow Senbatsu members and walks off into a void covered in mist. Miichan’s tears and pained face looked a little more believable than the rest of the girls.

I’m not very impressed by this song. I feel like it isn’t very different than any other J-ballad I’ve heard. So, unfortunately, I can’t say the song will be on repeat on my iPod. However, all the girls sound beautiful.

Like the crybaby I am, I couldn’t help but shedding a few tears while watching this. I’ve never been a fan of Atsuko, but hearing the announcement of her graduation caught me off guard. And when I watched the announcement, I couldn’t hold back tears. I think this song and video is a great way to finally let everyone have their last look at Atsuko as she turns away from the stage.


One thought on “Cat’s Fail Plus Some Tears

  1. I thought the outfits were nice and the song is okay (I could only stand Saki’s rap to be honest) but the MV was boring like a cheap dance shot version.

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