And I DON’T want to see you, C-ute.

I love how the exact day after I decide to write a whole post of PVs, C-ute decides to release their new PV -___- Thanks, C-ute. I’ll probably be continuing doing the “half here, half there” posts. I like being able to put a longer opinion and straight-up news in different posts. Anyway, time for the almighty news post~

Above is the PV to S/mileage’s 11th single entitled Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki, scheduled to release on August 22nd. The Single V version will release on August 29th. Promotional photos, covers, and tracklisting are below.

01. Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki

02. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku

03. Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki (Instrumental)

I hate how Ayaka‘s hair is tucked back. On top of having straight hair, it looks very plain. The hat makes her head look huge, too lol.

I can’t decide whether or not I think Kanon is the least bit cute. I like the outfit on her a little more than on Wada.

Somehow, I really like Kana with braids. But I feel this outfit is so busy, her hair doesn’t really stand out much. I think she looks particularly cute, however.

Akariiiii~ Akari just looks so damn cute in anything. I think the costume looks the best on her because of her boyishly adorable short hair. She looks so sweet and innocent.

I wish Rina‘s bangs weren’t so wide; it’d flatter her a lot more. But I honestly like her in this costume.

Meimi pulls it off well. Her pigtails are long enough that it doesn’t look so damn boring.

I’m not very impressed by these outfits. The costume design has become so stale and overused lately, that it doesn’t even strike me as anything anymore. Also, the hat seems like a weird accessory. I only like a few of them in the hat and I think the others should have gotten something different. Although, I do appreciate the details of dress(the tiers, the corset-looking waist, the accents on the jacket).

I’m really not feeling these covers too much. The colors used look a little out of place with their costumes. They’re too cheaply done for my taste. However, I think I love Single V‘s cover the most.

Never gonna stop! is a track off of Buono!’s upcoming mini-album SHERBET. The album is also set to release on August 22nd in two editions. Tracklisting and covers are below.


02. GO!GO!Gouda

03. Hatsukoi Cider (Album version)

04. Mirai Drive

05. BELIEVE★★★

06. Natsu no Hoshizora

07. Never gonna stop!

The covers are very sweet, simple, and to-the-point. I like the Limited edition a little more than the Regular edition because the brushes look out of place. But the colors and outfits look like they’re perfect for the title.

Aitai Aitai Aitai na is C-ute’s 24th single, set to release on September 5th. It will release in 5 editions total. The Single V will release on September 19th.

I find it kind of strange that we see the PV before the promotional pictures release. Ah well. Knowing C-ute, they’d release the pictures tomorrow and piss me off yet again.

With a name that sounds eerily similar to their lonely Christmas single, and a song that begins sounding very much alike to Kiss Me Aishiteru, I’m not looking forward to the next 4 minutes. They dance in a very plain white room with very plain, pale clothes. Plain, much? And what is up with the parts where everyone is on the screen? Sorry, editors, it doesn’t look as good as Chou HAPPY SONG. Not in the least.

This dance. I can’t tell if it’s good or just sloppy. There’s just a bunch of random movement and arm flailing. I don’t find anything to be consistent. And weird enough, they lay on the floor and touch each other’s chests.


I mean, I guess that’s normal.

The song seems so unoriginal. It reminds me too much of Kiss Me Aishiteru. In addition, that whole euro beat shit is so fucking overused by S/mileage, it’s lost its spark. And what is up with the instrumental break? It’s fucking all over the place. Stuttering, organ-playing, and a rock section? What the fuck?

To me, the video, song, and look are just completely different from each other. Nothing is consistent. Along with this “I want to see you~” message being sent two Christmases ago, it doesn’t need to be sent again. But watch, this single will get so much praise by everyone. I swear, if Berryz would’ve gotten a more serious song like this, people would talk shit, but if C-ute got it(and they usually do), people would praise it all day. And I’m talking about the song itself, not the actual execution.

Tracklisting and covers are below.

01. Aitai Aitai Aitai na

02. Kanashiki Heaven

03. Aitai Aitai Aitai na (Instrumental)

01. Aitai Aitai Aitai na

02. Saikou Music

03. Aitai Aitai Aitai na (Instrumental)

These covers look so terrible… They seriously have the potential to look so good, because the pictures themselves look good. I think it’s the text or something. Something makes the covers look so cheap. I only truly like Limited C for its pop of color. We’ve already seen C-ute in the pale, subtle clothing at least twice. Next please.

Morning Musume’s 13th full-length album is set to release on September 12th. It’s entitled 13th Colorful Character and is confirmed as every song to have its own “character.” Meaning one song is “rock-ish,” another is “jazzy,” another is “bubblegum,” and so on. At first, I thought that was a cute idea, but once I thought about it, how is it really any different from any other Morning Musume album? Ah, whatever. Shut up, Kioku, and enjoy the forced creativity. Tracklisting and promo photos below.

01. One.Two.Three

02. What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~

03. Be Alive

04. Lalala no Bibibi [Sayumi Michishige Solo]

05. Dokka~n Cappricio

06. The Matenrou Show

07. Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun

08. Renai Hunter

09. Chikyuu no Naiteiru

10. Namida Hitoshizuku [Reina Tanaka Solo]

11. Waratte! YOU [9th and 10th generation]

12. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra

Kyaa~ Sayu-hime! I kind of wish she didn’t have those pigtails, but they’re forgivable. I love her hairpiece. Also, good job with your nail color!

Reina looks adorable with her new haircut. It flatters her perfectly. Plus, people can stop complaining about her never-ending twin tails. It’s a great change of style. And that blue is absolutely darling~

Mizuki‘s color is so perfect. Not only does it suit her to a T, but the color stands out so well. Her hair looks very cute this way, as well. Very pretty.

Wait. Did Erina change her color, too? Cause if so, this lime green looks a billion times better than that grape purple. Her hairstyle flatters her way better than the shit they’ve been trying on her all of her MM career.

HOLY CRAP. IS RIHO ACTUALLY SMILING GENUINELY? 2012 REALLY WILL BE THE END OF THE WORLD. Honestly, I like these pictures of her. She doesn’t have that ridiculous, stupid smug look on her face for the first time ever. Praise the lord. Unfortunately, her red looks a little orange-y.

Finally, no more Kanon ponytails. Even though this still sorta is a ponytail, it still is way better than how they’ve been styling her hair lately. I also love that color. On the flip side, I’m really wondering what’s up with Kanon lately. She hasn’t been as smiley lately, and I feel like she’s gotten bigger compared to that healthy chubby from a year ago. Has something been stressing her out?

Ahh, Harunan‘s sweet pale yellow~ Gosh, she’s so pretty… I’m not digging the pigtails too much, however. Maybe if there were some strands of hair left around her face, I’d like it a bit more. Or if the pigtails were a bit lower. But meh, forgivable.

Is it me or does Ayumi‘s hair look shorter and browner? I think her hair looks a bit plain–curls would have done it up a bit. But she’s working the electric blue color in this costume.

Wasn’t Masaki teal? Either way, this baby blue color is adorable. But what happened to her blunt bangs from One.Two.Three? I hate how they’re styled.. It makes her look like…well…a 12 year old. *shot*

The orange and black looks a little too Halloween-y, in my opinion. And the hair piece looks like a totally different orange compared to the dress. However, I think Haruka looks super pretty and fresh.

I have a love-hate relationship with these outfits. I think they’re ugly and cute at the same time. I feel as though one piece could do without the other. The top torso part is cute, but looks totally awful with the bottom skirt. The skirt part is cute, but looks weird with the torso part. I also think the shoes could have been chosen better as well. On the taller, leaner members, the shoes look okay(Haruna, Reina, Erina). But on the others, they look like their legs are cut off. The only thing(s) I downright love are the hair pieces.

In other Morning Musume news, their 51st single, currently untitled, is set to release on October 10th.

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5 thoughts on “And I DON’T want to see you, C-ute.

  1. Yeah, Eripon changed her color to Risa’s old color. I think Masaki was going to get a new color so there wouldn’t be three girls in green, but her official color is mint green, so I’m not sure if it has changed yet or not…

  2. “02. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” Wait do they really have a song like that on their single or was that a mistake…? O_O

    I think S/mileage’s outfits are adorable but I’m sure it matches the song. The same with C-ute’s but I still need to read the lyrics. And the promo pictures of 会いたい 会いたい 会いたいな were out before the MV but I don’t think there were solo ones yet, just group ones.

    Buono look extremely cute and I can’t wait for their album!

    I think Kanon is happy the way she is. People keep saying she’s chubby or looks better before but people need to realise she is still young.

    • Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that the b-side to S/mileage’s single is a cover of the recent C-ute song.

      And yeah, that’s what I meant. The PV before the solo promos.

      I feel like the people downing her for her weight are so wrong. All they can do is talk about how big she is or that she needs to lose a couple of pounds. She’s still young! What kind of person says that to a kid? She’s trying to have fun in Morning Musume and do her best as an idol. People don’t realize how hurtful that is to a young girl’s self-esteem. Any girl, honestly.

      • Interesting! :O Please tell me when the audio is released!
        Exactly! And the way I see it, it’s like they are picking on her because of her weight. And lately, she doesn’t look very happy as well.

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