The K-pop Round Up: June 2012

Welcome to the June edition of The K-pop Round Up! June was filled with so many good(and maybe bad) releases by quite a few well-known groups. Let’s start, shall we?

STILL ALIVE is the repackaged ALIVE album by Big Bang. It released on June 3rd. A new song, MONSTER, was used as the lead track and its MV released a day before the album release date. I’ve already cheated and listened & saw each, so, oopsie ;3

The video starts in a strange testing arena. We see through the eyes of some creature who runs around the enclosed area. Suddenly, shots or bombs begin blasting. The creature continues to make an escape as dust and debris pollutes the air. It breaks through a wall and we finally see our boys.

T.O.P looks like Kim Jung Il while GD looks like a bleach blonde Cloud. I never noticed how big Daesung’s nostrils were. LOL. Anyway, Seung Ri is wearing some sort of crocodile skin and Taeyang goes for a space ranger look. But wait, what is this? T.O.P transforms into the tuxedo jawn from Sailor Moon.

Each member has some sort of code/formula on their skin. Most likely a “brand,” proving they’re some sort of captured beings. It’s pretty apparent that the boys are trying to escape from the facility they’re trapped in.

At one point, Taeyang’s hair is rolled up into two “buns,” which makes me laugh every time I see it. Almost every shot shows a new costume that present a demented and monstrous look. During the second half of the video, the boys begin to wear demonic-looking contacts which really adds to the monster-like look.

Soon enough, the building begins to implode. Fires and explosions erupt everywhere. They make their last break for it–in slow motion, of course(T.O.P looks so funny XD). When GD emerges from the facility, he is taken aback. They’re basically in the middle of nowhere, in a place covered by a white dust.

I love this. Not only is this video extremely entertaining, but the song is great. It’s very powerful while maintaining a soft, listenable melody. The settings of the video are very dark and work well together. Everyone’s 5678 costumes are so interesting and weird as hell. They all look fantastic. And they all sound amazing as usual. Oh, can I also say, I love how emotional Taeyang is when he sings? Like whoa, it’s awesome.


As you all should know, I love my U-KISS. They’re a bunch of talented young lads that never cease to amaze me. They grow more as a group and as entertainers as the releases go on. The Special To KISSME was a mini-album released on June 5th. Its lead track is Believe, which is a Korean version of the original Japanese song on their Japanese full-length album A Shared Dream. Let’s see how they amaze me this time around.

Oh, look! A nail art blog I follow has a tutorial with that symbol on AJ’s(and possibly Eli’s) shirt! It’s the mascot to a Japanese fashion line called Commes des Garcons. Fun fact! 8D

Hm. Another MV with a bedroom set? A little repetitive. Even though I like beds. I sleep on one. Every night. Hey, Kevin. *wink*

Ooh! That’s something I don’t think I’ve seen before. Dancing in a train tunnel? Sweeeet. The jerks and angles of the camera give it a nice edge.

I must say, U-KISS are getting better and better when it comes to choreography. I mean, they’re no Teen Top or EXO, but they’re at a great level for them.

Dongho continues to look the same age as the years pass by. XD He’s such an adorable kid(kid? he’s older than me…), I can see why girls go nuts for him. I approve. XD

Oh shit, Eli was in that bathroom too? Damn, Eli. You little creeper, you. I’m still not feeling that blonde hair. And I will continue to giggle over his rapping LULZ.

GODDAMN, I want those minty-blue pants so bad @.@ That color is so eye-catching. Wardrobe did an awesome job picking that out.

Oh, Kevin. The way you look into the camera. I feel like you’re looking straight into my heart. *____*

Okay, that’s super creepy of me. XD

Conclusion! I love my U-KISS. Oh, I said that already. Oh well, it’s true. Now, the MV isn’t anything spectacular or anything we’ve never seen before. However, it is less flashy than most MVs, which is what I love. No strangely lit rooms, no over-the-top backdrops or effects; it’s just pure U-KISS. And it doesn’t need all that fancy shit to keep me interested. The only downside to this song is the English–and for whatever reason, that’ll always be the downside when it comes to U-KISS. It’s pretty ridiculous considering they have at least 3 fluent English speakers. They couldn’t have made a minor tweak and change “I DO BELIEVE YOU” to “I BELIEVE IN YOU”? They have to feel retarded sometimes speaking that way. Either way, the song is great. I’ve never heard the original Japanese version, so I can’t really compare. But most of the time, I like the Korean version when it comes to things like this. I will never deny U-KISS’s growth as a group and I will never deny how much they continue to amaze me release after release.

This release has made my love for Dal Shabet even stronger. BANG BANG is Dal Shabet’s first full-length album. It released on June 6th, 2012. Its lead track was Mr. Bang Bang. I already love the song–as of this post, you can see it on my “Obsessed With” list on the left. Let’s see how the MV will make me feel.

Is that how banks really look like in Korea or is that just for the sake of the video? That’s possibly the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. America must use such knowledge.


Ahem. Anyway. Dal Shabet seem to have a plan…or…something. They walk into a bank–plain as day, no mask or anything–and start holding up the place! Unfortunately, they start out rocky. When the first girl shoots, the remaining group members duck-and-cover as if they weren’t the intruders in the first place.

Folks are still cowering in fear as the girls dance menacingly. Don’t let one of their guns go off!

One bank clerk opens the gate at the counters to let the girls in. All that’s going through his mind is, “These bitches dance and rob banks. They’re hoodlums! Must let them in! Don’t want to die!”

Finally, they get to the money. But what is this? Someone is getting antsy and attempting to leave! Oh, no. Dal Shabet will not have this. So what do they do? They…give everyone some money. WHAT IS THIS TOMFOOLERY?

Cops enter and they’re ready to end the party. Ain’t goin’ down that way, coppers.

One girl throws the money in the air and they all dance around it. Everyone grabs some dough, even the coppers.

But in the end, the coppers are the ones getting played. It seems as though that was Dal Shabet’s plan all along. Distract them and run when they aren’t looking! MWAHAHAHA.

This MV is great! It has such an unexpected storyline. Who the hell else has ever robbed a bank? Uh, no one. Not only do Dal Shabet do it in style, they do it while singing. Tch, better than a damn musical, IMO. Another amazingly amazing plus side to this video is the wardrobe. Oh my fuck, am I loving their clothing. I have never been so impressed by a girl group’s wardrobe. Not because it’s anything over-the-top or extraordinary, but because almost every outfit is something you can wear walking down the street. It gives me such inspiration. I love getting fashion inspiration from people, places, or things that other people might not. Redirecting myself to the subject at hand, this song is LOVE! I love Dal Shabet’s music style. This song is a perfect definition of it. Sassy and to the point, but sweet and uplifting. I listen to it when I’m feeling down. Amazing, amazing job, Dal Shabet. Love you, girls 8D

I’ve never been much of a fan of f(x). They’ve never struck me as anything new or truly original. Electric Shock made a big splash though when it was released on June 10th, 2012. Now I can see what all the hooplah is about.

Intricate backdrop is intricate.

More backdrops… Weird clothing… Lights… Camera, ACTION! lulzjk.

Whoa. That is literally the first video that I’ve had absolutely NOTHING to say. I’m not even lying or hating in the least. Not one thing caught my eye. It was rather generic, honestly. Weirdly lit backgrounds and dancing, some closeups, and other useless shots. Not even the dance caught my attention. The problem with f(x), to me, is their execution. They have pretty good songs, not gonna lie, but when it comes up to videos, it completely flops IMO. These songs are very hardcore and sexy, but f(x) completely fail to execute it. It’s like having a 2NE1 song with a Dal Shabet style. It makes no sense. Not one of these girls(plus that confused one) ooze sexy or sex appeal to me. They just smile like they’re singing about puppies and rainbows. I just don’t understand. The only reason I’m not totally bagging on this release is because the song is actually pretty good. Not amused, f(x)–not one bit.

After School‘s first release without the goddess Kahi. FLASHBACK is After School’s 5th mini-album/single released on June 20th. I was skeptical about how the group would be without Kahi and after already hearing the mini-album, I’m not too impressed. Kind of nervous to see how this MV plays out.

It seems that After School are back to that overwhelmingly sexy style they started out with back in 2009.

For whatever reason, they have some dude strapped into a chair. Obviously, they’ve missed him a lot and need that gewd luvin’ back. And honestly, if I were him, I wouldn’t be complaining one bit. *wink* ;D

What is this? Wardrobe change! I’m honestly loving the white more than the black costumes.

They dance and dance. And stare at the guy. But he seems to be a non-factor considering the focus is on the girls.

Well, uh. Hm. It wasn’t terrible, but I can’t say it was amazing. There’s just something missing, and I know that it’s Kahi. Without her, I feel like it’s just a bunch of girls. No epicenter. Just some aftershocks. I honestly, truly wanted to like this, but I just can’t. Yes, After School are known for being sexy, but I feel like they’re going backwards. I feel like they were getting out of that stage of “ooh, we’re sexy” and becoming a dynamic girl group but no. They take two steps back. I don’t blame the girls, I blame the people running the show. Pledis is continuing to make me hate them more and more. Not even the dance is as strong as it normally would have been. The song isn’t strong. MV isn’t strong. It just looks like they’re trying hard now. Ugh. I don’t know. Jung Ah, do some work, please.

Holy shit, it’s 2BiC, come to save me with their amazing ass voices. If you don’t remember, I reviewed 2BiC’s first MV and digital release a few months ago. That is when I fell in love, folks. Not only do 2BiC have some of the most amazing lungs you’ll ever hear, but their songs are so smooth and gentle, it’ll make you wanna have babies. They’ve finally released a physical mini-album entitled HU+MAN on June 22nd. Its lead single is Love Again featuring none other than the most talented female lungs to grace Kpop, Ailee. THIS OUGHTA BE THE BEST FUCKING SHIT I’VE EVER HEARD.

Would it be crazy to say that I already thought they’d be heavier set guys just by their voices?

Is that Ailee rapping!? I’m so mad she’s not in the MV. But holy damn. This bitch…needs to be my 3rd wife or something.

I’m kind of mad that this video is like a Korean version of an American hip-hop video. Got the cars, the bling-bling, the girls, and the glossy black floor. *anger* XD

But oh my god, their voices. It just distracts from everything. NOTHING FUCKING MATTERS WHEN 2BIC ARE SINGING, DAMMIT.

And the princess Ailee sings and raps… The whole world shatters and all that’s left is my grinning face.

GAH! Why is it so shortttt!? This song is so head-bobbing fantastic and the vocals. Ohhh, the vocals. It’s just…I don’t know how much more you can ask for. If you can’t like this, then you really don’t know good music. I need this album A-FUCKING-SAP.

SISTAR really showed me up with their release, ALONE. This time around, it’s a new, fun, sweet approach. Summer Special ‘Loving U’ is their newest mini-album, hitting shelves on June 28th. I’m expecting something happy and cute, but not over-the-top aegyo. Think you can do it, SISTAR?

Whoa at the move @ 00:20 O.o

The girls are chillin’ in Honolulu, looking like a bunch of whores. LMAO. Honestly, if my mom saw just the first few seconds of the vid, she’d automatically spew out, “LOVE YOU LONG TIME!”

Ah! Beach time, ladies! They run through the oncoming waves, laughing as if they’ve never touched water before. Teehee!

Their car begins to wear down. So what do they do? Let’s hitchhike! One of them dances in the street with a “HELP ME” sign, which makes me laugh…hard. XDDD I really have no idea why that’s so funny. Either way, don’t they know that standing in the street with short shorts and pretty faces might attract the wrong type of help? LOL.

Finally, a school bus stops and they all hop in. “Woo! A big yellow vehicle! No danger detected here, ladies!”

Evening approaches and the girls giggle by a bonfire as seagulls are heard in the distance. Oh. And they dance on cars. Like whores! Stay classy, SISTAR ;D

So! The song is good and the MV is adorable! I’m liking it! My only question is: why do they look so skimpy!? Seriously, their shorts are unbelievably short, and what is up with some of those dance moves?? It’s like they’re TRYING to get that sort of attention. Normally, I don’t really mind it, but here, it kind of bothered me–especially since the SISTAR ladies don’t seem like that kind of group. You don’t need to dance provocatively for anyone, ladies–we’re already looking at you. All in all, I really enjoyed the MV and the song. I think it’s a great summer jam and I wish it was a little more popular!

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