As I was heading back to Hello! Online to copy and paste the two new Hello! Project units’ names that have just recently been announced, something completely unbelievable caught my eye.


Erina Mano will graduate from Hello! Project on February 23rd, 2013.

This is clearly very unexpected. And honestly, if this news came out a year ago, I probably would’ve been like, “YES! FINALLY. MOVE ON, GIRL!” But I literally just started to warm up to Mano a bit. That’s truly something I never would’ve found myself doing back when she debuted in 2009.

I’m not completely fond of her, however. I still think she is rather bland and doesn’t have much of a personality. But, I have come to realize that she seems like a genuine person and kind spirit, and bashing doesn’t help anything. She is Hello! Project’s only soloist and that must be a bit lonely at times.

Ever since My Days For You, her music has become much more listenable for me. There were songs before My Days For You that I did like, but ever since that release, the singles have become consecutively enjoyable. They’ve had a much more mature sound to them that I’ve been dying for Mano to have since her debut. It’s not like Mano started her solo career young, she was already 17 once her indies single released. Why not shake up your style a bit for your major debut? Not only the style of music, but her voice was something I disliked. It sounded very unstable and nasal since the beginning. But since My Days For You, it’s gotten so much stronger and I truly commend her for doing what needs to be done.

I’m wondering what her next step in her career will be. Mano has done quite a few movies, dramas and plays, and I’m thinking that acting might be her next step. Not only that, but what made her decide this in the first place? Did it get too lonely? Was she bored? Is she finished with singing altogether? I know people are going to bring her Song for the DATE PV into their argument and say that it was how she felt in real life and blah blah blah. I shake my head at those people. Seriously guys, it’s just a music video directed by a badass movie director. Don’t make yourself look stupid.

In the end, I’m not a ManoEri fan, nor might I ever be. However, now I do see the work she puts in and how good a spirit she has. Unfortunately, as soon as I start to enjoy her music fully, she bites the dust.

This information is still very new; so new, in fact, Hello! Online hasn’t even done an article on it yet. And I’m no expert in Kana. So if you want to see the official announcement on this, click here.

February feels like a long time away, so let’s milk it up. I’ll leave you here my favorite Erina Mano song of all time.

In other less depressing but equally surprising news, two new Hello! Project units were announced yesterday. I’m still confused whether or not these will last long or just be for the show Hello SATOYAMA Life. Either way, a new H!P unit hasn’t been announced in quite a while, and the girls featured in these units have been causing quite the buzz. What’s Kio’s take?


Ayaka Wada & Riho Sayashi

Cabbage Hakusho

Whoa, now. Hm. So, you have one girl I’ve always been faithful to and another that I couldn’t care less about. Thanks, H!P. This seems to be the group that no one cares for because absolutely no one likes Ayaka or Riho equally. And quite honestly, I fall into that category as well. I’ve loved Dawa-chan since her Egg days. People call her out for being so timid and shy and bland, but quite honestly, that’s kind of what I like about her. She’s shy but still will try her hardest no matter what the outcome. She just seems very genuine.

Riho, on the other hand, is none of the above. She seems nearly spoiled to me. She’s gotten all this spotlight and attention and doesn’t seem to put any effort in what she does. Some people may call that “effortless,” but to me, it’s called “not giving a shit.” All these new girls in MoMusu try their best and smile and dance and sing until their hearts give out even though they’re stuck in the background. But Riho just prances around, with the same smug look on her face like, “Yeah, bitches. Bow down. I’m HBIC.” The only thing she puts effort into is dancing. Just be a background dancer, pl0x.

Anyway, this has become too long. I’m not too excited for Peaberry. They seem to have a more cutesy, sweet look to them which I don’t mind when it comes to Ayaka. But Riho? This will be interesting…


Maimi Yajima, Chinami Tokunaga, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Saki Nakajima, Haruna Iikubo

Forefore ~Forest for Rest~

THIS is the group people have been jizzing in their pants for. And I must say, I am quite excited myself. It features everyone I love(except Maimi)! Chinami is a great ball of energy, Miyabi is not only energetic but has a gorgeous face & voice, Saki has lips that makes Maasa run for her money and knows how to work that camera, and Haruna…is a goddess. The acronym we all know, DIY, stands for Do It Yourself. However, this group can also be referred to as Dance In Yourheart(but wouldn’t that make it DIYH?). So, with that little meaning, does this mean that this group will focus on dancing? They have all the fairly strong dancers(except Haruna)–Maimi being best and Haruna the obvious worst. I sure hope so; we haven’t seen a dance-focused group since High-King. I can’t wait to hear their song–better be good!



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