Three Years of the Spell

July 21st marks the three year anniversary of this blog. Like I’ve said before, this is the longest I’ve had any blog and I’m quite proud of it. Oh man, here we go into the history of my online existence.. XD Read on, if you’re interested :]

I’m not sure what inspired me to start my own blog back in 2007. But, it must’ve been along the lines of I saw someone with a blog and wanted one myself. Hey, I was 11. Everyone’s a copycat at 11.

It was any average Hello! Project blog. Nothing special, just reporting on Hello! Project news and adding my own special opinion(which wasn’t really all that special being only 11 LOL). Unfortunately, WordPress deleted that account because I including download links in some of my posts.

A little ways later, I started a new blog on no longer exists). I was quite content with it for a little while but eventually a new grade came around I began to become disinterested with blogging. On top of that, my desktop was so demolished by viruses that vox became virtually unusable. I stopped posting on that blog and continued with my normal, everyday life.

Summer of 2009 strolled along and I missed the blogosphere. Being able to write my own opinions, writing long ass posts about nothing, and saying anything my little heart desires was truly what I missed.

Now, before you say anything, yes, I was apart of some forums–I won’t mention any names. The first one I joined was very friendly and inviting; I only ever had a problem with one person the whole 1-2 years I was around. I was really young(back in 2007), so no one ever picked a fight with me if I said something stupid or had a different opinion than everyone else. Eventually, that forum died out and I decided to join a different one I had been lurking around for quite some time. At first, it was nice and people seemed kind enough, but eventually true colors started emerging and quite a bit of drama popped off. Also, it was basically a crime to have a different opinion than everyone else. Soon enough, a hierarchy started to rear its ugly head and I wanted out. In conclusion, for the most part, forums can be a nice place where everyone can share their likes/dislikes. However, don’t be surprised when people try to bring you down or the atmosphere of the forum turns.

Ahem, anyway, let me bring myself back on topic. I started Love’s Spell on July 21st, 2009 and have stuck with it ever since. Like I said, I’m proud of it. Never did I think that I could stay with a project for so long. I’ve noticed that I’m one of those people that starts a project and never finishes it unless I have some sort of deadline already in place. Love’s Spell has really been good to me. I love being able to share my opinion with the world and know that someone is reading and might even agree. As a blogger, I don’t think I’ve changed THAT much from when I started this blog(maybe somebody thinks otherwise?), but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Blogging is so much fun for me, and I know other bloggers can say the same.

Onto the hilarious blog stats, shall we?

Over 43,400 views overall. Last anniversary, I have a little over 16,000. That’s a huge difference! I’m so grateful! Thanks so much everyone! It seems as though my new busiest day was April 15th with 218 views. I posted “Damn you, idiots.” on that day–a huge collection of recent Hello! Project releases. With thanks to IdolMinded, that post was able to achieve 41 views that day! Coming second to the Homepage with 53 views.

Of course, my native country of the USA is the highest viewing country. Indonesia is a surprising second. Oh, hey, Canada. Howyudoin’?

Of course anything AKB48 and K-pop is above everything else -__- My lovely Risako post is number 3. Quite a few Top! Series posts are up there as well.

The most hilarious of them all. Funny how Epik High and Brown Eyed Girls switched places since last year. Tomomi? I’ve mentioned her name what, once? Oh hey, Sayu, looks like you’re a term of interest. Buono!‘s good–unless they were searching for another Buono. Okay, Erina–you always end up on my search engine list. Wha… Camel toe!? I mentioned the word “camel toe” literally once and I get 421 views from that? Lord. Men. Atsuko and Haruna have only been mentioned once, lmao. Oh, hey, Takahashi. People seem to like you.

So, that’s the end of that! I hope you enjoyed this little thingy, haha. Thank you for all your support, whether you’re looking for Epik High or camel toes, it’s all appreciated. Many more years of Love’s Spell ahead! ~Kioku

If you’re interested in seeing last year’s results, click here.


4 thoughts on “Three Years of the Spell

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  2. What is your secret? I stupid changed urls and lost 50,000 hits and now I need to start blogging again and get it back. Congrats though! I am on my third year since July 12th 2009. :)

    • I think the best thing I could say is to keep blogging. It sounds dumb, but it’s true. People like a consistent writer especially when the blogger is updating about news or giving their opinion about the latest things. Congrats on your third year as well :D

      • No, it’s not dumb. It’s true! I need to get back to writing as I did in 2009 and commenting on others blogs constantly daily. Thanks though :)

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