The K-pop Round Up: May 2012

Oh, hey there. It’s almost July isn’t it? Whoops. @___@ Either way, welcome to the May edition of The K-pop Round Up! It was a month of Indie releases and a couple mainstream whores. So, let’s get started, right?

Touch is a currently 5-member boy group that has gone through many line-up changes. I haven’t heard about them since now considering I don’t know who the hell YYJ Entertainment is. They debuted back in 2010 and Let’s Walk Together is their first digital single, released on May 2nd. Judging by the title, I’m guessing it’s gonna be something cutesy. But I couldn’t help myself from trying; they look a-fucking-dorable.

It starts out with some chubby-faced girl sitting down at a table by herself(as far as she knows), looking at the “Happy Birthday” in…wtf is that? An agenda? @__@ All the guys of the group creepily watch her and then..WTF? They end up outside, looking at her through the glass door. And she still doesn’t notice a thing. Dis bitch dumb.

Although I’m kind of confused with this guy’s gray hair, I’ll stick it out.

The boys start the song and dance in what looks like the cafe the girl was sitting in. And, well, all their adorable faces are shown.


Ahem. Anyway. The rappers voice is quite deep. What is up with all rappers sounding like TOP nowadays? Moving along…

The one with the curly hair(and quite possibly the cutest one) is scribbling in a drawing notebook and hands it to the girl. She is quite flattered…until she actually looks at the drawings. LOL. They’re fucking hilarious. My 6 year old sister could do better. BAHAHAHA. However, they really highlight her chubby cheeks and round lips.

She gets over her initial disgust and hugs the notebook, realizing that the boy is a creepy stalker that draws the people he stalks badly and…wow, there’s really no upside here.

The gray-haired jawn acts as a waiter, and I honestly thought he was a girl at first. Under the cup he just handed to her is a note; it probably says something along the lines of “turn around” because that’s exactly what she does. She picks up two balloon animals and smiles some more. She really enjoys these stalker boys.

Next, when she gets up, she bumps into the red-haired hottie. She looks pretty irritated as she gets some of his drink on her shirt(which is actually really cute). But what is this? Using some sort of sorcery, he pulls a necklace out of his butt hand and sets it around her neck. He extends his hand and she follows him. He gets her into a new shirt and brings her to a birthday party they all had set up for her.

She blows out the candles and they dance! OOOOH, HAPPY ENDING <3

So in the end, I liked it. It was cute without being stupidly aegyo(you know I hate aegyo). The storyline was sweet and to the point. I would love if I had a group of friends like that–especially if they were cute boys. And speaking of cute boys: omfg, these boys are adorable XD The dance wasn’t the focal point so when it was shown, it was very simple and 1-2-step-like, but I didn’t mind that. Lastly, the wardrobe and setting stuck very true to the song and storyline. I could’ve done without the orange dance outfits, but it’s okay.

On a side note, I need to figure out how old these boys are(especially the curly top). Can one of them at least be born in 1994? Give me some sort of hope? *cries*

Yes, yes, the only reason I decided to do this group was because of the “NJ” in their name. Gavy NJ is a long-running, ballad/R&B female trio who has basically lost all of their original members since debut. Don’t Call Me is their 11th digital single and released on May 3rd. Unfortunately, a loser member from EXID had to mosey down and rub her nose into this song; but, I’m still gonna try it.

The song is quaint and sweet; it already sounds like a perfect chill summer song.

The girls of the trio are together, chatting over brunch(lmao). The first singer has a flashback of her and a guy giggling over the Galaxy Note. Obviously, it seems to pain her by the look on her face.

She becomes even more stressed as she strolls through video of him and her on her laptop. She gives up and gets off the bed; only to remember the times that they spent snuggling and laughing on the very same bed.

She gets into a car with her “loving boyfriend.” It seems that something is wrong because they just have irritated expressions on their faces.

Unfortunately, LE ruins the song by her rap. Honestly, if it was any good, I wouldn’t have minded. But it just sounds so stupid. She sounds as if she recorded in a room full of helium with the nasal voice she has, and then auto-tune smelted on top. Like, really?

On the brink of giving up, the couple calls each other while walking in the streets. It seems as though the guy is ready to make some sort of apology, but the girl doesn’t even want to hear it. And she walks away.

By the end of the video, I was sold. Not only are these girls gorgeous, but they have some serious lungs. Each one has a voice of her own but they equally sound amazing. The song is very chill but meaningful, telling the listeners to get over the past because it’s just not worth your energy. With a solid MV, and a great sound, I approve of Gavy NJ.

From the Hello! Project-obsessed boys that brought you After School, comes Hello Venus–AS’s sister group. Featuring Yunjo who invaded AS’s Virgin album and some fruit girl named Lime, this oughta be good. Pledis always has some stupid idea up their sleeve; whether it’s an original boy group who isn’t all that orignal, or a new girl group who’s attached to another group in which takes the name of a Japanese company and then decide to throw in the word “love,” there’s always something. Venus is their debut album featuring the lead track, Venus, and hit shelves on May 9th. Let’s just see what all this hype is about…

The song immediately starts with the girls in vintage/candy-striper-esque outfits. I love them. I shall steal them all.

In a restaurant-looking room, some boys along with some girls are seated. The boys look all shy while the girls’ backs are to the camera. The girls leave and the boys are sad.

Outside, some boys sit. Some guy comes out. And flails his arms.


I really have no idea what the fuck is going on.

At a bench, some dude is feeling under the weather. Behind him, crouching, is one of the members. Why the fuck is she on the floor, for one? Honestly, imagine if you were looking at that situation from afar. Anyway, he turns around and she does some weird aegyo beam that lasts way too long.

The girls hand out invitations to a “Venus Party.” And…they dance. With everyone. Um.

The Venus Party starts and…more dancing. Oh and there’s NU’EST, too.

I… I am utterly confused. This video is so irrelevant. This song is irrelevant. This group is irrelevant. I don’t understand. I guess the whole point was to hand out invitations to their party. And this song… The song is basically non-existent. It’s literally just a bunch of sounds with over-edited singing. And you can barely understand what they’re saying in English besides, “I’m your penis venus.” Like, I’m so done with Pledis. -___-

I tried APink when they debuted, and I must say, I was disappointed. Their whole debut album sounded like SNSD . Literally, almost each and every song sounded like a previously released SNSD song. The only one I actually enjoyed was Boo. Anyway, APink’s first full length album, Une Anee, featured the lead track, Hush, and released alongside Hello Venus on May 9th. Hopefully they can do something to impress me?

Whoa. Hold up. All of them look about 25 years old in those white outfits. Just remember guys, the youngest one is younger than me.

Each setting is a sweetly lit pink one. There are some nice effects, like the light smear, which add a bit of pizzazz.

I love the second dance shot outfits. They’re super cute and utilize the color-blocking style that is popular in America today. Of course, there isn’t anything special with the dance. It’s pretty basic.

The English part is pretty stupid. I don’t know if it has to do with the song at all, but it just sounds super corny, lol.

Eh, there isn’t much to the music video–it has a basic formula: close-ups and dance shots. It’s cute at best, but I mean, there’s nothing that strikes me as interesting. It’s just one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, but that’s as far as it goes. Like I said, nothing particularly memorable. I can see why there are fans of APink, but they’re just like another SNSD to me.

G.NA is a fairly popular solo artist who I’ve never really tried out; and I was surprised to see she has only been around for two years. Bloom, released on May 22nd, is her 3rd mini-album. 2HOT was the title of its lead track. I’m expecting something hott, G.NA!

Some creeps are huddled around a house(most likely G.NA’s), waiting with presents and gifts. Soon enough, we’re able to see inside the house which shows G.NA surrounded by some girls.


One girl mentions to G.NA that there is some creeper peeking through the window. As soon as he sees her, he is taken aback! He doesn’t like her hair :\

But some guy with even stupider hair tries to waltz into the house, but they easily kick out his dumb ass.

When she walks out the door with her rainbow flare jacket, the boys flock to her like flies on poop. She plays out all of them, “BITCH PLEASE!” She leaves and the boys dance stupidly(lmao).

The girls walk down a street and all the boys are still fawning over them. “Omg! Asian booty!”

She enters a building and a new setting arises. Equipped with a horrid green dress, she dances in “The Hot Club.” But oh no! She is too hott!! A fire sparks and firemen are soon on the scene.

Oh, and they’re naked.


Anyway, they carry only G.NA out, but all of the other girls survive miraculously. She wears some maid-looking costume and dances some more with her back ups.

I liked it. I thought it was cute and fun. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously even though she might really think that way about herself, LOL. Honestly, I don’t find her all that sexy. She really needs some meat on her bones. To be sexy, a girl needs some curves, imo. Watching her dance in those shorts at the beginning was horrid–I could just see a damn cave up the legs. Either way, I liked the song–I like the jazzy, funky feel about it, even if it’s still fairly electro. Nice job, G.NA :D


Oh, and she has a nice pair of grapefruits there. Just saying.


Not a fan of Teen Top. They’ve truly never impressed me with any release of theirs. But of course, girls go crazy for boys born in 2009 1995. aRtisT is Teen Top’s 3rd mini-album released on May 30th. Its lead track is To You. Teen Top, can you at least make me interested while I watch?

The boys start out in a cube-like room that reminds me of Desmond’s Journey in Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

In a cliche sort of way, they swag through a parking garage. And some guy runs.

There must be some sort of beef with this girl because not only do they stalk the living hell out of her, but they glare at her like she killed someone.

Niel sits in a bathtub naked, too.

Haha, just kidding. He has all his clothes on. 8D

The rappers suddenly start yelling at each other. Oh no, don’t punch! Er… I guess you could kiss though. That’s fine, I suppose…

The bleached guy tries to bag the girl, but she ain’t havin’ it.

But when she enters the room the boys are supposed to be in, they aren’t there, and she is met with a ring one of them left behind.

Okay, I admit, it was interesting. But what I thought was the most interesting? Not the storyline, fuck that. Not the boys, I couldn’t care less. But, the dancing. Oh my lord, the footwork is amazing. I knew Teen Top were decent dancers, but they were fantastic in this video. I could not keep my eyes off their dance scenes. The cinematography was nicely done as well. As for the song, it’s quite listenable. The constant “To you”s that sound like “Do you” are kind of annoying, but it’s still not a half bad song. And I can finally see why Niel is such a fan favorite; he’s not even that good-looking but something about the way he carries himself keeps you watching. Job well done, TT.

Wow, I’m surprised with how short this is, HAHA. May was chockfull of Indie releases, like I said, but since it’s so late into June, I tried to quicken up the process by skipping over a lot of them. Hopefully, nobody minds that! I wanted to get this posted!

~Till next time, Kio.


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