Ai Kago gives birth to a healthy baby girl!

After graduations, many of our beloved Hello! Project members move on with their lives–which means plenty of dating, marriage, and pregnancy announcements! Ai Kago announced she was married and pregnant back in December of 2011. After a couple months, she released this picture, showing that she is doing well in her pregnancy:

And she just announced on her blog that she gave birth to a baby girl on June 22nd, 2012(literally yesterday for most of us).

I’m happy for her. Finally, something goes smoothly in her life. We all know Ai has been the target of scandal and bad publicity. And now, just maybe, this will keep her heading in the right direction. Now her life will be focused on raising her cute little girl.

And to add onto pregnant ladies and ring fingers, Yuko Nakazawa and Yuki Maeda announced they are married and expecting.

Yuko Nakazawa was married in Hawaii in the beginning of June. She officially announced her 5-month pregnancy during her birthday event. I, personally, am ecstatic for this and cannot wait until I see Queen Yuko’s baby!!

Yuki Maeda announced on her Oricon blog that she is 5-months pregnant and is preparing on marrying her beloved fiance. But due to all these preparations, she will be setting an indefinite hiatus for her singing career.

I’m glad our older, graduated members are finally reaching their time. Let’s hope they bring the next Hello! Project stars into the world! Best wishes, girls.

Speaking of indefinite hiatuses, Maki Goto has been on her hiatus since the beginning of 2012. Are we gonna see any marriage or pregnancy announcements any time soon? ;]

Till next time, ~Kio.


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