And so, my love for After School diminishes…

I’ll still be forever bitter over Bekah’s graduation of After School, but what is this? My second favorite member and my number 2 idol of all time bites the dust as well? I think I’m too angry to cry.

Pledis Entertainment has announced Park Kahi‘s graduation from After School. Kahi has been with After School since its debut and has been an amazing leader for a whole 3 years. Kahi will be finishing up promotions in Japan and will end her membership in September. After that, she will continue as a solo artist and actress.

Her statement (courtesy of After School Daze):

“To all the After School fans who have given so much love and to my members who have cried, laughed, and suffered with me since we debuted, I thank you all so much. I’ll try my best so that you can see a new side of Kahi.”

Kahi is a goddess. I admire her so much. Since the beginning, I’ve had this huge soft spot for her. Even though Bekah was my number one AS member, I’ve always adored Kahi. She has this amazing ability to appear so sexy and beautiful by doing basically nothing. I look up to her so very much. Her sweet and womanly character is impossible to fall for. Not only is her character and appearance top notch, but she is so damn talented. We all know she is one of the best dancers in K-pop, but she also has such an angelic voice. It’s not super strong but not insanely soft. It is a perfect combination of both types. Like I said, Kahi is a goddess.

Even though I’m absolutely devastated that my other favorite member of After School is leaving, I’m happy she is going into something she will strive in. I loved Kahi’s solo album last year, and I can’t wait for her upcoming solo career. I haven’t seen her acting(never seen any Korean dramas), but I wouldn’t deny talent there. Especially since she’s studying acting, I know she’s serious about it. I truly wish her the best of luck with her career path.

So what does this mean for my fandom for After School? Even though the title may make you :\ , I can’t say just yet. But honestly, now that I truly think about it, once my favorite from a group leaves, I begin to not care. Kanna and Erika left from C-ute? Don’t even care about C-ute. EriJunLin graduate from Morning Musume? Basically done with MoMusu. Saki leaves S/mileage? Barely care for S/mileage anymore. I hadn’t really noticed that cycle until now. So, truly, I don’t know how my feelings will change, or even if they will. For now, I’ll just have to wait and see if the newer members will spark my interest like Kahi and Bekah.

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a hot clip of a Kahi dance from a couple years back:

In other After School news, a new mini album will be released on June 21st. It will be the first to feature New School Girl Ka Eun.


6 thoughts on “And so, my love for After School diminishes…

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  2. Bekah was my favourite and that’s when I stopped loving the group. Without Gahee (that’s how I’ve always spelt her name -_-), what is AS?

    • I used to spell her name Gahee, too, but then her solo album used “Kahi” and I was just like, “Oh, okay.” LOL. And seriously–I can’t see anyone else as After School’s leader. It’s strange. AS was built with Morning Musume’s graduation/admission idea, but it’s so different in a K-pop group rather than a J-pop group.

      • Glad to see I’m not the only one then :) Jungah is taking over but I really dislike the graduation system in AS. With MoMusu, it’s been like this since the start but AS only debuted in 2009 and it doesnt work for them at all >__<

      • I like Jung Ah, so I guess that isn’t too bad. Yeah, the system is weird. I only wish Kahi could’ve stayed longer than 3 years.. She could’ve been like a Korean Ai Takahashi .__.

  3. I know you posted this ages ago but I have to agree. I’ll just have to live with the memories of OT5 AS in the old days with Ah!

    Lot of people have stopped becoming a fan if After School after Bekah left but now the creator is gone, a lot more did too if you ask me.

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