Wonder Girls – Like This PV Review

Anybody who has been lurking around my blog for a while knows I don’t do this–actually, I don’t think I’ve ever done this. But, guess what, folks? Wonder Girls are my absolute favorite K-pop group and I NEED to do this. It’s not possible for me to wait until the June edition of The K-pop Round Up because I need to dissect this PV like a pig. Plus, that’s way too far away! So, without further ado, let’s start my first PV Review: Like This by Wonder Girls.

The video starts out in a town square type of area. People are walking, chatting, and taking pictures with adorable children! But what is this? Music starts playing out of nowhere and everyone is confused as hell. Wonder Girls come skipping out of some building and so, the song begins.

The chorus teaches the bystanders how to dance to the song. And hey, it’s catchy! The audience either looks at them crazy or awkwardly dances to the music. Some people dance on escalators, some take videos while dancing like morons. But hey! It’s fun, ain’t it?

WG interact with the crowd, dancing choreographically with a few. It’s awesome to watch. The whole area is filled with people dancing to the song. It’s so amazing to watch how Wonder Girls have such an impact on strangers that might have never really listened to their music(even if it is mostly staged). The aerial views are awesome, too. Seeing all the people move all synchronized brings a smile to my face.

When the music ends, everyone moves about their business, as if they were never dancing like fools to begin with. How cute is that?

The song is catchy, of course. It’s by JYP and he knows how to make catchy ass music. It is definitely an easy song to move to. On top of that, considering the amount of times “Like This” is said, it will most definitely be stuck in your head after just one listen. But hey, I ain’t complainin’. However, as much as I like it, I don’t think it’s that strong of a comeback song. I feel like Be My Baby was so much stronger as their Korean comeback, so maybe this song wouldn’t have to be as strong? I don’t know. Maybe since it’s dancey and summery, it didn’t need to be so hardcore. But don’t get me wrong, Like This is really good, I just feel like it’s not as strong as a 2012 comeback song could have been.

WG’s funky and retro style is back! And I like that style. But the outfits in this one were really all over the place. I guess that might have been the point? I wouldn’t have been as bothered if the outfits corresponded with each other in the least, but they really don’t lmfao. I also feel like each and every outfit is on the wrong person. Yoo Bin should NOT be wearing that goddamn ensemble. She has a fairly tight shirt and at some points, it looks like she isn’t wearing any shorts. It looks way too skimpy on her considering her style. And Lim’s hair? No go. The only outfit I truly like is Ye Eun’s. It’s flowy and sassy and summery, perfect for the setting of the video. Other than that, I think the wardrobe choices were a bit messy.

I must say, the dance makes up for a lot of the downsides. Wonder Girls aren’t known for hard choreography and pinpoint precision. They have fun with their dances and just let it flow. This dance is a perfect definition of that. It’s quirky and goofy and cute, and everyone has fun doing it. I mean come on, even the 2 year olds wiggle their knees! It’s adorable! It’s fun to watch and easy to giggle to. I love it~

Like I said, I don’t think it’s Wonder Girls’ strongest comeback song. The fact that it’s super catchy is the one thing that saves it. I don’t think the song matches up that well with the setting of the video. If you put the video on mute and just watched it through, you would think that an super upbeat song is playing–at least, I would think so. But the song has a bit of a club sound that doesn’t make it match up to the setting. The wardrobe is a bit messily chosen, but I can forgive it because of the playful and fun look they were going for. Fortunately, I love the dance and think another WG dance fever will sweep across the globe throughout the month. But truly, the song is fun and catchy and sweet; I think that’s the look they were going for, and I don’t want to bring that down. I’ll say it again, I don’t think it’s their strongest song, but I really don’t think that’s what they wanted. Overall, I think it’s a great summer comeback for Wonder Girls!

P.S. If you wanna see something hilarious, rewind to 0:06 on the video and pay attention to the bottom left, the guys in the beige and blue. Please tell me that did NOT make you laugh! XD

Till next time, ~Kio.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls – Like This PV Review

  1. Wonder Girls are my favourite girl group too. Happy to see another Wonderful ^__^ My first thought after seeing the teaser of 300 people having to keep this under secrey was: “How did I not know about this? They must be under some tight contract to keep it quiet.” As jealous as I am of those 300 people being near the Wonder Girls, the dance and MV is better than what I thought when I first saw pictures and thought it was going to be their American track in a high school.

    The mini-album is good too. Have you listened to it? Btw, can we exchange blogs? I’d like to add yours :3

    • I haven’t heard the mini-album yet. I’m always a little behind when I listen to K-pop mini-albums and whatnot LOL. Oh, and of course! I’ll add you to my blogroll right away! :D

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