Hello! Project’s Plan for Summer

With summer nearing and the AnimeNEXT convention just a week away, I’m raring to go–and so is Hello! Project. Most of our chicas have something set to release, so let’s start, shall we? (click title)

Above is the music to Chou HAPPY SONG by Berryz Koubou and C-ute. Truly, it’s a mixture between two songs on their latest albums: Because Happiness by Berryz & Shiawase no Tochuu by C-ute. The songs were first mixed by a fan on YouTube and then it was later confirmed by Tsunku that he had done this on purpose. I thought it was probably the most clever thing I had ever seen/heard by Tsunku. Honestly, who would have thought of that?? Now, since the secret is out, a physical release of the song is set on June 20th. I really don’t know why there are so many versions since there are no tracklisting details out yet. Maybe just the covers are different for the fans? Either way, here they are.

Note: Of course their latest album outfits are used, which seems a bit tacky. So, I’m liking the regular edition the most.

Note2: Limited B isn’t that bad either.

The very, very, very un-Mano-like PV for her upcoming single Song for the DATE has been leaked. And honestly, I am so beyond impressed by this. Considering the title, I totally thought this was going to be some irritatingly upbeat song–but it is the exact opposite. And I love it. The song is still a fairly high-tempo song, but it is so different than what she normally does; it can only be described as 90’s-early 00’s J-pop. The PV is also so amazing. It seems as though it is a fight between white, upbeat Mano and a dark, sullen Mano. The dark Mano rips down posters and chases white Mano while white Mano taunts her other half and keeps putting more posters everywhere. On top of that, Mano’s voice doesn’t sound so bad either. This release is definitely a turning point for her and if she keeps it up, I will actually start liking her. The single is set to release on June 27th. There are no tracklisting or cover details yet.

HOLY FUCK! DID MORNING MUSUME JUST GET AMAZING AGAIN??>?!?!?>!l@!121 THIS SONG IS FUCKING FANTASTIC. I AM SO ABOUT TO START WRITING IN ALL CAPS. *ahem* Anyway, let me contain my excitement for a moment. The performance and song for Morning Musume’s One・Two・Three is above. The full single, One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Shou will release on July 4th with a mind-blowing 7 versions. Okay, the excitement is back. WOW! I love my techno/trance music(hence my love for capsule, Aira Mitsuki, and Perfume) and this is an amazing MoMusu take on it. It’s not completely tranced out, still maintaining pop elements, but it does have quite a bit of autotune and Reina yelling. But, while watching this video, I can blatantly say Haruna needs some serious work with her dancing. All in all, I cannot wait for the PV and covers. Morning Musume, don’t let me down

We’re still a little left in the dark when it comes to Berryz Koubou’s upcoming single. However, it has been officially entitled Cha cha SING and will release on July 25th. Considering this is nearly a month and a half away and I’m going to be seeing them live UP-FRONT, IN PERSON, SINGING IN MY FACE AIFHJWEUIFJAWFONGWEFGOEWN *CRIES*, I’m not too worried about it yet.

A possible 14th single for Buono! could be set for this summer. Never gonna stop! is the title for the theme to a Japanese bowling show called P-League. I was confused when I saw “bowling show” but since I saw that Pizza-La sponsors the TV show, I was satisfied considering Buono! does some promotions with Pizza-La. Pieces of the PV are also present in this little snippet. Hopefully this means that we can get a quick release? And look! Long Miyabi hair! :O

Summer looks promising for Hello! Project, and I’m happy. There are no irritating summer songs, noo bikinis or beach themes. Just clean, good ass music. Till next time, my lovely readers, ~Kio.


6 thoughts on “Hello! Project’s Plan for Summer

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  2. Ah Thank you for this update! I get so behind on what’s going on…Loving all of this…even Mano, which really surprised me. Momusu!!! XD

    • Oh D: I don’t think it was on Hello! Project’s official site, so that’s why I didn’t think there was. Or maybe it was there and I’m crazy .__. Thanks though! XD

  3. So much news of H!P that I am happy! Cannot wait for the Chou Happy Song MV also cannot wait for Morning Musume second A-side song, I am enjoying One・Two・Three ATM. Anticipating Buono! because it’s been a while since they’ve had a song and I can’t wait for Berryz!

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