The Best Birthday Present. Ever.

So, we all know that Berryz is coming to AnimeNEXT in Somerset, New Jersey in just a couple weeks. And you should also know that yesterday was my 16th birthday in which I was finally able to buy my three tickets. Oh, and something else happened, too. THEIR SCHEDULE WAS RELEASED YESTERDAY. WOOOO!! I was literally shaking in excitement. Why don’t we take a look at what our beloved angels will be doing on this historical day? (All EST times, btw)

Friday, June 8th

3pm – Opening Ceremony

The members will appear at the opening ceremony event; the first chance to see the full group.

3:30pm – Booth Appearance

Berryz will stop by their merchandise booth (A6 & A7). They will sign the booth’s display banner.

7pm-8:30pm – Concert

THE MAIN EVENT, BITCHES. Door will open at 6:30pm and will be free of charge, just have your convention badge.

8:45pm – Backstage Winners Meet & Greet

Only those with a Premium Pass will be able to enter this raffle-style drawing. Winners will be announced and contacted before AnimeNEXT starts. The number of Premium Passes you buy is unlimited.

However, Premium Passes are sold out.

Saturday, June 9th

3:15pm – 4:15pm – Q&A Session

Fans are permitted to ask our lovely ladies any question they please. You can even just stop by to listen.

4:30pm – 5:30pm – Autograph Session*

Only official Hello! Project CDs and goods are permitted to be signed by the members of Berryz. One item will be autographed at a time; to get another one signed, you must hop to the back of the line.

5:45pm – Berryz Koubou Booth Banner Giveaway

The banner Berryz signed the day before will be given away to a lucky fan. Every $20 you spend at the Berryz Koubou booth will earn you a raffle ticket.

*A Berryz Koubou merchandise booth will be open during the whole convention. When you spend $40 dollars or more in one purchase, you will be awarded a wristband that will bump you to the front of the line during the autograph session.

Of course, like any event, there is a possibility of tweaks in the schedule.

There are some minor let downs for me, personally. I’m a little depressed to see that the concert and autograph sessions will be held on separate days. Even though it’s in the same state, it is some time away. I live in South Jersey while the convention is all the way in North Jersey; when I tracked this on Google Maps, the whole journey would take close to 2 hours, including traffic and things like that. Whenever my family takes a trip that is longer than an hour on the road, my dad would be behind the wheel. For whatever reason, my mom is too nervous to drive for that long. And since we’re not going to be staying in Somerset, we will be coming back and forth–which is not only a lot of gas, but a lot of physical strength.

This is also the reason why the fact that the concert is on a Friday is a let down for me. I will most likely be going to school that day, and I’d have to get my shit together as fast as possible. Of course, I’ll most likely miss the opening ceremony and booth appearance, but as long as I get there before the concert, my life will be complete. The only thing is, school is a shark that eats up most of my day.

The autograph session is the other thing I’m truly looking forward to. I have one Berryz CD and a poster that I would kill to have signed. I wonder how the process will be–whether or not we’ll be able to choose what girls sign our merch, or if they’ll all just sign it. I want my shit signed by Saki & Risako no matter what!!

Lastly, I’m definitely buying something. There’s no way I’m leaving the convention empty-handed. There’s a booth waiting for fans to spend their money–you know I’m there.

I just cannot wait for this. My first concert, first convention, and first Asian band I’ll get to see. Not to mention, the first Asian girl group I’ve ever loved. No way in hell I ever thought I’d be able to see my favorite girl group in person 6 years into my fandom. East coasters unite! Can’t wait to see you all there!! <3


By the way, happy 20th birthday, Chinami!!


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