Aika to Graduate with Niigaki on May 18th

This new post was originally saved for another installment of The K-pop Round Up, but this needs some attention.

It has been announced that Aika Mitsui, the remaining 8th generation member, will be graduating on May 18th with Risa Niigaki. (click on title to continue reading)

And it seems as though Aika’s injury to her ankle a year ago was the cause of her decision to leave. Aika was been healing successfully but a trip to the doc on April 23rd changed that. Even though her ankle has been doing well, it might not stay that way. If Aika goes back to her normal routine–like learning brand new dances and stage performances–it might hurt her ankle again. After some deliberating and weighing options, Aika decided it was best if she graduated from Morning Musume. If she can’t give her 100% ever again, why stay?

Aika’s Comment: (courtesy of Hello! Online) 

“Thank you very much for always supporting me.
Though this is sudden, it has been decided that I, Mitsui Aika, will graduate from Morning Musume.

Last May I felt discomfort in my left, and was told by the hospital that I had a “bone abnormality,” and ever since I have undergone various treatments. I completely ceased by activities with Morning Musume and have also been resting.
As a result, I have recently been able to participate to a degree in Morning Musume’s activities and I have felt blessed and accomplished to be able to work.
During this time, I went for an examination and received a progress report from the doctor on April 23rd,
and I received the happy news that “Your bone is no longer showing abnormalities and it has almost completely recovered. You should have no problems in your daily life.” however, I also received the diagnosis “However, if you continue your previous life (intense activity), it’s possible that you will relapse.”

I had thought that one day I would completely heal and be able to make a 100% comeback to Morning Musume, but when I learned that I may relapse, I worried a lot. I consulted with my mother, and thought about my future life, and felt that I must put my health first, and I also didn’t want to further worry and inconvenience the fans, the members, or the staff. I feel that I haven’t fully accomplished what I wanted to do, but I wanted to graduate Morning Musume as soon as possible.

Tsunku♂-san and everyone at the agency was understanding, and after we discussed the timing of the graduation, we felt “Her health is at stake as well, so the sooner the better” so I will graduate on the last show of Morning Musume’s spring tour at the Budoukan on May 18th.
It’s truly sudden, and I am very sorry to the fans and members, but I ask for your understanding.

I greatly regret that I won’t be able to show the fans myself performing the dances fully, but until the end of the Budoukan concert on May 18th, I’m going to do my best to give the best performance I can, so please continue to support me until the end of the tour!

I’d like to decide what I can continue to do within Hello! Project after graduating from Morning Musume, so I’ll consult with Tsunku♂-san and the staff!”

Tsunku’s Comment: (courtesy of Hello! Online)

“Thank you very much for your continued great support.
Today I have an announcement about Morning Musume’s 8th generation member, “Mitsui Aika.”

Mitsui, who has been on hiatus from her Morning Musume activities for several months due to the condition of her ankle has gotten much better recently,
and even though she isn’t fully healed she has been participating in the tour and other activities,
but we suddenly have come to the very unfortunate conclusion that she will graduate from Morning Musume at the May 18th show of the “Morning Musume Concert Tour 2012 Spring ~Ultra Smart~ Niigaki Risa Graduation Special” tour.

This is because the other day she was told at her examination “With the way you have been living your daily life, it has healed without any problems.”
But at the same time, she also received the instructions “However, if you continue your previous intense activity, you will most likely relapse,” so Mitsui herself worried over it a lot, but she said “In the end, if I continue to only participate half-heartedly, I will be worrying and inconveniencing the fans and other members, so I would like to graduate.” Thus, we decided that we must respect her feelings about her health and we accepted her request.

We wondered when would be a good time to do it,
and in the end we decided that for various reasons it would be best
to not delay any longer and have it happen sooner rather than later,
and we felt that yet another departure wouldn’t be good,
so we ask for your understanding of our decision to have her graduate at the same time as “Niigaki Risa.”

Furthermore, we plan to to discuss with her and her doctor
what she can do within Hello! Project after graduating from Morning Musume,
so please continue to support Mitsui Aika even more.”

I’ve honestly never truly liked Aika–actually, I kind of hated her when she joined Momusu. SEXY 8 Beat was the first H!P/Morning Musume concert I watched and she was just plain awful. Her voice sucked and I didn’t think she was all that cute. But as the years passed, I stopped hating and just tolerated her. I didn’t really bother with her for most of my Momusu fandom(however, I don’t know if I’d call myself a fan anymore).

People really bag on her, though–which is harsh. I’ve only recently noticed how hateful people talk about her, and it kind of bothers me. Yeah, she isn’t all that talented and you may not consider her cute, but sheesh. I haven’t seen Aika do anything totally horrible to make people hate her so much. The only reason she acts really childish on camera is because she knows people don’t like her as much as the other members.

Aika has never been the popular member but she still has her share of fans(Westerners anyway, and I’m sure there’s other Eastern fans). People were worried when she hurt her ankle; honestly, not seeing her in dance shots was weird–as if an important piece was missing. I brushed it off however, not that I didn’t care, but I just assumed she would get better and be right back in her old routine. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Aika will be graduating the same day, at the same concert as Risa Niigaki. This isn’t sitting well with fans since it basically takes away from leader’s graduation. But this is health we’re talking about. The faster she graduates, the less chance there is for her physical health to deteriorate again. Truthfully, I don’t think Aika graduating the same day as Niigaki will make a difference since Aika won’t really be able to perform.

I hope Aika will be okay in the future. My heart goes out for you Aika fans–I’m sorry your favorite doesn’t get her own graduation concert. But remember, her health might be in jeopardy. And don’t fret too quickly, you just might see Aika around in other Hello! Project/UFA projects!

Ganbatte, Aika~!

P.S. I have no idea why the ‘continue reading’ button didn’t show up. It was there when I was editing and it just didn’t come up when I published. Dumb WordPress -__-


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