The K-pop Round Up: March 2012

It’s late, it’s late, I know, I know. But my reasons are always super valid(ahem). Anyway! This is the second installation of The K-pop Round Up! If you aren’t familiar with my brand-spanking new, monthly series, I’ll tell you what it is. The K-pop Round Up is a collection of new Korean releases debuting the past month. Each release usually has a lead MV and that’s what I will be reviewing. I won’t really be going into too much detail about the group itself, unless they’re a debut group/soloist. Not everything released in that month will be reviewed either–sometimes it just won’t interest me enough. But don’t worry, I’ll try my best to capture the juicy stuff.

Thankfully, March wasn’t filled to the brim with releases like February was. Most of those mainstream artists released Japanese singles and albums. So now, I’ll be able to dive into the world of talented underground K-pop!

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Damn you, idiots.

Unfortunately, WordPress decided not to save an almost finished draft of this post and verizon thought it’d be clever to muck up my Internet for what felt like weeks–which are the reasons why I haven’t posted about our Hello! Project chicas in a while. Well, reluctantly, I fought the urge to shoot an innocent passerby and got off my ass and retyped the shit. Damn you, idiots. Damn you.

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