[PBSpam! Part IX] Now, tell me. WHY ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS?

Long time, no pics~ Here is another long overdue installment to the series, PBSpam! This is the first non-H!P photobook I’ve reviewed. If you read my AKB48 post, you’ll know who my favorite AKB-er is. And to commemorate her first time as a center in an AKB single on December 7th, here she is!

Title: Pendulum

Girl: Mariko Shinoda

PB #: 1st

Release Date: July 15th, 2008

I love this scenery. It’s so inviting~

Not really a big fan of see-through clothes. Altogether, I don’t really like the outfit.

I love pictures like this; it’s so beautiful.

Omg! This picture is loveeee. That smile, those eyes, ARGHHG1!111!! <33

AHHH!! The background is so pretty! And omg, MARIKO. WHY YOU SO GORGEOUS? Looks so divalicous~

I love this pose and the setting is very intriguing :o

So cute! White beaches and pink swimsuits <3

Now she’s in Spain! ;o

Hey, hey. Don’t look at me like that. I wasn’t trying to steal your juice in a can with an adorable flower attached to the straw or anything > .>

Oh my god. Halter jumpsuit. This is S.E.X.Y.

Long hair! + a hott business suit = teh sexy.

Oh my goddd. This blue color is awesome on her.

“Oh no she didn’t!”


I really hope that the driver of the upcoming truck doesn’t get distracted by Mariko’s beauty and veers off the road. Either way, HE’S DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD (jk x]).

Damn, why does it look like she jumped so high?

Yay! This background again. It’s so spicy~

Looks like she’s enjoying the peach she just swallowed whole.

Oh hay, gurl ;D

I absolutely adore this picture. It’s my personal avatar for wordpress and will be for a long time until I find another photobook picture that could even compare :3

Showing off more of those salsa skills, I see?

Such a skinny arm, hehe. And I love her eye makeup~

Are the bananas bothering you? :o

Oh yeah, professional stance ftw.

Such a pretty picture. I love her face here~

Love this, it’s so chic~


Cheetah hat! Total diva :3

The hell is she doing? xD

LOL @ her expression.


Uh oh, somethin’s going down, tonight.

Oh, you’re taking pictures? Wait, wait, you gotta get my good side!

Omaigawd, this picture be hawt, yo.

Awesome picture. Just beautiful scenery, flattering pose. Just awesome.

Haha, her face looks so cute!

Lol, she’s so hungry, she can’t even put on a shirt before eating. x’D


Whoa, I’d be kinda scared to sit on a table like that in that position :O

Lol, I thought that was a pogo stick at first. Either way, WHO PULLS ROPE IN THEIR BIKINI?


Teehee, another cute face!

And the last couple pages of the book~

Overall: I think the PB was really, really good. Her wardrobe was really interesting and sophisticated and sassy. I’m glad that there wasn’t anything skimpy or sketchy. Mariko is so damn photogenic, she could make a paper bag look good. I don’t think I found one photo where I double-took and thought, Wtf? This brings us to the title of the post–Mariko is just too gorgeous for words. I seriously think she is one of those girls that just wakes up beautiful. There weren’t many pictures that I disliked. The only thing I really have to criticize about the book is the setting decisions. Most of the places were super pretty, like the rivers and waterfall areas. But some of the settings were out of place according to the outfit–like the sink and daytime bridge. Regardless, I really enjoyed the photobook and Mariko is just stunning. Period.




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